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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thoughts in the middle of the night

Ants crawling on me in the bed at three in the morning, flea bites on my legs from being on the bus swelling up into welts, money transfer difficulties leaving me cashless, no consolations from God--this must be the Dark Night of the Soul.

Seriously, when things pile up negatively, one can ask God two questions. The first should be this one-Lord, show me my sins which deserve these punishments so I can repent.

The second is, Lord show me for whom to use these sufferings. Do not waste suffering.

Satan is also angry at his set-back in Rome. Notice, it is the laity who have risen and called the bishops to task. That is our job when the bishops stray. The faithful are called to prayer, work, suffering.

There are about 157 recorded species of spiders in Malta, btw, not counting pet imports.

And, I saw one of these on my walk. It was the size of a small dinner plate...

the Beady Spider Steatodo paykulliana maybe, I am not sure, or one of the was more black and white and huge....

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I also found out there are Brown Recluse in Malta. Interesting-these are in Missouri, Iowa and states south as well. These cause great damage.

There are also wolf spiders here, which act similar to the ones in Iowa--ground beasties, not web-makers. Several Maltese spiders do not make webs but hunt on the ground.

The downside of a beautiful island!!! But, we have spiders in Iowa and New York as well----

A type of wolf spider