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Sunday, 2 November 2014

I am sick of writing on this false prophet-see my other postings.


These are the published warnings and condemnations of several Bishops in different parts of the world who have read the messages of Maria Divine Mercy: 

  • Bishop Richard. J. Malone, apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Portland has issued a letter forbidding dissemination of MDM messages in the Diocese. Full text of his letter can be found here
  • Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane upon examination has found the messages to be fraudulent and corrosive of the Christian faith. His letter to the faithful of his Archdiocese can be read here and the original downloaded from here
  • Archbishop Denis J. Hart of Melbourne has informed the faithful that MDM messages and related matters do not have the approval of the Church, and their dissemination is to be discontinued, and any message or leaflets are to be disposed of in his Archdiocese. To find out more read here
  • Slovakian Conference of Bishops has found the messages to be heretical and issued a warningto the faithful to stay away from these messages. The original letter can be found here
  • Bishop Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria, warned Catholics against MDM messages in news. You can read his warning here
  • Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro of London Diocese, Canada, issued a letter to priests warning against MDM. The letter was not meant to be published, however, the contents were posted by our reader PocketSketch in the comment section. We have received confirmation of its authenticity. see below....
  • Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ warns against cults within the Catholic Church and mentions MDM as one alongside the Little Pebble or Debra from Magnificent Meal Movement. His article can be found here,
Message of Bishop Fabbro

“Bishop Fabbro has been asked concerning a meeting about Maria Divine Mercy which is to take place at a house in Corunna on August 15, 2013.”

“Maria of Divine Mercy is a woman who chooses to remain anonymous and has made claims of alleged privation revelations. Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics of the diocese that Maria of Divine Mercy has not received the Church’s approval. Indeed, Catholic bishops who have studied her teachings have declared that they are heretical and have forbidden priests to be involved with or cooperate in matters associated with Maria of Divine Mercy. Her prophecies contain material that is both false and contrary to Catholic teaching. The faithful should know that adhering to her teachings can result in grave sin.”

“Bishop Fabbro warns Catholics that they should not be involved with Maria of Divine Mercy nor should they give credence to her messages.”