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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Reflections Two

Sunday observance also reminds us of something else. Over the years, I have seen the locus of relationships change from family to work.

More and more people find that their primary relationships are with people with whom they work, instead of with family or friends.

This cultural phenomenon has happened especially in America, where people who work work more than 40 hours per week. We spend more time with our work mates than even with our immediate families.

Here is the problem with this: our families and friends, for the most part, share in our values, share our religious viewpoints, our morals. Our primary relationships in marriage and real friendship have a basis in commonly shared world views, or should.

Those with whom we work rarely share those same values or ideals. In fact, and I can attest for this fact working in academia most of my life, rarely do we find someone with whom we share the closest things in our hearts, and the center of our lives, Who is God.

Sunday observance gives us a chance to reconnect with the deepest feelings and thoughts which we hold. We stop and reconsider the week, repent and start again with renewed minds and hearts, if we keep Sunday as God intended.

Without this respite, one may easily lose focus, lose faith, hope and charity, which are missing in the world.

Sunday observance helps us to find ourselves, to recreate in the real sense of the word.  We need Sunday to be fully human, body and soul renewed.

We need to spend time with those who refresh our souls and renew our minds on Sunday.

We need to spend extra time in prayer.

Keep Sunday, as God's ideas are always better than ours.