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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Raissa's Journal Perfection Series VIII Part XXXVII

Raissa correctly tells us as we know from Thomas Aquinas that the soul is the form of the body. The contemplative life is hindered by the body, by fatigue, illness, disruption of life, grief and so on.

She writes, "The resurrected body of the elect, the glorified body will no longer in any way hinder the full contemplative activity of the soul."

What some people like Raissa, such as Teresa of Avila, and many others experience while on earth, though not in the fullness of the Beatific Vision, is what we can anticipate after death.

She also writes reminding us all that marriage is a sacrament, regardless of the lack of love, unhappy, or even a "marriage of convenience."

Already in 1946, problems regarding how clerics saw marriage were occurring in some places. A long time for heresies and hatred of the sacrament to fester....

Also, in 1946, Raissa warns against those who follow the path of spirituality out of curiosity and not out of love for the truth. I wrote about this sin of curiosity with regard to false seers.

I remind myself of this holy woman's insights, and the fact, that like her husband, she is a prophet for our  times.

to be continued....