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Sunday, 2 November 2014

On Sedes and False Prophecies

Although there have been multiple articles on the Pope, Cardinal Burke and the chaos at the Synod, most of the authors, not all but most, have been guilty of the sin of fantasy. Extrapolating from sound bites and various translations of what the Pope says is fantasy.

What some of the more traditional bloggers and even newspapers have done is put their own agendas into the articles, none of which are true reporting (except for the few) but most which reveal antipathy towards the Pope.

The Pope has said nothing doctrinally binding, nothing from the Chair of Peter, except one encyclical, which was started by the Pope Emeritus and finished by Pope Francis.

Has the Pope causes confusion by saying too many things too quickly and encouraging consultation without considering results? Yes, but I remember the interview I put on this blog when the Pope was first elected, an interview of his press secretary, who said, point blank, that this Pope never does anything spontaneously. This comment is from a man who has known and worked intimately with Francis for a long time.

So, the Pope has unleashed the wiles of the enemies of God who have been within the Church for years, doing local damage and now wanting to do universal damage to and in Christ's Church.

Interesting. But, despite all of this "mess", none of this makes the Pope a heretic or the false pope of false prophecies.

Both sedevacantists and false prophets or false seers have something in common. They have judged wrongly. Do we have a lack of clear leadership? Perhaps, but if the Pope is allowing this confusion on purpose, not being a man who is spontaneous, one can only come to the conclusion that he, somehow, thinks the chaos is a good. Of course, chaos is never a good.

Sedes are calling him an anti-pope or a false pope, pointing to conspiracy theories about the resignation of the Pope Emeritus. Fantasy fiction based on the desire for someone other than who this pope is drives the sedes.

False prophets and false seers have a special place in hell for those who, in hubris, think they are better than others, holier than thous......

Heretics are in the sixth level of Dante's Inferno, and seducers, liars and false prophets are lower down, in the eighth level of Hell.

Too many good, traditional Catholics are caught up in wanting to know the supposed conspiracies behind closed doors in the Vatican. That is the sin of curiosity, Eve's sin, and a serious one.

We do not need to know everything, and most things are not our business. It is only because of the self-generating greed of the media that we have so much information which, in the long run, is not only useless, but can endanger our souls.

The sin of curiosity led Eve to do something she knew was wrong-listen to satan.

We do not have to know much. Better to pray more and read less at this time. Read the best sources, some of which I have put on this blog: Crisis Mag, Edward Feser, Rorate, etc.

Skip the rest.

If you are following false seers, you must stop and confess the sins of curiosity and pride. If you are veering into the sede camp, be concerned about your immortal soul. Most private revelation is false. And, we as Catholics, do not have to believe any private revelations. Some seers are spewing out heresies and schismatic ideals.

False seers are protestants.

Sedes are protestants.

Sedes and false prophets are the real heretics. Fraud is a type of malice. False seers hate. They hate the Church, and, push themselves forward as the real deal, the truth, when in fact they are far away from Truth, from Christ.

Choose wisely to whom you listen and what you read. Everything goes into one's imagination and memory which must be cleansed in purgatory or on earth in the Dark Night.

Do not choose to go with those who are so holy they cannot accept the Church which God has established on earth.

One's holiness is not about criticizing liturgy, it is not about understanding doctrine, but about obedience.

Whether one likes it or not, one must be obedient to the office of the Pope as the Holy Spirit protects that office. No heresy will be spoken from the Chair of Peter. Obedience is the key to perfection,