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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Concentrating on Today's Readings, Figs, Stones, Trees

What was read in the Gospel today is what is happening in the Church today. Here is a little mini-series on stones and figs.

Christ clearly is referring to calamities, sin, guilt, innocence in one of the readings.

He is telling us that He has watered, fertilized, tended the Church and now He is allowing it to be purified.

Those who are not bearing fruit, Christ will cut down.

However, all of us will experience suffering. Look at verse three. Unless we do penance, we shall likewise perish.

The Pope should call days of fasting and penance for the Church to be purified but not for a long time. In other words, tribulation can be shortened by prayer and fasting.

I wish priests and bishops would see the immediacy of the readings which bring us to Advent. These readings point us all to two main points of Christ's message--conversion and fruitfulness.

Luke 13 Douay-Rheims 

13 And there were present, at that very time, some that told him of the Galileans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.
And he answering, said to them: Think you that these Galileans were sinners above all the men of Galilee, because they suffered such things?
No, I say to you: but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish.
Or those eighteen upon whom the tower fell in Siloe, and slew them: think you, that they also were debtors above all the men that dwelt in Jerusalem?

No, I say to you; but except you do penance, you shall all likewise perish.
He spoke also this parable: A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it, and found none.
And he said to the dresser of the vineyard: Behold, for these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and I find none. Cut it done therefore: why cumbereth it the ground?
But he answering, said to him: Lord, let it alone this year also, until I dig about it, and dung it.
And if happily it bear fruit: but if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down.