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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Out of all the priests I have ever met...

and possibly numbering hundreds, if not close to a thousand in my lifetime, I have only met three who understanding one working on one's predominant faults.

Three, in many states, countries...three.

Today, I met one, who understood the whole process, telling me that most people do not think of perfection, of becoming perfect. We had a nice, short chat on the subject. This good priest said that if more people faced their predominant faults, they would become holy. He encouraged me, greatly.

He is a chaplain in a school and a very busy man with other diocesan and duties because he belongs to an order.


I pray that when God lets this gypsy stay in one place, that she can find such a good priest who wants the laity to become saints, and knows how this happens.

Ask God to show you your predominant fault or faults. One way is to look at the pattern of sins in your life, as repetitive venial sins reveal the predominant fault. Asking God to purge one of this fault is part of the Dark Night.