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Wednesday 10 July 2013

For New Readers-Stages of Persecution and Other Persecution Posts

15 Jun 2013
The silent media and Christian persecution.... Posted by Supertradmum. Christianity has an estimated 2.2 billion followers or 32% of the world population, according to a report by the Washington-based Pew Forum on ...
25 Jun 2013
A sign of the stages of persecution. Posted by Supertradmum. Last year I said we were at the end of the fourth out of five steps of persecution. Here is another indication, just in case some readers do not believe this.
17 May 2013
Persecution Watch in America. Posted by Supertradmum ·
29 May 2013
Christian Persecution Watch Updates from the Main Media. Posted by Supertradmum ·
29 Apr 2013
Those words were recently written by Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), in a column he wrote for the Huffington Post. Weinstein will be a consultant to the Pentagon to develop ...
11 Apr 2013
“He said he decided to get married, and before he got through I grabbed his hand and said, 'I am sorry. I can't do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ,'" Stutzman said. She said it was the only wedding ...
06 Apr 2013
A sign of the stages of persecution. Posted by Supertradmum. Last year I said we were at the end of the fourth out of five steps of persecution. Here is another indication, just in case some readers do not believe this.
20 Feb 2013
I hope Catholics realize that we are in the same position as Catholics under the Marxists when persecuted in the Iron Curtain countries. We are in the beginnings of the final stage of persecution. People will be impoverished.

24 Mar 2013
Update on Christian Persecution · Nice reminder on grace from another blog · A vision from an approved visionary...not infallib... Pueri Hebraeorum and Tenebrae Responses for Medita... Post 102. Cyril of Jerusalem and ...
01 Feb 2013
Last Spring, I wrote about Fr. Esper's presentation on television from his book on persecution. These were the steps he outlined. Sadly, I lost some posts in an error on the blog, so the original article is gone. He was on the ...
20 Feb 2013 ...
01 Feb 2013
Long gone is stage two of persecution. Posted by Supertradmum. Stage Two is the vilification of Catholics. Again, this happened years ago in America, with the Ku klux Klan and Masons printing anti-Catholic material, as well ...
01 Feb 2013
Stages one, two and three in persecution--stage one-long gone. Posted by Supertradmum. As I am the one who has to rewrite my own ideas, I am trying to be patient with myself. Stages one, two and three in the United States ...
01 Feb 2013
I have written this post before...and it was accidentally deleted with many others. Stages four and five of persecution are clear. We are in stage four in the States and entering into it is Great Britain. Stage Four is criminalization.
08 Jan 2013
Persecution sites worth watching... Posted by Supertradmum · And, I subscribe to a magazine on line, which you can sign up for here from this site:
06 Dec 2012
Elizabeth said... The Salvation Army does hold strong views on homosexuality, perhaps similar to ours as Catholics ~ not sure about that. One thing I didn't know until this past week is that while the U.S. Salvation Army says ...
26 Nov 2012
Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in these places. Pray for the media of all Western countries to stop ignoring Christian persecution and calling it "sectarian violence". Pray.
01 Feb 2013
Trying to be patient............the missing articles rewritten on persecution.-stages four and five. Posted by ... And from a great site, from talks in 1998 on the stages of persecution of the Jews. This would be the beginning of stage ...
23 Jul 2012
Christian Persecution in Europe. Posted by Supertradmum. from Enza Ferreri who is an Italian-born, London-based author and journalist. She has been a London correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, ...
14 Jul 2012
Officers of the Revolutionary Guards closed the Jennat-Abad Church along with its campsite, the "Garden of Sharon," once a popular site for Christian gatherings and conferences; eye witnesses' reported a large notice posted ...
14 Mar 2012
This is out and out persecution of Christians. Thankfully, some Anglicans, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Carey, have come out against this. Carey said ministers and courts were "dictating" to believers, ...
06 Jul 2012
Fr Levi said... On a positive note, this type has become so blinded as to the 'rightness' of their cause that they no longer care that the further they go, the further behind they leave more and more of their initial sympathisers.
10 May 2012
The government of Wales is moving against Catholic schools that are organizing students to protest a new government plan to back gay marriage in that country. The students at the Catholic schools were recently invited by ...
19 Apr 2012
Liberal outrage in Spain: Homosexual groups seek prosecution of bishop over sermon on homosexuality Matthew Cullinan Hoffman[Image]Wed Apr 18 18:45 EST Faith April 18, 2012 ( - Homosexual groups ...
22 Feb 2013
The last stage of persecution witnesses laws directly aimed at the target group, making their activities unlawful and forcing them into poverty and fines if they do not cooperate. This happened here 500 years ago and the ...
21 Apr 2013 UPDATE ON PERSECUTION WATCH ABOVE. We need to pray for all the sheep in Christ's flock, especially those who are being ...
21 Feb 2012
Ethiopia, and even Libya, as well as the above, the situation will escalate into the worst forms of persecution. Pray please, and when you have the chance to vote, vote for those politicians, who are not only aware of the ...
05 Dec 2012
Since last January, I have highlighted the five stages of persecution now and then. You can ... We as Catholics were in the fourth stage of persecution before the election in America, which is a turning point for the entire world.

31 Mar 2013
Gervase Crouchback said... Every Saturday and Sunday in my prayers after reading the Daily Mass I set aside to pray for our persecuted Brethren.And I end with " St Michael ,the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our ...
22 Nov 2012
(It should be noted that the Pilgrims, who came to America to escape religious persecution from the Anglicans, were themselves the perpetrators of religious persecution. When they had been in power, they had gone around ...
01 Aug 2012
But, it will take something more than a generational change, it will take another persecution to make the Church grow and be strong here. God has His ways to bring people to themselves and to salvation. We must pay ...
23 Apr 2013
Commenting on the readings of the day, the Holy Father highlighted three aspects of the Church: Its missionary activity, born of persecution; the fact that it is a Mother Church which gifts us the faith that is our identity and that ...

For New Readers, On Thinking Posts

18 Jun 2013
To think like a Catholic is to see the reality of the world through the Eyes of God and not one's own eyes. If you have lost the gift of discernment or wisdom given to you in baptism through sin and compromise, pray for such.
04 Feb 2013
It is as if the local Church has felt the need to dumb down the real deal on marriage and sex to meet the demands of a certain group of people who DO NOT YET KNOW HOW TO THINK LIKE CATHOLICS. What do I mean?
20 Jul 2012
Many of the posts here on this blog have been on thinking like a Catholic and not like a Protestant. In the many, many responses I have read on the series on being single, I realized that some Catholics are not thinking like ...
13 Apr 2012
Too many of the courses are based on a particular professor's private interests instead of a Catholic world-view. Our priests, bishops and cardinals need to learn to think like Catholics and in too many cases, this perspective is ...
29 Apr 2012
A wonderful effect of thinking like you, that is, in a sound and secure orthodoxy, is that it promotes the source of our affection as the Church and the Triune God, with external, devotional piety flowing from that core. The life of ...
25 Jul 2012
Because Catholics do not think like Catholics. Gramsci understood that neo-Thomism was a danger to Communism. He knew that Thomism and neo-Thomism were antithetical to communism and the war against culture.
28 May 2013
One, the first and most horrible problem is thinking like a protestant. Catholics have a very long history of Tradition and the correct Revelation, using bad translations, for example, such as the Good News Bible. Thinking like a ...
08 Jan 2013
The European friends of mine cannot understand wanting to be in charge of your own space. They are think like socialists, even the Catholics. What shocks me is their blind trust in their governments, and worse, the feeling of ...

04 Dec 2012
I am truly concerned about the present youth who cannot and will not think objectively. If you have ... Now, we shall see the triumph of the Prince of Darkness, unless Catholics begin to think like Catholics-objectively.
20 Jun 2012
This movement of the Spirit of God is connected to one of my favorite themes on this blog, thinking like a Catholic. Just start in January and keep reading... Infused prudence should be manifested somehow-it must be seen, ...
05 Jan 2012
These "checks and balances" are one reason I am Catholic. We have a ... Have we lost the art of communicating the Mind of Christ, and if we are not thinking like Christ, can we communicate the Good News? In good Socratic ...

08 Jul 2012
Traditional Catholic Blog .... To put on the mind of Christ for a young man is to become Christ, to think like Christ, the High Priest and this means thinking like a priest and having his primary community that of his fellow priests. Thinking and being indicate who we are. I would ask a seminarian these questions? Does the young man love Mary as his Mother and Lady? Does He love Christ above all and want to be like Christ? Does he love the Church, the Bride of Christ?
04 Feb 2013
Just as we have lost the reverence in the Mass for the Eucharist, so we have lost reverence for marital sex. Think like Catholics. Marriage is a sacrament, not merely a vehicle for sex. We need to stop supporting ToB in our ...
24 Aug 2012
I think of T, who loves children and cooking and is one of the most beautiful women I know. She is always thinking of others. She has chosen chastity and the vision of a real Catholic family. She waits, like A, and in that they are ...
28 Apr 2013
... knew Catholic doctrine and we today don't. Besides, in times of crisis and distress, when we are not thinking clearly, it is precisely the things we have memorized that come most readily to our aid when we need them. ...The suggestions you make are wonderful, and I have spent a great deal of time with websites like Catholic Icing, Catholicmoms, and A Shower of Roses to get inspiration and mentoring on this journey. It is of great comfort to me to hear of someone ...

18 Jul 2012
One piece looks like bones, and another is in the shape of a small crustacean. I was thinking of how my dwelling is built with the ruins of another ancient time of ancient creatures which were once alive. Will there be any building of new homes after ... Note that Malta, supposedly one of the most Catholic countries in the world, (but those who read this blog know better), has 11% in the single women living alone range. No ages are given. Catholics may be a majority ...

Thoughts from 2009 Two

The superb head of the philosophy department told me I should be teaching philosophy instead of English as a Second Language. I agree with him. He said that because I want to help young people to think, that philosophy courses are the way to make people think.

I am convinced one can teach thinking in any class, unless that class merely is geared to a test. I introduce thinking skills in paragraphs, and journalling, which makes me unpopular with some lazy students, but the best like these skills to learn.

But, I do not think women should be teaching either philosophy or theology in seminaries, and I have rebelled here against being part of the chaplaincy formation team, which the head of department is. Against Rome...and not appropriate.

Thinking skills can be taught over breakfast conversations....and at my weekend movie and pizza parties. Thinking can be taught to children in chores and in cooking lessons.

Therefore, my philosophy class happens over retro parties and salon type discussions and dinners.

In times like these, thinking must happen in the family gatherings and my sems are my family...

Thoughts from 2009

I am blessed with an incredible memory. Memory is part of who I am and forms who I am to come. This year has been one of the worst and best in my life. I have spent most of it in spiritual warfare working in a seminary which accepts homosexuality, unless it is detected. The hypocrisy is accepted.

I have had two major illnesses, and two operations in one year. Cancer has changed my outward appearance forever, but not who I am. I am me.

I have three lovely cats and much to do. My son is a great joy to me. He is surrounded by excellent seminarian friends.

The me is the identity in Christ given to me at baptism. The me was formed by Catholic parents, excellent Catholic education, for which I am forever grateful and much suffering.

One cannot be a single mom in America without intense suffering-the worst of which is the judgemental attitudes of family and fellow Catholics. So it has been for many, long years, the years of activity, but cancer forces one to reflect. To think of what is truly important.

My chances for a second marriage are now drastically reduced as I have aged and no longer am attractive. This part of my identity is gone, but my Confirmation patron, St. Rose of Lima, limed her face so that no one would want her. She merely wanted to be loved by Christ himself.

This Rose and other roses like her, such as Catherine of Sienna, whose Illuminations I read while convalescing (two weeks) and Teresa of Avila, who I truly understand for the first time in my life, have led me to the realization that to be a woman of God is not to be like other women. To be a woman of God is to transcend the physical, which is why I disagree more and more with Theology of the Body.

We are body and soul and our theology is that of body and soul. When the body decays, becomes marred, changes, ages, the sexual is no longer part of one's identity. No. My identity, standing in front of the mirror in Äugust in my best gown and saying goodbye to part of my female and maternal identity, I did not merely mourn, but rejoiced in that I am more, much more than my body.

When God gives me my body back, hopefully, at the Final Judgement, I shall be like new again. I shall also meet, God willing, those Roses-including my sister, Elizabeth, who went before me to heaven. She is a Pearl of those innocents who gather around the Throne of God, unlike me, who has to take a back place to her purity.

Catherine's Dialog and Teresa's Interior Castle give me comfort, as well as the knowledge that truth prevails despite so much spiritual warfare. But, as I am wedded to Truth, my way is not as hard as those who remain in ignorance,either by choice or accident. God has given me great peace and joy, as well as insight, to continue despite cancer and other things. The joy of living continues...