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Monday 20 February 2012

Sanity and Insanity

Dr Sanity, who is the genius blogger, has written on Santorum and BLT today, with a great cartoon. Check this out. And, as I am weary of repeating what I have written on this blog and my former blog against BLT, here is my comment on the great doctor's post.

Wish I had her brain: Dr. Sanity, thank you again.
from Supertradmum...Thanks for posting this. I have been almost manic since 2008, in trying to convince people of the nutsiness of the Wright Church in Chicago and the entire Black Liberation Theology anti-Semitism. The lack of scholarship overtaken by ideology in a race concerning which dumb theory is the best to push BLT has been ignored by the media. Santorum seemed to back down a bit today, but phony theologies is a great phrase. The Christian Jesus is not a militant, violent Messiah, nor are the Blacks the Chosen People of God. On my blog and in the classroom when I was teaching college, I less than successfully pointed out the Marxist behind the Cross ideas of Obama. Well, some of the voting public have bothered to look at the websites of Obama's ex-church in Chicago and the BLT stuff taught in New York at the Union Theological Center. How many articles does one have to write on this disgusting tripe before some out there in voting land get it? Thanks for your erudition and insights again. 

Wow, and my post on a comment of mine on a post seems very much like post-post-modern literature. Oh, dear...

Strange Bedfellows for Santorum

Evangelicals and Catholics are surging for Rick Santorum. Exit polls online show this surge. Forty years ago, Evangelicals would never have voted for a Catholic. Christians are beginning to realize that there exists more common goods, especially in the area of morals and ethics, than not. A growing respect for Catholic conservatives, such as  Santorum and Gingrich, emerges from this shared base of the view that Jesus is God and what He actually taught in the New Testament is Truth. If one wants statistics, check out articles on Iowa and Texas polls. The primaries tomorrow may show this trend.

May this support for the bishops, and Santotum coming from some of the Evangelicals, last through the voting season. Check here for an interesting view from Pew Research Center.

"Rick Santorum’s support among Tea Party Republicans and white evangelicals is surging, and he now has pulled into a virtual tie with Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. In polling conducted Feb. 8-12, 30% of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters favor Santorum while 28% favor Romney. As recently as a month ago, Romney held a 31% to 14% advantage over Santorum among all GOP voters."

Prayer for Priests, Five

A Prayer Before the Blessed Sacrament
for the Increase of Priestly and Religious Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Eternal Father,
Son of the Virgin Mary,
we thank you for offering your life in sacrifice on
the Cross, and for renewing this sacrifice
in every Mass celebrated throughout the world.
In the Power of the Holy Spirit
we adore you and proclaim
your living presence in the Eucharist.
We desire to imitate the love you show us
in your death and resurrection,
by loving and serving one another.
We ask you to call many young people to religious
life, and to provide the holy and generous priests
that are so needed in you Church today.
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer. Amen.
Cardinal Rigali 

Thanks to Adoremus for this prayer and many others for priests.

No priests, no bishops, no Eucharist. Pray for priests.