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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Silent Epidemic Continued...

 50.2 percent, 124.6 million American adults, are single. This does not count nuns, sisters, brothers, priests, who, technically, belong to God and are not in the world singles.

This data, from last year, 2014, will introduce a demographic winter in America, just like Russia is experiencing. Russia is dying because of abortion, contraception, and singleness.

America is beginning to die, literally, physically. I have argued long and hard on this blog that singleness is not a "vocation" but some sort of de-fault.

One can look at my other articles on this point, but the problem is getting more and more serious.

Women, as well as men, just do not want to commit to anything-marriage, the religious life, the priesthood.

Sadly, liberals in the Church have allowed the lie of the single vocation to continue. Few are called to singleness, and for very good reasons, either physical, psychological, or out of a call to serve in some particular manner, like taking care of aged parents, or a sick sibling.

Until the Church addresses the problem, it will get worse.

I have heard one great sermon on this subject way back in 2010 at a TLM.

In my neighborhood, my temporary one, there are several couples with dogs, no kids, and several single people with cats. Animals are the new families for many.

Some people who have been abused do not want to commit to marriage, and some people who just want to never have to sacrifice do not want to get married. One lady told me recently that she does not want to bring children into this world. I heard that from a single librarian at Notre Dame in 1980. Peter Pans and Peter Pams do not want to get married. Some predators do not want to get married.

God loves children and the world needs children and families, especially in hard times.

I pray today for those Catholic adults who are single who just cannot bring themselves to be committed to any order or any person. They are missing out on real life.

Some people, like Mr. Voris, have consecrated their lives to God and are working full-time for the Kingdom. That is a vocation, but rare.

This year is dedicated, in the Church, to the consecrated life. Please pray about this, singles, and pursue this way, a real vocation.

More on this later. Here are some older posts...

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Many women with whom I speak have discussed with me the number of men who are not acting like men, but like boys. Many reasons have created this huge group of Peter Pans. Sadly, I know that many women are not able .

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