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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Scheduled No Posts Days

Because of eye operations, hopefully, going as planned in the next month, I shall have some days without postings, unless I can scheduled some ahead of time.

So, if there is a day without a post-DO NOT PANIC.

Will keep you updated on this. And, tomorrow, for various reasons, I shall not be posting until later in the day.


Beginning of a one-system in America?

End of the GOP? Start of a one party America?

Let’s Read the Polls About Amnesty

by Phyllis Schlafly
February 12, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office just reported that Obamacare will shrink the U.S. workforce by 2.5 million full-time jobs. That’s stunning confirmation of how Barack Obama’s favorite legislative legacy is (as even Democrats have admitted) a “train wreck.”
The job loss is caused by businesses reducing their employees’ hours in order to avoid paying the employee mandate to buy insurance. Even more striking is the callous way Obama’s friends are trying to put a happy face on this bad news by claiming that Americans who are reduced to part-time jobs by Obamacare will be better off because they are liberated to exercise choice about how they spend their unemployed hours. As the New York Times wrote, it will be “more possible” to leave jobs (or reduce hours for less pay) because “new government subsidies will help pay premiums.”
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From a Friend


Another JP Morgan Banker Leaps to His Death

EU plans to increase surveillance

Snowden voted in rector....

Heroic whistleblower? Alleged criminal? Coward? Whatever your label for Edward Snowden, the former CIA man has been given a new, official title by Glasgow University in the United Kingdom: the prestigious 'rector' title, following a vote amongst students.

The rector at Glasgow is effectively a figurehead appointed to represent the concerns of the student body.
Snowden is reported to have beaten three other candidates in the poll: cyclist Graeme Obree, author Alan Bissett and Scottish Episcopal clergyman Kelvin Holdsworth.
Previous rectors at the university include Edmund Burke, Winnie Mandela, Mordechai Vanunu, and former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy.


Ireland moves farther and farther away from Catholicism...................

The Irish Times, a daily Irish newspaper that claims an adult readership of more than 320,000 along with more than 3.6 million unique online users per month, has banned the term “pro-life” from its pages.
The Life Institute reports,
It’s official: in case you missed it, the Irish Times has confirmed what we all knew to be true – the paper has banned the use of the term pro-life as a news description.
In an editorial on free speech and robust debate (the irony), the paper wrote:
“And while this paper, for example, does not allow the use by our reporters in the context of reporting the abortion debate of the loaded term ‘pro-life’ as a news description, the expression may be quoted from others or used by opinion writers.”
The editorial in question, which can be found here (and which is actually not centered on the topic of abortion), is ironic, indeed. The paper first waxes eloquent about ground rules of decency and decries the use of extremist terms in public debate and then summarily pats itself on the back by saying that “to prevent or be unduly prescriptive about the use of such political hyperbole in debate would be dangerously to curtail the limits of free speech and freedom of thought.”

China sells some US debt holdings to ----- the EU

Pray for Christian Tourists in Egypt

A Note on Twitter Today

Sadly, some other Catholic tweeters and I have to block more and more Millenials on twitter. The reason is simple, but disturbing.

For some reason, this present generation of youth, even Catholic youth, use profanities almost daily. Why such words which reveal a "potty mouth" as one famous tweeter notes, have been allowed by parents or adopted even by so-called faithful Catholic youth, is a mystery to me.

To state that words such as bloody, bugger, G.....d.., Oh my G....., f.... and so on, do not mean anything defies belief. For centuries, many words now employed by youth have been defined as not only low class, but extremely rude.

I hate blocking Millenials, but until they decide to use appropriate speech in conversation, some of us cannot allow them to be part of these conversations.

So sad, as opportunities for teaching then become lost.

I cannot imagine this type of language in colleges or universities.

So, I have to block....

Second popular re-post for today

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How To Create a Peter Pan

Many women with whom I speak have discussed with me the number of men who are not acting like men, but like boys. Many reasons have created this huge group of Peter Pans. Sadly, I know that many women are not able to follow the call of marriage and raising children because of the lack of the Protector Males.

I have many posts on Peter Pans, Protectors and Predators-just follow the tags.

However, I have been thinking about why there are so many Peter Pans.

I can share, after some observation and thought, how to create a Peter Pan.

1) Never allow your sons to learn how to do any work around the house. Do not let them learn how to cook, or use tools, or do garden work.

2) Never allow your male children to endure suffering. Coddle them, feel sorry for them, and give in to their 

3) Never make your sons work without pay.

4) Be rude and mean to women, including your wife, if you are the husband. This creates Peter Pans.

5) If you are the mom, treat your sons like your husband instead of like sons. They will never grow up respecting women, which is a sign of a Peter Pan. They will want to marry moms instead of helpmates.

6) Never allow your sons to fail and then to get up and try again.

7) Never allow your sons to do hard things on their own,. Micro-management creates Peter Pans.

8) Let them watch lots of tv and do lots of gaming. Let your sons think that entertainment is more important than 
work. Peter Pans do not learn to work.

9) Never protect your wife and daughters. If you do, you will be making a Protector Son, instead of a Peter Pan.

10) Always shield your sons from physical pain of any sort. Of course, Peter Pans never learn to deal with physical pain.

Maybe some dads who are readers will not like to do these things and will honestly raise sons to be Protectors.

My female friends and I would be astounded! I am sure that TLM and home schooling parents create Protectors.

What do you think?

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Protectors, predators, and peter pans--a five post day

This is a five post day, so scroll down for all the goodies. Before I move on to something else, I have been thinking of raising Catholic boys to be men again, as I consider working in schools again as a substitute teacher. I always end up teaching boys....hmm. I teach boys to be men.

There are three categories of men: Protectors, 
Predators and Peter Pans. Now, young boys learn 
to be one of these types. I want to write about this 
from my own experience in teaching, observing and 
being in Confirmation prep, which, interestingly enough, allows one to watch the maturation or not of young 
people becoming responsible about their spiritual lives.

That phrase "becoming responsible" is the key and 
what every good Catholic mum wants her boys and 
girls to be. We raise children to become independent, responsible, with properly formed consciences and 
so on.

Sanctifying grace informs the virtues given through baptism, but these virtues must be accepted, trained, practiced, 
as in sailing a boat or being an accomplished painter. One can have gifts one never uses. Let me outline the three 
men types, starting with the best.

The Protector is the man who realizes that one of his responsibilities in life as a man is to protect a wife and family, or, in extension, as with a monk, a community, or a parish priest, a parish, or as a bishop, an entire diocese.

The Protector learns to live the virtues, given to him by God through the sacraments. He embraces his role in the 
world as a protector, being full of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as counsel, knowledge, wisdom,piety and the four cardinal or moral virtues, fortitude, temperance, prudence and justice. Such virtues as perseverance or fortitude, 
and temperance are necessary daily habits, as well as the others. Of course, the first three Theological Virtues, 
Faith, Hope and Charity, are a given. The Protector lives the virtuous life and teaches those around him to do 
likewise. The man who is a Protector also knows that he must be the wage-earner, the provider, the champion of 
the weak and helpless.

The Predator is a narcissist who only thinks of his own pleasure and needs. He looks on women and even other 
men totally from his viewpoint of what he can gain from these victims, or objects. The Predator is a sexual or 
military aggressor. So many women do not recognize the traits-bullying is one of the most obvious.But other 
Predator traits include selfishness, deceit, and a lack of self-mastery.

The Peter Pan has not grown up and lives either in the malaise of victim-hood (see my January post) or in the false security of irresponsible childhood. This type of man never grows up, wants to be taken care of and does not want children or any stake in the world, of which he is afraid. Frequently, the PP only engages in self-sex, that is masturbation, a sign of his immaturity and selfishness.

Catholic parents build character in their children at home. This is one of our primary duties. We look for the opportunities to instill personal responsibility and success. We watch for the signs of maturation. We try and help the male persons in our families grow into Protectors, rather than Predators and Peter Pans. When a good father is eyeing the young men who come to date his girls, he should be able to tell immediately whether the young or not-so-young men are Protectors, Predators, or Peter Pans.

Many women have not found a Protector. These men, real men, are rare indeed, as society has preferred to nurture Predators and Peter Pans, who are politically more pliable. Only Protectors live the Catholic virtues. I pray for my sisters in Christ who, sadly, have not been married or had children, or who are lonely in this big, bad world for the 
lack of Protectors. Many of us go directly to God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit for our Protection. 

I think of St. Joseph. He was the Protector par excellence. Many other saints show that they were Protectors.
 I think of Blessed Louis Martin, St. and King Henry, St. Thomas More, and even unmarried Protectors, such as St. Pius IX, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Philip Neri. St. Damien of Molokai, and many others.There is a saying going around the Net:

Real Men do not love the most beautiful women in the world. A real man loves the woman who can make his world beautiful...that is the attitude of a Protector.

St. Paul said, Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it- see 
5:25-in the Letter to the Ephesians. 

Bishop Jenky is a Protector. Those monks above are Protectors. The Catholic Men in England in the 1950s are Protectors. St. Joseph is the Protector. Do you know a Protector? Sisters, pray for at least one in your life, and 
if you find him, love and cherish him. He is one of a rare breed.

Sounds like occult activity to me here..........

Good News from Spain

One More Hour for the Memorare Pledge and Update

Please sign up or tell me in comments how many Memorares you are willing to say for the new liberal arts college wanting to open up in Ireland.

See the previous posts on this, please. I shall add the poll numbers to this list tomorrow.

The Memorare Pledge Challenge is going around twitter. I shall keep track. Also, tell me in comments how many you will say for this college. TAC grads, please join in as there is a connection. I think they want 3.5 Million Memorares. If you are on twitter, pass on and use #IrishMemorare. But, I need numbers to keep track, please. So use EITHER poll, comment box, or twitter to tell me the numbers. Thanks so much.

plus the ones of the poll 960


Total to date

Keep them coming and let me know the number. Thanks everyone, we need a lot more.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.

The Death of Creativity-Part Two

Slaves do not create. Free people create. Creativity grows out of three things in a civilization: the first is leisure time to create; the second is a spiritual view of the world, not merely a materialistic one; the third is a group of patrons who will support those in the community who are artists.

As a poet and a painter, as a writer of fairy tales and stories, novellas and plays, I write more and more in a vacuum of those who cannot understand symbols or images.

David Jones wrote a long time ago that WWI was the "Break" of Western Civilization. Before that war, most people, even "peasants" knew the common symbols and images of the West, such as chalices, the fleur-de-lis, the unicorn, and such symbols of authority as crowns, scepters, and orbs.

Now, without a common Christian basis, without a common world view which includes the spiritual and not merely the material, civilization turns into a utilitarian machine geared at the god Mammon.

A stressful life full of activity either seen as necessary or necessary, destroys the ability to create.

Without prayer, creativity becomes an image of the wicked witch in the mirror desiring only power and control over the lives of others. Ugliness comes from sin and the evil one. Period. Are you allowing ugliness to take over the culture of your house? Have you lost the ability to judge what is beautiful and what is not?

The Death of Creativity-Part One

Man and woman were created by God in His Image and Likeness. That Image and Likeness includes free will, the intellect, and creativity. I have noticed a huge lack of creativity in the arts of all kinds. Most fine art and music is either retro or derivative.

Most fashions, except for a few "houses" now reveal only a desire to sexualize men and women even more, and provide a glimpse of further degradation of gender.

Most architecture seems to revert back to the ugliest types of monumental and tasteless designs, as the rational bends under the weight of imperialism of all sorts.

Men and women cannot be truly creative without God within the core of the soul, heart, mind. As we are made in God's image and likeness, we either submit to His Rule and become like Him, or try to become like little gods, making all in the image and likeness of ourselves.

Making music or fine art into our own image and likeness may be called "idolatry".

One humans become the centers of creativity, satan follows quickly, as men and women become bored with themselves and seek a false titillation.

America has fallen into an ugliness which has never been seen before in human creations.

If parents let their children be surrounded by ugliness, these parents will watch these young people slip away from religious sensibilities.

For the pursuit of religion is the pursuit of beauty and truth.

Ask yourself these questions. Is there beauty in my life? Do I listen to beautiful music and look at beautiful fine art to feed my soul? Do I know that God is Beauty?  Do I pursue Beauty?

Do I know that my own seeking the Image and Likeness of God forms part of my seeking Truth?

Apologies to Readers from the Wood Between the Worlds

I am living in Iowa still, and the winter here has been harsh. We had another blizzard this morning and more snow is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday. The deer in the backyard had snow up to its flanks this morning.

I have not been able to write much, as you have seen, for two reasons. I have been very ill with asthma for almost three months now, and I am very tired.

However, the good news is that I am meeting people who are interested in podding. This is something I wrote about last week in the community series. I highly suggest thinking of this plan.

I shall not be in Iowa after the end of March. Keep me in your prayers.

I call this the Wood between the Worlds. This is not a new name for me to apply to Iowa.  This state is always like limbo, or purgatory, as it seems to be merely an unknown door to another world. As my son said, and many before him, Iowa is a place where those over twenty leave as soon as possible. The siren song of prosperity is an empty melody and the Middle West is dying.

Sometimes, I feel like the little guinea pig, safe and eating grass but utterly in a plain and sleepy world.

One needs a yellow ring and a green ring.

Will write more later later tonight.