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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Not New Problems

The Internet is off and on every few seconds or so here, which is why I am behind in my posts today.

But, I can quickly state that again, there are many comments on line regarding the Synod which are being posted by commentators indicating a huge lack of learning regarding the last 150 plus years.

Did not almost every single pope in that time period have to deal with recalcitrant bishops?

The heresy of Americanism swept the States for years in the mid-19th Century, making two Popes have to intervene to the point of calling bishops to Rome.

Have not popes issued oaths and promises against Modernism, ignored by the laity in colleges and universities across the world?

In my opinion, it is a good thing to see the snakes in the grass in the Church clearly. One cannot deal with problems unless these are known.

That the laity is so shocked reveals not only the lack of study and reading, but a lack of faith.

We know Who to believe and we know where to find the Truth.

My entire blog has been dedicated to teaching how to become holy. That is our job as laity. Personal holiness.

Stop thrashing around mentally, get on your knees and pray and do penance, which should have been done by the laity a long time ago.

Pursue holiness and your discernment will improve.