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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Raissa's Journal Perfection Series VIII Part XXXVIII

Years ago, I wrote a chapter in a dissertation on this subject of the connection between contemplation and the artistic intuition which leads to the creation of poetry.

Jacques Maritain has a note on this subject from Raissa's insights on the subject.

Here are some bullet points.

  • “...the end of contemplation is loving union with God in the silence bereft of concepts and words, whereas the end of poetic intuition is the work produced”
  • “but what is the end of poetic intuition can be superabundance (and normal superabundance, overflowing from the possession of the end or from the movement towards it) for contemplation.”

All people are called to contemplation in different ways, but this still is the normal way, outside of martyrdom to perfect union with Christ.

These times of crises are the times to ask God for the graces of contemplation and keen discernment.