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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wind and Sand Today and Tonight

Something was up, as I had, yes, an asthma attack during the night and only slept two and a half hours. Could not lay down so read much of Vanity Fair...seemed appropriate.

Sand and wind, wind and sand. I have all the windows and doors shut and have washed my floor twice today.

I feel icky...sandy in hair, skin, mouth, eyes...such is Malta today.

This comes from the Sahara. There is a name for it, not sirocco, but an African name, but I do not know it.

Last year, I was in Sliema exactly on this date and no such wind with sand. Interesting.

Tomorrow, apparently, it will be the same. I hope I get to Mass.

The wind wipes around the flat, and makes the windows and doors shudder. Biblical, almost. I prefer this to snow and ice!  If I lose electricity, which is possible if lines go down, you will notice that on this blog.