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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Raissa's Journal Continued Perfection Series VIII Part XXXIII

The fact that 100,000 Jews have left Paris in the past year, out of 400,000, and many more are seriously considering leaving, reveals the fact that the French government cannot protect its own citizens, many of whom have had families here for over 400 years.

Raissa at the end of 1945, discovered the loss of many of her friends in the Holocaust. She wrote this:

"....speaking of the six million of whom so little is said, we counted very close friends among them: three of the Jacobs--the old mother, his daughter Babet, his son Manu....And Fondane and his sister and the elder brother of our friends Jean an Suzanne Marx...And, as you know, when one can put a name to a few of those who died in Auschwitz, in Belsen, or in Dachau and call up a face among the, the vast sorrow one feels for all the other victims itself assumes a face which haunts you with unspeakable horror and compassion. In spite of all this, God preserves in our souls a weight and stability of peace which I cannot understand; it is thus, no doubt, and much more powerfully still, that he preserved the souls of martyrs against despair." pp. 303-304.

We shall face this again and again as Catholics. Are you getting ready?