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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Sort of Silly Comment To Be Addressed and A Repost

Someone (female) asked me why I did not go into government housing and have a retreat and house of adoration there.

Sometimes I am astounded at the naiveté of some of the Catholic public.

First of all, no Mass or Adoration could occur in such an apartment.

Second, no one would be able to stay overnight for quiet retreats on a regular basis.

Third. no bishop would allow Jesus in the Monstrance in government housing.

Fourth, I am trying to keep this endeavor low key and hidden.

Fifth, those people going into government housing are getting stuck there and in some states, believe it or not, cannot move out.

Sixth, common sense......recusants did not live in the same palace as Henry VIII unless they had bags of money to protect them. He even killed his own godmother, who had been at court for years, Blessed Margaret Pole, and more on her below....

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"The Last Plantagenet"

I posted something about this great saint last year. Margaret Pole remains one of the most interesting saints of the horrible purge of Henry VIII, and one of his most famous victims. She was obviously a saint before her martyrdom. One of her sons, Reginald, became Cardinal Pole, the last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury.

I share these links with you this morning. May she intercede for all of us.

And here is a link to a book on her, which I have not read, but would love to do so. I am praying and putting out feelers for the Tyburn-Walsingham connection-Adoration in the fields of the martyrs. Please continue to pray for that cause-the house of prayer in Walsingham. (Update---now to be someplace else, of course, as that house sold. Looking at the States at this time.)

America Is Lost

If you are not getting LifeSiteNews in your email box, you should.

New Blog and New Forum

Working on these two new aspects of my life has led to the names of both the forum and the new blog, which will be on WordPress.

The new blog name will be partly, Recueillement, rescuing the term from Baudelaire, and using it in the original meaning, as employed by Raissa Maritain, as she used it in her writings to mean contemplation, meditation, or recollection, which I shall dive into more deeply in a journal-like blog. The entire title will be more than that word, as the place where I shall be next will be part of the title, in some manner.

The name of the forum will be  Shunamite Women, a reference to the bride in the Song of Songs.

Someone asked me if deacon's wives could join this forum and the answer is yes, but the forum will be orthodox, so liberals may find the discussions difficult.

More to come....God makes new doughnuts every day. I am merely going to be the moderator and catalyst for the forum. Priest's wives and deacon's wives, feel free to start talking about it on facebook or twitter.

OK UPDATE: STS, my technical adviser, will be setting up two different spaces on the forum--one for blog comments and one for discussion. Also, he rightly points out the Recueillement is hard to spell for people putting the word into google for a search...sigh, I did not think of this.

So, that may not be the name.

Back to the drawing board and will get back to you later.

From Today's Office of Readings and Remorse

The ancients understood remorse. They understood the pain of remembering past opportunities for love, for generosity of spirit, passed up and then paid for by guilt.

 Erinyes, Furies or the "infernal goddesses" pursued those who sinned with justice and vengeance, unless the other gods of the Greek cosmos had pity on the person who experienced such. Charity to the Greeks did include alms, but also the avoidance of the capital sins, especially vengeful murder.

But, we have a higher call to charity, one which is embedded in our Faith.

1 John 3:17-19 Douay-Rheims 

17 He that hath the substance of this world, and shall see his brother in need, and shall shut up his bowels from him: how doth the charity of God abide in him?

18 My little children, let us not love in word, nor in tongue, but in deed, and in truth.

God has encouraged me, even in my simple lifestyle, to be generous, as the days of generosity will be stopped by God's justice.

We have been living in the time of mercy, which I predicted over a year ago, will end soon.

One reason why I am asking for help for the house of prayer now is that the time is coming when those who want to give will not be able to do so. The governments of the world are changing banking and financial rules even as I write.

If you are thinking of being generous, of creating a safe-haven, a hidden heart of prayer in the Church, now is the time.

Can you imagine, those who are able to give, how you will feel on that day when you go to your account and will not be able to take money out as you so desire? One of my friends learned the hard way, in a place relatively far away, what remorse comes from thinking one can be charitable "tomorrow". She lived in regret for past opportunities for giving out of her surplus, and now, she is no longer able to do this, not because she is poor, but because of outside influences on her income.

Pray, think, reflect. 

Those who give will be remember in prayer daily.

Interior/Exterior Presence ofGod

A few months ago, when I was in southern Illinois for several months, I lived in a house which belonged to a friend of mine. He was selling the house, as he lived elsewhere and no longer had any need for this place. At the time, I did not realize that the Jesuits had come this far west and south, in a town not too far from where I was living.

For years, members of my friend's family, all good, practicing, orthodox Catholics, enjoyed living in this house. The atmosphere of the building radiated peace and joy. Obviously, the spiritual lives of the members of that family had made that a place where one could sense God's Presence, even in a city which was growing more and more Godless.

This external sense of the Presence of God helped me to pray daily, following my little Benedictine schedule with ease. That the world brought hassles into my life, like the local needed trips to the local restaurant, which we dubbed the "evil Mac's", where young people who dabbled in the occult gathered, or like the neighboring houses owned and dwelt in by those into porn, did not matter as I could shut the door and enter my little chapel and be in the Presence of God.

The exterior Presence of God may be experienced, of course, in every Catholic Church, and in some houses where holy people have lived or do live. Hopefully, many readers experience God's Presence in their own family homes. The creation of domestic churches, that is, holy families, allows God to dwell our midst.

However, I had to leave that little haven and be in a completely different type of situation, where God's Presence had to be perceived in a different manner-in the cell within. When one lives in places where God has been denied entrance, one must find Him within one's own soul.

If you recall my little series on the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity, you will remember that all baptized persons who live in sanctifying grace can find God within. This Indwelling of the Trinity, the interior Presence of God, transcends the experience of evil in particular places, and, even, in particular people.

Last night, I became aware of the God within, the Indwelling of the Trinity, and was able to rest in that Presence in the midst of some persistent and heavy spiritual warfare. God showed me in this situation that I could experience the type of peace anywhere once I was aware of His internal Presence.

This awareness belongs to all of us. This is not a dramatically emotional experience, but a steady peace, and a complete resting in God, without anxiety or stress, even when one finds one's self in the middle of chaos and the disorder of evil.

In the coming days of tribulation, the interior Presence of God will guide us and give us peace in the midst of turmoil and grave sin, as the darkness of evil will become more and more obvious.

I share this moment, which is becoming a way of life for me, a steady resting in the Indwelling of the Trinity, as God is calling His People to this state of the lack of anxiety and stress.

We shall be called upon soon to reach out to those who will not be able to withstand alone the coming onslaught of evil.

Places which exude the exterior Presence of God may become rare, or even, non-existent, in one's immediate areas.

Find the God Within now, and practice the Presence of God so that the Church may be manifested where you live.

And, please keep praying so that I can set up  little place like I experienced on the plains of southern Illinois--a little house of prayer and rest for the Church Militant.

btw....What would America be like today if the French has won the Seven Year's War in the States?

Check out this map... And, some of my Canadian friends claim that their country was founded by a company, the Hudson Bay Company, which has an interesting history.

Catholic Parent and Grandparent Alert!

Starting this fall, all fourth graders in public and common core schools will be taught that anal sex and other forms of homosexual sex are ok. Children will be shown in the texts how to do these things.

If you do not homeschool, you are willing to corrupt your children.

A baptist minister passed this on to his colleagues, and had the actual curriculum in his hand. The minister's wife showed these to one of my best friends. The curriculum is being circulated among local baptist ministers.

Why are Catholic priests not talking about this?