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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Extremely Important Article "Our legislation is simply not geared to understand and cope with the fundamentalist mind.”

And here we find a very important point where you have to understand how a fanatic thinks. They break all the social norms and rules that we take for granted. Norms like respect, fairness, consideration and trustworthiness become secondary to the fight for that which the fanatic wants to achieve. The goal justifies the means. Untrustworthiness, falsehood, deceit and manipulation is fully acceptable when acting in the name of God. Even though the scripture says that one is not allowed to lie.
Understanding such standards is important when trying to understand a fanatic. And if you understand the fanatical mind, you will know why constructive dialogue is impossible. Obviously, a fanatic will show up and discuss with politicians, as we see in the media, but when the camera is turned off and everyone has gone home, they laugh into their beard and prepare the next fanatical deed. In the name of God, of course.
It is well known that psychopaths lie, manipulate, steal and kill for personal gain. The thrill of committing crimes is often also a key motivation. Most people can understand the psychopathic mind, and we have great experience in handling them in a democratic society. We have laws, courts and police to lock them up. But if you think that the Muslims in Grimhøjmoskeen (Danish mosque famous for sending jihadis to Syria) or the terrorists in Paris are “just” a bunch of psychopathic criminals, you make a serious mistake.
The psychology of a fanatic is often quite different, although their tendency to speak with two tongues, lie and distort the truth may look like the usual psychopathic jailbird.

And, interesting video as well....