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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


One of the marks of saints had been that they were balanced in their mental health. Saints do not fall into paranoia, or hatred, or fear.

They manage to cooperate with grace. They manage to respond in love in all situations.

What one sees in times of crisis, such as in the history of Nazi Germany, or even that of the Soviet Union, are the hidden sins and tendencies of people coming to the fore. In other words, because they have not dealt with their own sins, or have not dealt with the predominant fault, they fall into great sins of compromise, deceit, even betrayal.

Paranoia stops love. One cannot love others, or even God properly if one fears other people. Sometimes this fear causes great pain, and the roots may be abuse, so that people default to defensive positions, even lying.

A great priest said once that lying is the running away of suffering. If one told the truth in a crisis situation, one may suffer certain consequences. One may lose a job, or even experience violence from a spouse, or alienate so-called friends because of the truth being said.

Fears actually harm thinking. One cannot think clearly or logically if one is experiencing craven fear.

What was seen in these two historical times of tyranny were people making very bad decisions, even betraying friends, out of fear, paranoia, or hatred. The Germans cooperated with the killing of the Jews out of fear, paranoia, or hatred.

Thousands of martyrs died in England, in Mexico, in China, because of fear, paranoia, or hatred. If one is not pursuing purity of heart and mind, one can easily fall into habits of sins which lead to the sin of Judas, betrayal of the innocence.

Sometimes people sin against others in order to cover up their own sins, which they are afraid would come to light if defensive measures were not put into place to protect their own status in a community. If any readers have worked in tense and paranoid offices, where people only cared about their own advancement, these readers understand perfectly how a fear culture can be created quickly.

Many years ago, for a while, I worked in a government office which was dominated by fear. This fear culture was so inequitous that the manager had spies who reported to him about other people in the office. She was paranoid because she was a compulsive liar and needed to keep on top of her web of lies. Sadly, she found others to cooperate in keeping others "in place" within this fear culture.

We are heading into such a culture now in America. Fear, paranoia and hatred will stalk the faithful Catholics, even to their death.

I have written about this before, as in a tyranny and in times of war or financial crisis, scapegoats have to be found to blame for the lack of national unity.

Now that paganism is the official religion of America, the Christians will naturally be these scapegoats, blamed for a lack of peace and harmony in a so-called tolerant nation.

Balance only comes with reason and faith. With the use of reason and without faith, men and woman default to fear, paranoia and hatred.

There is no middle ground.

Narcissists are particularly vulnerable to creating scapegoats in order to protect their grand, false views of themselves.  They will do anything to protect their secret overblown idea of themselves in order to survive an outburst of truth.

The narcissist needs to put others down in order to keep up the false image of themselves which they honestly believe is true. When narcissists rule nations or even a group of nations, those who go against them in any way are labelled trouble-makers, even terrorists.

Of course, this attitude reveals a lack of reason, rational thinking and balance.

Get ready for a huge lack of balance. Get ready for the three-pronged attack against the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Fear, paranoia, and hatred will have their day, at least for awhile, as God allows havoc for the sake of souls.

Pray to be rid of hidden sins and the predominant fault so that you do not suddenly default to the great sins of compromise, abuse, and betrayal. There, but for the grace of God, go anyone of us.

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