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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Two Camps of False Prophets-The Ks and the Ss

Christ warned us that in the time of trials and tribulations, people would be tempted to listen to false prophets.

Right now in the Church, we have two camps of false prophets. Now, remember, satan wants you and I to go to hell; and he does not care how we go to hell.

First, Christ's warning:

Matthew 7:15Douay-Rheims 

15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
I have labeled the two camps of false prophets the Ks and the Ss.
The Ks are the Kasperites, who play the pipe for those who want the Church to change the teachings of Christ regarding marriage in order to have same-sex marriage and divorce and re-marriage, without anullment, approved.
The Ks also sing an out-of-tune song to the compromising Catholics, a song which seems to promise that one can live as one pleases and still be a Catholic "in good standing". We have thousands of commentaries on this subject. The Ks have an agenda and, now thankfully, after many years of hiding, they have come out of the German and American closets and set up their tent in the public square.
The Ss, which form Camp Two, actually prove to be more dangerous, more deceitful. In the camp of the Ss are the sedevacantists, who deny that this pope or a string of popes are not popes, and the false seers, who also sing a song, seemingly pious and out of concern, of dissension, undermining Church authority. The Ss work with deceit, unorthodoxy and by stealth. False seers truly seem to some as angels of light. We know who can seem like an angel of light and his name is the Father of Lies.
The third group under the Ss tent are the stealth agents of both the sedes and false seers, the spirits of the air, or, in other words, the demons.
False seers and sedes do the work of the devils in trying to bring down the Church. 
Of course, Camp One, the Ks appeal to the liberal fringe of Catholics. Camp Two appeals to the traditional fringe of Catholics.  Both camps spread sedition, disobedience, and doubt about the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.
Both camps have become practical protestants.
Ks and Ss will not enter heaven without much prayer and purging because they both distort the Teaching of the Catholic Church.
If someone is not orthodox, they are not a seer from God.
If someone is spewing out heresy, the likelihood of that person not speaking out of sanctifying grace may be a sure bet. Those is sanctifying grace reveal humility and obedience.
Disobedience is the primal sin of pride.
Have you joined the Ks or Ss? If so, repent, get out of the tent, and pray for the Church.