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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Comment on Ebola

This disease has not been naturally spread. Look at the video earlier this year on this blog. Many of us for years have known two things: one, that those in charge of our nations are not in charge; and two, God will allow suffering to cleanse all of us.

Great sins stalk America like dark shadows and God will not ignore the cries of the children killed by abortion. Nor, will God ignore being mocked by those who live against natural law, revealed law and the Teaching Magisterium of the Church.

The time of mercy is over and the time of trial has begun. Only those who are asleep cannot see this.

And, what many Catholics do not understand, as in the Destruction of Jerusalem which Christ prophesied, the good suffer with the bad.

To pretend we should not be vigilant is naive and lacking in common sense.

Political correctness rules the day for immigrants, not common sense. But, America harbors a death wish, as this nation is consumed with death. When a nation begins to unravel family values, disdain law, hate life, and turn away from God to false religions and even religions of the dark side, that nation dies.

Sadly, there are two generations of Catholics who lack a background in history. This type of judgment of nations has all happened before under the permission of God, who allows evil for the purging of peoples and for the flowering of saints.

Just make sure you are on the side of God and not darkness. Those in darkness sleep.