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Sunday, 19 October 2014

On Anons, Again

People who read this blog know I do not post anonymous comments, unless, and this is true in a few cases, I know who the anons are.

There are some nasty people who continue to send me anonymous comments, which they know I shall not post, people who want just to be horrible and rude.

To those anons-stop it! 

Maliciousness is a serious sin. Cowardice is also a sin. The two seem to go together. Trolls do not like truth, they only want attention, like screaming two-year olds.

Trolls become like beasts, sub-humans, and they must consider their immortal souls.

One name for satan is The Antagonist. Hello!

Choose a different side, trolls. (I know who one is, sadly.)

There is nothing worse than a Catholic troll.