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Sunday, 2 November 2014

OK I Am Old-Fashioned

Growing up in a family where more than one woman were dress makers, one a milliner, and all were drop-dead stylish, I knew that the season brought different colors of clothes out for public wear.

After Labor Day in the States, no one wore white shoes, or used a white bag, unless these were bling-type whites for Christmas or New Year's parties. Here are Max Mara's Spring and Summer whites below, with a Summer red at the top here.

White stayed in the summer, just as pastels were worn in the Spring, and bright fall-leave colors dotted the streets in the form of dresses, skirts, sweaters, and jackets in Autumn.

In the Autumn, we wore red, orange, yellow, mustard, olive green, brown, tan and golden hues rivaling the leaves of the trees and plants.

Once snow set in, we went into winter colors; deep reds, blues, black, and emerald green.

Now, this may sound boring to some of the Millennials, but I am having difficulty seeing ladies in white lace, white shoes, using white bags and wearing pastels in November. And, it is not that warm here.

Most people in Church had to wear jackets or coats this morning. Winter is settling into Malta early this year.

Florals are in for Fall and Winter, which is lovely-such feminine, almost Alpine colors, dark but cheerful are being seen in dresses and skirts.

But, those who are clinging to summer colors seem to be making a statement, and to wear low cut tops at Church speaks loudly that the lady is gauche. It is almost as if these few ladies are saying they do not want Summer to end.

What happened and when did designers drop Fall colors? I am glad to see that Marksies and Max Mara, a place I cannot afford, but have been in several times with a friend who wanted me to go shopping with her for my opinion, are showing traditional Autumn colors.

Now, black and white are seasonless. And, this morning at Mass, many women showed up in black or black and some white mixed in, including one lovely lady in a Max Mara black and white checked skirt. Very wintery and retro...

I love it when women dress up for Sunday Mass here and most do.

I was the only one out of maybe 100 women with a hat on, Fall color, of course, but one other lady was wearing a chapel veil.

Men also dress up for Mass here, most, not all, wearing suit jackets. Sadly, there are two regulars who insist on jeans and these men, in their fifties, look ridiculous. They are not poor and the jeans are designer, but in my mind, jeans on men in Church indicate a Peter Pan. Wear jeans anywhere but in Church, please....

Bring back seasonal colors, is my cry for fashion.

BTW, for Winter, grey is in and so are skirts and dresses. Here is Max Mara again. Styles are feminine and ladylike. I wish Americans dressed like this for Holy Mass. I, of course, would add a few scarves to the lower tops.....

I am grateful that I grew up in a family where women wanted to look and act feminine. Of course, on my budget, I have some "pre-worn" finds from America and a few things from my mother dragging me shopping this Summer. But, those are put away, and the blacks and greys plus a dark wine (cranberry?) or two have surfaced out of the suitcases.  I love Autumn and Winter colors.