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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Connect Dots Time

October has been a transition month for me. I have been thinking and praying about all the dots, the dots in my life, in the political scene in America and Europe, and in Church politics. I do this all the time, but this month has been one of intense focus for me.

One needs context. I am a context person. One of my degrees is in History, and history gives one contextual evidence for present situations.

Most people do not take time to consider contextual facts or connect dots.

Without reflection and prayer, no one can see context or connect dots.

Yesterday, we read excellent reports on the Pope Emeritus' presentation on Truth.

Truth connects us with reality. Those who want fantasy lands deny the biggest contextual fact in history.

The Incarnation....

The context of God entering time and place, the earth, as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity changed history forever.

All led to Christ and all leads from Christ now.

Connecting the dots means putting the Incarnation, and the reason for the Incarnation, the Resurrection of Christ from the dead, destroying sin and eternal death, at the center of context.

Everything that is happening has been planned, allowed, seen in Divine Providence.

If men are evil, liars, manipulators, tyrants, God knew this from all time and has allowed free will to make choices.

Some people just choose evil.

Remember that.

Repeat: some people just choose evil and consistently.

Connect dots time, folks.

What are you doing about seeing and acting on contextual evidence?

Nothing is happening which is random, even chaos.