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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Cassandra and Sanity

thanks to wikicommons for Cassandra
If you know the sad, sad story of Cassandra, you will know that she was a prophet, but was cursed so that no one believed her.

In 2009, I told friends that this president would start a war on purpose in order to finally make America into a complete socialist state, no longer a republic, but one far from the brilliant writers of the Constitution. I said he would make America into a pagan nation, destroy free speech and freedom of religion out of his hatred for the Truth. I sad he wanted a tyranny joined to one, world government. That was more than four years ago. A short time in history but long enough to have had time to stop the now inevitable....

I am not writing this to say I told you so, but to grieve that people voted him in again, after I warned people about him in 2007 before the first election. I wrote tons on this man and his background for months and months-2007-2009.

Dr. Sanity stopped writing after this last presidential election. Perhaps she has more sense than I do. She is a genius and I am not. I wrote about her here

Etheldredasplace: Wow, where is Dr Sanity when we need her?
09 Feb 2013 I have written a lot about narcissism here and in my previous blog. I missed this fact. Read this and more at the ...
27 Jun 2012
I do not think there is freedom of the press in America anymore, because of Marxist ideology...and neither does Bill Whittle on this video. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook ...
26 Jun 2012
Dr. Sanity is brilliant this week. She should add the LWCR to her list. And, a small concern. Why do not Catholics of a certain age not read any current ...
29 Jun 2012
And, in the WT, another person, Joseph Curl, who has extensive experience in political watching seems positive as not only to the interpretation of tax, but that the decision helps, rather than hinders, the possibility of Romney ...

13 Apr 2012
People with this malignantly narcissistic defect completely reject the needs of the individual and enslave him or her to the service of their IDEAL. Eventually, the enslavement--whether religious or secular--snuffs out human ...
06 Jan 2012
Several journalists today have finally seen the true political bias of the present administration in the US as tyrannical. LOL. Sorry, but this was obvious to many of us in the run-up to the 2008 election. The best blog on my ...
20 Feb 2012
Dr Sanity, who is the genius blogger, has written on Santorum and BLT today, with a great cartoon. Check this out. And, as I am weary of repeating what I have written on this blog and my former blog against BLT, here is my ...
31 Mar 2012
Finally, someone else besides Dr. Sanity, myself and a few others online, are beginning to recognize the deceit of POTUS. That the Wall Street Journal condemns the insider, narcissistic president as out of touch with the ...

30 Jan 2012
The entitlement culture, which is obvious and much discussed on this blog and others, (see Dr. Sanity's excellent article on dependency), creates an atmosphere in the Church where some of the laity think they are entitled to ...
14 May 2012
After seeing Dr. Sanity's post about him, I spent some time this weekend watching videos of him on Youtube. I have to say I found it very bracing, in this age of mealy-mouthed political correctness, to see him tell the Eurocrats ...
18 Jul 2013
My favorite blogger, Dr. Sanity, gave up the blogging fight, as she is smarter than I am. I have many photos and drawings of ostriches on my blog. Do not be an ostrich, even the mythical one which puts its head in the sand.
12 Jun 2013
My all-time favorite blogger and mentor in many areas was Dr. Sanity. Sadly, she stopped blogging after the November, 2012 American presidential election. I understood why she decided to stop blogging, but I was bereft of ...

11 Mar 2012
... not read any other blog in America except the great Fr. Z's, may I again suggest a look at Dr. Sanity. Check this out for style and brilliance.

But, I am a Cassandra, not one wanting to say the future will be one, world government with tyrannies suppressing the great enemy of deceit-the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

If America goes into war, I can say I told you so, but not with any false pride or joy.

So Jeremiah told the Israelites not to listen to false prophets, nor to trust the Assyrians. He told them to repent of idolatry.

I have not heard one bishop's conference ask for a turning away from idolatry. The coming day of fasting and prayer called by the Pope is a beginning, only.

I have been mentally prepared for chaos in Europe and catastrophe in America and have tried since 2007 to warn people about the coming great trial of the People of God.

I can do no more.

The Evil of Deception at The Highest Levels

If you are not following RT, start now. Do you think you will get honest news from the American main stream media?

Nun reports on Syrian rebels storming Christian village

The nun said the rebels had taken over the Safir hotel atop a mountain overlooking the village and where shelling from there. "It's a war. It has been going from 6 a.m. in the morning," she said from her convent.

The said the convent houses 13 nuns and 27 orphans. She said around 80 people from the village had come to the convent for safety. 

more on the link

Supertradmum's Home Schooling Posts List

American attention

France24 is saying a vote for going into Syria will happen as early as Monday in the States. Call your Senators and Representatives now. Say NO.

The United States could be making a huge mistake leading to WWIII.

A Note to American Parents from Europe

I was a teen and in college when the VietNam war was raging. One of my brothers failed the physical, or he would have been drafted. He has very bad eyes from birth.

The draft meant that all young men had to be considered for war duty between the ages of 18-25. This post is not on the value or reasons for that war. The present generations do not understand all the evils and this is not the place to discuss those.

I want to prepare Catholic parents for the possibility of seeing their young men sent off to wars which are not our wars.

Some wars are "our wars".  If we are attacked, as at Pearl Habour, that was a war which demanded our involvement. The take over of Europe in WWII was "our war", but not WWI. One can make distinctions.

However, the problem is not the wars but whether your children are prepared for their possible involvement.

Have you trained your children in the virtues?

Are they courageous, strong minded and truthful?

Are they clear on how to make moral judgements?

Do your children love the Church and Christ enough to die for Her, Him?

Some soldiers who are sent abroad will be killed not because they represent the West, but because they represent Christianity.

The Church has also had a small, but real strain of passive resistance when dealing with unjust wars.

Do your children understand the difference between unjust and just wars?

Do they understand the real Crusades and not modern, revisionist history?

Passive resistance is not merely something which applies to one war. It is a way of life, as in the Amish communities. If one pursues that route, one must be brutally honest about one's self. One cannot be hypocritical about passive resistance.

Would one defend his or her family against aggression?

And so on

Also prepare your children by studying the great minds of the Church on war. St. Thomas Aquinas is the best. Sadly, we are woefully lacking in moral theologians in our time. Woefully.

Think, pray, reflect, act.

I was against the Iraq War even before it started. I almost lost a job in a Catholic institution for this stand. I was called on to defend my position in front of members of the administration. They could not argue with Aquinas on preemptive strikes, although we continued to agree to disagree. I have been against all involvement in the Middle East unless we are directly attacked.

In my old blog, I wrote that preemptive wars are unjust, not merited, morally wrong.

America getting involved in other people's civil wars, or tribal wars, or sectarian wars, is unjust.

The West needs to face gross hypocrisy concerning involvement in the Middle East. There can be only one reason why the administration feels a need to get involved.

I am also pro-Israel, but only a just war supporter.

BTW, I predicted in 2009 that this current president would call a draft for some reason. He is pro-draft.

Make sure you and your children are not knee-jerk supporters of policies. Make sure they think like Catholics.

Repeat from many weeks safe havens

Death of St. Margaret Clitherow and Baby in Womb

Worth Reading As Are Some of The Comments

And, two of mine you may have missed

A lone voice of reason, always

Accepting Suffering and St. Catherine of Siena

So many of my friends are suffering. The list is getting longer and longer for intercessory prayer. I can hardly keep up with all the requests.

I myself am trying to pray while ill. Some think that times of illness are great for prayer. Quite the contrary. One cannot concentrate or meditate. One can only try and rest in God.

Illness destroys sleep patterns and eating habits. One does not know what to expect next if the symptoms are new and odd.

One of the common themes in St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila is that of accepting suffering.

One cannot choose the way it comes to one. God does that. When I came to Ireland almost two months ago, I was coming out of a convent experience and a bit of post-monastery transition. My time in Kent was marked by the suffering in my health I had incurred in the hard scheduling and work in the monastery-serious sciatic. Happily, for a month I felt great. Then, smack-down, another problem of health occurred and has plagued me for several weeks.

What does this all mean? Why should one even makes sense of suffering? Two of my best friends here are very ill. In both cases, we cannot even manage to visit each other and we love each other dearly. Such is suffering. The denial of consolations...

So many things I wanted to see and do here have been set aside because I simply cannot do or see these things. Two of my friends and I have set up lunches, dinners, and had to cancel meetings over and over. We have taken turns cancelling.

Being a stranger in a strange land is a suffering when one is denied one's friends. Being poor in a strange land complicates life, or simplifies it depending on one's view point.

Even the greatest saints were not allowed much freedom of movement. Poor Padre Pio and John of the Cross were actually imprisoned, not allowed to be in public, or say Mass publicly.

St. Catherine of Siena barely had energy to walk to Mass towards the end of her short life.

Some seculars look askance at Catholics and our tradition of canonizing people they see as masochistic minded. One cannot explain to the non-believer the absolute necessity of suffering.

God reminds us that He is All we need. He squeezes us into small holes in order to show us our great need for Him alone. the nothing we find God and He finds us.

Soon, God willing, I shall go back to another look on this blog to one of the Doctors of the Church who I discovered in depth when I had cancer in 2009, St. Catherine of Siena.

She is another one of those saints for our times.

Here are the older posts on her to get you interested, if you have not seen them.

Update: Please note I do not published Anonymous comments, but some have been very supportive and lovely.

To be continued...

"I don't care!"

"What would you like to eat?"
"I don't care!"
"Some lovely cream of wheat?"
"I don't care!"
Don't sit backwards on your chair."
"I don't care!"
"Or pour syrup on your hair."
"I don't care!"

When my son was little, one of his favourite stories was from a teeny-tiny book series in a teeny-tiny box sleeve, called, The Nutshell Library, with Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice, One was Johnny, and Pierre.

The story was Pierre, about a naughty, rude and bored boy who finds out how to care after he meets a hungry lion. It was labelled as a Cautionary Tale.

Now, there are many types of people who say "I don't care":
cynics, bored people, disobedient, rude children, selfish-centered ones, and so on.

The problem is that more and more people are beginning to sound like Pierre saying, "I don't care." What is this? Depression? Apathy?

I have even met priests in the past several years, who when one points out a serious problem affecting people in the parish, such would reply "I don't care." That would be the ostrich approach to solving problems, of course.

But, of late, it is the older people from whom I am hearing "I don't care" which is really sad. Old people, even older than I am, have wisdom and grace and all kinds of good things to give. When they fall into cynicism or apathy, or weariness, the entire community loses continuity.

The spoiled brats of today may turn into some good people, after a few knocks in the world, or epiphanies. But, when older people fall into this mind-set, one worries, will they ever get out of this cynicism or apathy before they die?

To face meeting the Maker with an I don't care attitude would not be a sign of predilection.

"I care!"