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Friday 23 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Eleven

The first changes in and from the new presidency came on the day of the publicized swearing in of Patrick Michael O Melaghlin, First President of the Pan-American Union, as the empire was called. When he took the oath, either he or his cronies had changed the wording.

The original wording read like this.I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” 

What President O Melaghlin said was this, and the entire world heard his words, "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the Pan-American Union, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the laws and people of this Union."

The second change was that the new President did not swear on a Bible, or a Koran, or the Book of Mormon. Similar to Teddy Roosevelt before him a long time ago who refused to use the Bible, this new president swore on another book, one which was called by the media The Book of Principles. When Father Gibson and Adam heard this news report sitting in a cafe in Krakow, they knew what kind of this book was. They said nothing.

The third change was that the President was not going to live in the White House, of which two-thirds had been destroyed by an earthquake, but in a new residence outside of Washington. As Washington looked like a war-zone with all the damage which had basically destroyed all the government buildings as well as the famous monuments, no one in America thought anything about the change. But, again, Father Gibson and Adam understood the symbolism of the move.

President O Melaghlin had decided to set up the new government in Raleigh, North Carolina as that area had been spared the horrific earthquakes and volcanoes of the east and north. Also, a business friend of his father had given the President a house for himself and his cabinet members, In addition, the police and military believed this to be a safe place for the new government.

The name of the house was the Joseph Daniels House, also called "Wakestone". All the cabinet members and living members of Congress, of whom there were only a handful, moved to Raleigh and set up the "interim government" at Wakestone.

The fourth change was the announcement that the first thing the new President would do would be to worship at his chosen place of religion. The media hype went into over-drive. He was going to worship at the Georgia Guidestones and have a replica made in Raleigh. The new president said this in his inagural address:

"Our beloved countries have been torn apart by natural disasters and human greed for over two years. What all Pan-Americans desire is stability. The myth of the phoenix reveals the reality of renewal. 
I myself have been renewed in spirit by discovering that it was my great-grandfaher who built the greatest sign of hope for the future-the Georgian Guidestones. My first trip as president will be to visit and pay homage to him and all the free-thinkers of this world, those who will rebuild our union and make it rise again from ashes. I go from the Guidestones to Wakestone.

Some of you may wonder why I shall travel relatively far to lay a wreath of thanksgiving at this monument. As your new president, I am looking towards the future, not the past, but, I am grounded in the hope of my great-grandfather, who saw the way forward for this great continent. Trust me, as I trust in the myth of the phoenix. When my dear mother died, I traveled then to China to get over my grief, and to study the roots of the fenghuang. For the three months I lived in a monastery, I learned that the sacred bird only comes to a nation, a country blessed with prosperity and peace. The phoenix stays if the leader is not corrupt or without a dark side. We no longer have that peace in many places in our fair countries, but this is my vow to you, my fellow citizens, to work so that the Phoenix comes again to this great continent. The Fenghuang marks a new beginning. My youth represents a new beginning, and the complete committment of my life for the Pan-American Union."

When Father Gibson heard this talk, he said one thing over Americano coffee, "He is claiming to be androgynous royalty with the sign of the empresses" and Adam mumbled, "He is HP incarnated. This is so stupid, so contrived. so superficial. Like some d..... manga."

Suddenly, the two understood why the powers behind the new president had chosen this nerdy boy to be the leader of the Pan-American Union. Millions of youth would see him immediately as both sacred and clever. Patrick's popularity would be based on the new myths of the 20th and 21st centuries. He represented a new order, power, and mystery. He represented the new secular-occult. He was against the older generations, the old order, and would set up a new one. 

Looking like pure innocence and pure intelligence, like something between a robot and an angel or god or rockstar, Patrick was being set up to be the new messiah. An entire two generations had been raised to hate adults, and Patrick was their new idol. Even his choice of residence would reverberate with the under-forty gamers.

Days after his oath, news reports in the media were writing about the supposed previous oath of virginity Patrick had taken at puberty. Another report, "leaked out" was that his dear mother Karen, the First-Lady, so cruely murdered, had consecrated Patrick to an unknown "saint" for the sake of the nation. Adam choked on this news. So, Patrick was destined to worship the state...that was the implication.

"Karen had common sense, a grounded spirit. This is all hype and spin. She was a practicing Catholic, not inclined to superstitition or nonsense."

Father Gibson, sitting with Sofia, Ben and Adam in the main reception room in Krakow, asked Adam this question. "Do you know who his real mother is, Adam?"

Adam looked into space, "Yes, but I promised Karen I would never tell anyone. And, I keep that promise."

to be continued.... 

Here we go into the fifth level of persecution

If you do not read anything else, read this today and look at the tweets like the one below.

US Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of Louisiana case challenging confessional seal

Catholic World News - January 20, 2015

This isn’t good. In spite of the particulars of this case, we priests simply WILL NOT break the seal. 

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal of a Louisiana ruling that would force a Catholic priest to disclose what he heard in a sacramental confession or face imprisonment.
Last May, the Supreme Court of Louisiana ruled that the confessional seal does not apply if the penitent waives the right to confidentiality. The Diocese of Baton Rouge appealed the decision, saying that violation of the confessional seal “cuts to the core of the Catholic faith.”
By declining to hear the appeal, the US Supreme Court let the Louisiana decision stand.
The case involves a lawsuit brought by the parents of a girl who was allegedly molested by an adult man. The parents charge that the girl mentioned the man’s actions during a confession, and the priest, Father Jeff Bayhi, advised her not to report the incident. Father Bayhi, bound by the seal of confession, cannot respond to that charge.
The Louisiana Supreme Court had ordered a hearing to determine what the girl said in her confession. The court argued that the confessional seal exists only to protect the penitent, and can be waived if—as in this case—the penitent asks the priest to reveal what he heard.
The man accused of molesting the girl is now deceased.


See, being treated like this

To reduce and eventually eliminate the tide of teenage birth in our country, all parents would be required to have a license in order to have a child. Prospective parents would have to go through rigorous evaluation as well as certification in order to have children.

Recommending Dixon Hempenstall

Recommended by me big time is this Irish, home-grown optcian business. 

I really bent my glasses so badly that I could not wear them, and went to Specsavers and they refused to fix my glasses as they only fix Specsaver glasses, I was told.

So, I went around the corner to 14 Suffolk St in Dublin, and a very nice man not only fixed the glasses, but refused to take any money.

Ergo, I give this business a huge thumbs up.

Dubliners, go to Dixon Hempenstall and buy glasses from this lovely business.

Blessed Junipero Serra Moment

I have a special love for Blessed Junipero Serra. For one Francsican to set up so many missions across California and elsewhere is a testimony to his saintliness.

I lived in Ventura for a while. and attended, at that time, the TLM at the mission there. What a fantastic experience to worship, and sing, as I was in the Gregorian Chant Choir, in such a venerable place.

My dad, who is now 91, was president of the Serra Club in my home diocese for years. That organization supports seminarians.

We shall hear more of Blessed Junipero Serra as the year passes into late summer, I am sure.

By the way, there is a bit of an American "argument" as to how this Blessed's name is pronounced, Some say Ju-ni-per-o, with the accent on "per" and some same Ju-ni-pero, with the accent on the first syllable.

What do you think?

Lies in the Press

What about Pope Urban II?

  1. Germany: Catholic priest banned from preaching after ...
    19 hours ago - The Church, at least for now, has made a decision to go quietly into the ... A Catholic priest in Germany has been banned from preaching after ...
  2. I cannot open this link here in Dublin where I am online...interesting.
  3. Lepanto? Siege of Vienna? On our liturgical a calendar...

They Come from Dust Part Ten

Father Gibson and Adam had been to Poland many times. On the ground, they would split up and meet various friends who were also members of the Knights of Karl. Father said Mass in the Extraordinary Form daily in various churches. The weather seemed to him to be extremely cold, and the locals in Krakow noted that the temperatures were unusually low for the time of year.

In a small house in a street behind the Hotel Ester, Adam was staying with his cousins, Ben and Sofia Ferdinand. They had just watched international news from northern France, or the New Republic, as it was called, and were discussing the broadcast over tea.

Sofia, thirty-seven and very tall for a woman, commented that one could not trust most news agencies. "We know that the best news is now word-of-mouth", she said, while pouring the tea. "This news of the new baby president of the United States, a thirteen year old, puzzles me. Adam, can you explain this?"

Ben interrupted, "Sofia, what causes people to have trust in someone these days? Innocence, even false, or contrived innocence."

Adam agreed, "Yes, the cult of the personality, which has infected most cultures, leads to idolization of a person in a position of power. Look what happened in Rome when a pope was elected who is an introvert, holy,very holy, but not a "people-person". Most Catholics ignore him as he is not like the previous ones, rarely says anything public, never did, and, of course, can't now in hiding."

All three said a silent prayer for Pope Pius XIII, the first American pope.

The cousins ate small teacakes made with walnuts, raspberry jam and whipped cream. Adam loved Sofia's baking skills. In fact, before marrying Ben, she was a well-respected baker. Now, she was staying at home, helping the Knights, quietly.

Adam continued, "People in America, and around the world, have become cynical of leaders, and no longer, rightly so, trust many in power. What a coup to bring forward someone who is a genius but untouched by scandal or business corruption. As to the lack of experience, the fact that his father was president during the time of martial law makes this kid look fresh and untainted by even the military. I would assume he is merely a figure-head, a puppet, like his father before him."

Ben put down his tea-cup. "There is more to this than puppetry. Adam, you knew Karen, and you know the entire plot against her when she decided to talk."

Adam looked down at his plate. Yes, he had known Karen Levi O Melaghlin, And, although they practically grew up together in New York, and the fact that Karen was two years older, Adam had loved her for years. She had been an important person in his life from his teens.

"Karen wanted to tell Patrick that he was adopted. She wanted him to know that he was her son, but not the son of the dead president. Before she could tell him, she was murdered. Now, the president is dead and Patrick is what they are calling an "interim" president, and we all know what that means."

Sofia sat down, "No elections, end of so-called democracy, which, we know, died a long time ago but now the corpse speaks."

"Without a Christian Europe or Catholic Africa, America will slide more and more into out and out tyranny. Most people got use to martial law. Not all, of course. Do you have any more of those tea cakes, Sofia?" Adam had a sweet tooth.

"Patrick is a mystery to me," Adam said as he reached for another cake. "That he is a genius cannot be doubted. But, he acts like an ordinary kid sometimes. It is just that those lighter moments are not reported in the press. He comes across the television like a more mature person than he really is."

"What I do not understand is the appeal of such a youth, despite what we have discussed. I mean, this is ridiculous, barely a teen," said Sofia.  Ben stood up and walked over to the window. "When will Father Gibson join us, Adam?"

"Not until after dark, I am afraid. He promised me a home Mass, as I have been unable to get to the Masses which the Knights hold privately."

Sofia got up again, "I better clean the house, " she smiled.

Adam stretched out his long legs. He could only stay two weeks and then he would try and meet Mason and Brandy. But, he knew they would have left the cabin by now. How odd to be sitting in one of the oldest houses in Krakow, built so long ago, before the 19th century, thinking of a small group of Catholics in another old house, so far away, in quite another context.

"We may not be able to come again for a long time. My dad is being summoned to the ruins of the White House for a conference on air flights to Europe. He said about 42 people have been asked to discuss the possibilities of discontinuing flights while the fuel crisis it at its height. But, of course, that is not the real reason and we all know it. All the governments are restricting travel, all. America slides back into complete isolationism, or pretends to, while those who hate America bring it down from the inside."

The three cleared up the table together. "I have to take Adam to a meeting, Sofia. We shall be back by eight tonight. Don't worry."

Sofia laughed, "Ah, of course, I never worry." The two men smiled at the joke and left. Sofia stood by the big front window and watched them walk down the small road and disappear. Suddenly, for some reason, she thought of her mother and the story of her grandfather and uncle leaving this very house in 1937, for a meeting against the growing threat from Germany. They never came back home. Sofia's mother told her the story. Angelica was only six at the time, and she had watched her grandfather,who she loved so much, go around the same corner Adam and Ben just passed. Sofia shivered. "It is worse than 1937, and our world is at war again," she thought. "Time to pray."

Sofia sat on the old chintz chair which had belonged to her grandmother. This house had come back into the family hands in 1988, and she was so glad to be here. Sofia took out her rosary and began to pray. "I wonder if my ancestors are listening to me. I hope they are praying, too."

to be continued...

Rosary Crusade Two

I am so pleased with those who have signed up on the poll to join the Rosary Crusade.

Let's try and get more people praying for this intention...the future of Europe and the world is at stake.

God bless.

And, if you need a rosary, listed below is Tigga Wild's website. I have two of her rosaries which my son bought me last year. One is made for Sorrowful Mother Mysteries similar to this one below

Both are beautiful.

The second one is similar to this one as well.

They Come From Dust Part NIne

Janet and Brandy seemed closer than ever in conversation most of the day. Jimmy and Mason had gone out to see if they could find any wood fuel. The forest remained silent, with no birds.

"After the drowning, Jimmy has been a wreck, " share Janet. "I am really concerned about his mental health. I mean, I know we are all under stress, but he seems, well, fragile."

"Losing Carrie is traumatic for him, Janet and for us all." Brandy continued washing dishes after lunch.

"Yes, I know, but it is more than that, like he has survivor guilt or something. We could have all drowned. And, I keep seeing my dead parents, not even able to bury them. I never thought their lives would end that way." Janet began to cry. Brandy remained silent. Janet had lost all her loved ones in a matter of weeks. And, yet, she seemed stronger than Jimmy.

Janet gently touched Brandy's arm, "Brandy, I need to just go pray and be silent. Could I use the back room?" Brandy nodded and Janet disappeared behind the old oak door.

Brandy thought of her late night conversation with Mason about trying to get to her people's reservation on the Canadian border. Or, to be more exact, the reservation was half in Canada and half in the United States. All the residents, including herself, had been given dual citizenship, the inheritance of an old treaty. Now, suddenly, that did not matter, as this new Pan-American Empire changed all the rules for citizenship.

Brandy did not want to go back "home". Her parents were both dead and even though she had cousins and several aunts and uncles in the tribe, she felt estranged. She had broken away from the older ways of the family years ago, and now, she was married to a Afro-American. She was not sure how things would go.

Mason was concerned for her safety. He was concerned for the safety and any children which may come. He thought that he could take her up to the reservation and let her stay there, but Brandy did not want to be separated from Mason. She wanted him to stay there as well. The conversation ended peacefully but without a decision on either side.

Mason brought up the subject with Jimmy and Janet as well as Brandy at dinner.

"Jimmy, when you feel well enough, would you consider a cross-country hike of about two weeks? I want to get Brandy, and Janet, if she wants to go, to the reservation of the Akwesansnes.

It would be very hard hiking all that way, but I think we need to do it. We are too close to danger and with Adam not coming, it seems, it is time to move on. He was going to tell me what to do next, but he is not here."

Janet said, "I do not mind leaving. We are too close to danger, in my opinion. But, is the reservation safe? I am not happy about being around the revival of the cult religion, you know."

Brandy stepped in, "No, me neither, but one can avoid the ceremonies. That is acceptable."

Jimmy was very quiet. He then entered the conversation with a surprise statement. "I cannot leave this area. In fact, I need to go back and try to find Carrie or at least, her body. I cannot rest, really, I have to do this."

All three stared at him. Brandy answered first, "Christ says to let the dead bury the dead."

Jimmy looked upset, "I don't know she is dead. I need to know."

Mason interrupted. "You may never find the body. That river is deep and wide and runs fast into the sea."

Jimmy stood up, "I need to try. I need to go and try."

Janet was about to say something, but Mason put his hand up as if to say, no, don't say anything.

All were silent for a moment. Mason said, "Jimmy, I agree with you. You need to go and see what you can find. But, I do not think you will find Carrie. I am sorry but you need to face that."

Jimmy sat down again. "Do you mind if I go?"

Mason spoke for the others as well as for himself. "No, I think you need to find peace and searching for Carrie may bring you peace,"

No one else spoke and as it was late, the group disperses, each one getting ready for bed. Mason walk over to where Jimmy was laying out a sleeping bag. "When do you want to go? How do you feel?"

"I want to go tomorrow, Mason. I'm fit enough."

Mason searched Jimmy's face. He only saw pain. "OK, I shall walk you to the edge of the town. How is that?"

Jimmy nodded. The two men shook hands. They knew after this journey, they most likely would never see each other again.

to be continued....


They Come From Dust Part Eight

While the Americas were reeling from volcanoes, earthquakes, anarchy and martial law, Europe remained stable under the relatively new Europe divided into independent nations, pre-EU, and the old Soviet-style union under Russia of almost all the former Soviet states.

Only two nations of the old grouping of republics were still engaged in civil war, or rather, war against Russia, and those were Lithuania and Poland, helped by secret Catholic groups of militia called "The Knights of Karl". Malta and Gibraltar had been saved already by the Knights, and held on as the only free governments in all of Europe.The rest were being absorbed slowly into the old-new Soviet Union, now called, simply "Russia". Russia had given up on both small countries after sustaining huge losses from local vigilante groups, which had grown up unexpectedly. The Islamists had also tried to reclaim both countries but the blood of the Maltese rose up against both foes. Gibraltar had been a lucky win. One of the ships coming to land troops from the new Empire of the Caliphate had mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Africa. The Knights of Karl and these independent Catholic groups held on to these small islands. The Pope was on one of them, but no one was sure which one. Or, so rumor had it....Rome was under the fascists, yet again.

France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Austria were under complete fascist tyrannies, while the remaining European countries had independent Marxist governments. Four countries were now completely under Muslim rule, with sharia law and completely closed borders. These were Spain, parts of France up to Tours, Portugal and Greece. These areas were called the Empire of the Caliphate. The "free"parts of France were under a small fascist tyranny and merely called the New Republic.

All the nations had complete control over their own borders. In fact, after the fall of the EU, the entire government structures quickly reverted to fascist tyrannies, as if everything had been in place for this to happen. And, in fact that had been the case. What Mason did not know was that Adam was on a plane to Poland, after meeting with the Knights of Karl secretly near the only airport running flights to Europe in the chaos, the new Eleanor Roosevelt Airport out of northern New York City. He had been interrupted in his walk to Mason's cabin. Father Gibson had interrupted his plans.

What Mason did not know, but what Janet knew, was that Adam was an important liaison for arms to help Poland and Lithuania. The fact that his father co-owned IsaacJet, the only company with non-stop flights to Europe at this point, helped Adam in his work. IsaacJet had been named after Adam's brother who died as a child. IsaacJet was also co-owned by the late Karen O Melaghlin's father, a prominent Catholic businessman who mysteriously escaped many of the threats and financial fines inflicted upon Catholics for various "crimes" against the "common good". The late president's late wife had been Catholic. Adam had known Karen well. But, that is another story. Her maiden name had been Levi, and her dad had converted to Catholicism from Judaism when a Pope had saved the life of an Israeli cabinet minister by personally intervening with the Russians, who had taken he minister captive after a meeting in Moscow. Why the Russians gave up such a prize hostage to Rome was a mystery. Some thought millions of lira had been part of the bargain. Some thought that the Pope appealed to the superstitions of the Russian leadership. But, for whatever reason, Mr. Levi became an ardent Catholic and friend of Adam's father in the process. The two met frequently and not only for business reasons. Adam's father was also a convert. Adam's last name was Pereira d'Aguilar.

What Adam exactly did was not known, but the new order of The Knights of Karl, started by the Bishop of Springfield a few years back, was extremely successful at recruiting new young members of freedom fighters for Europe, now completely abandoned by America, or rather, by the new Pan-American Empire.

What Mason also did not know was that Father Gibson, the national chaplain of the Knights, was on that plane to Krakow. Janet knew. She also knew that Father Gibson carried with him the largest relic of St. John Paul II, a gift to Poland from the Pope, through the network of the Knights, secretly smuggled out of Rome to America.

That Europe have reverted so quickly back astounded the majority of Americans, but not all. Not all.

Mason came back out of the bedroom after giving time to Janet to dress again and get ready for her day. Jimmy was standing outside by the front door. He had given up cigarettes years ago, but for some reason, today, he wanted to smoke badly. Perhaps, he thought, it was nerves. Or, perhaps, it just did not matter any more how long one lived. Jimmy noticed he was sinking into negativity. He needed to change his thoughts. Just then, Janet came up to him. Brandy stood behind her.

"Do you feel like joining us in Lauds?" Jimmy sighed. It was good he was here.

to be continued....

Pope Sees Dangers

They Come From Dust Part Seven

Mason woke up before dawn. He heard Jimmy and went to see how he was doing. "Hey, old man, what's up?"

"I was dreaming. I keep seeing Carrie drowning, but I actually never saw her go."

Mason said nothing. Then, he asked, "Who shot you?"
"I don't know. Some one in an abandoned house on the road after we left the tree just shot at us. I never saw the person."

"Chaos, anarchy and fear, said Jimmy"  Mason again said nothing. "Let me make you some coffee and breakfast. we have food here. And, then, I want to try the radio again."

The two women were still sleeping when Jimmy and Mason tried the shortwave. They heard a woman's voice, and Mason knew it was the same one he had heard for a second the day before. He thought of Tokyo Rose.

"Radio Free America is proud to announce a treaty made yesterday with the Pan-American countries. Now, all of Canada, the United States and Mexico and the three remaining Central American States not destroyed by the tidal wave, Maximus, will be under one government temporarily. We are also proud to announce that the son of President Taylor-O Melaghlin,will be temporarily taking the oath of office as an interim president. Patrick Michael O Melaghlin, son of the lately deceased Thomas Sean Taylor O Melaghlin, will be sworn in tomorrow on Capital Hill, in the rubble of the United States Congress."

The feed ended abruptly. Mason stared at the radio, and Jimmy said "Wow" in a loud voice.

Patrick Michael O Melaghlin, the only son of the late president, was a known genius. He graduated from Princeton at the age of ten and then graduated in three years with a doctorate in International Relations from Harvard. He was now thirteen years old,

"Blast,"grumbled Jimmy. "Blessed Anti-Christ." Mason looked at the floor.

"I knew his mother, Karen O Melaghlin."  Jimmy stared at Mason. "What?"

"When I was in the army, Mrs. O Melaghlin was entitled to military escort. I was a regular. You remember what happened to her?"

"She was killed by one of her bodyguards."

"Yes, and then he was shot by one of our escort sergeants. I resigned almost immediately. It was all planned, you know. She knew too much. I went back to university and became a scientist. I wanted to work with hard data, not false orders. Somehow, they let me go."

Jimmy mumbled something about the obvious. But why let a teenager be president? Yes, he was ultra-intelligent, knew various languages and was obviously, when he grew up, going to be a handsome man. "I just don't get it. I don't get this move, " Jimmy said.

"Patrick is not Karen's son," Mason added. Just then, Janet work up out of her deep sleep. She almost fell off the sofa.

"He is the Pied Pieper," Mason said quietly. Mason got up off the floor and went to wake up Brandy. As he walked to the bedroom, Mason wondered if they could get to the reservation in a day. "Not with Jimmy like this..." he thought.

He know wished he had made more contingency plans. And, where was Adam?

to be continued...

Simple Words from A Great Saint

It is an important matter for beginners in prayer to start off by becoming detached from every satisfaction and to enter the path solely with the determination to help Christ carry the cross like good cavaliers, who desire to serve their king at no salary since their salary is certain. We should fix our eyes on the true and everlasting kingdom which we are trying to gain.

Life of St. Teresa of Avila, 15:11

Both Clarendon Street Church and Whitefriars are celebrating the 500th year of the birth of St. Teresa of Avila. I hope those in Ireland, and especially Dublin, will take advantage of the various concerts and exhibits which are scheduled at both Carmelite churches. One of the exhibits notes that St. Teresa is a saint for our troubled and unsettled times. Let us remind her in prayer to help us.  I put some links to posts on this blog about her. And, today, I remind myself of this...

Let nothing trouble you, nothing frighten you. All things pass--save God Who does not change. Be patient, and at last you shall find fulfillment. Trust in God, He shall not fail you. god alone is all.

15 Oct 2013
For the rest, like the Great Teresa, this road was strewn with rocks and she met with dangerous spiritual crevices. One only has to read her writings to see this hard journey. Today is the Feast Day of St. Teresa of Avila.
22 Aug 2014
Perfection Series IV: Part Seventeen; The Fifth Mansion of St. Teresa of Avila. Posted by Supertradmum. Perhaps one of the easiest descriptions of the Unitive State is from St. Teresa of Avila. I shall let her share her ...
15 Oct 2013
Fulton J. Sheen And St. Teresa of Avila. Posted by Supertradmum. Life, Truth, Love, states Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, are what we find in heaven. The soul who hates those would be tormented in heaven and that soul, who has .
15 Oct 2014
Perfection Series IV: Part Seventeen; The Fifth Mansion of St. Teresa of Avila. Posted by Supertradmum. Perhaps one of the easiest descriptions of the Unitive State is from St. Teresa of Avila. I shall let her share her .

04 Aug 2013
Garrigou-Lagrange has at interesting comparison concerning the experience of the passive purification of the Illuminative State leading up to Unitive State and St. Therese, St. Teresa, and St. John of the Cross. I do not think I ...
15 Sep 2013
On Hell from Ven. Fulton J. Sheen And St. Teresa of Avila. Posted by Supertradmum. Life, Truth, Love, states Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, are what we find in heaven. The soul who hates those would be tormented in heaven and that ...
22 Aug 2014
St. Teresa of Avila puts the Unitive State at the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Mansions, the highest being ecstasy and the Spiritual Marriage. I have written about the Spiritual Marriage several times on this blog, and refer you to ...
08 Feb 2013
St. John of Avila writes to a lady on what holiness is. Obviously, he was aware of those stages of perfection, and so inspired St. Teresa of Avila, to whom he wrote as well. He is summarizing all three stages here, purification, ...

09 May 2014
St. John of Avila writes to a lady on what holiness is. Obviously, he was aware of those stages of perfection, and so inspired St. Teresa of Avila, to whom he wrote as well. He is summarizing all three stages here, purification, ...


Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
3 Whitacre Mews, Stannary Street
London, SE11 4AB, United Kingdom
Telephone: (020) 7091 7091
22 January 2015
Top story:

March For Life returns to Washington D.C.
The annual March For Life in Washington D.C. may be viewed on the following link:
The march will begin at 5pm, GMT (12pm EST). This year’s March For Life will centre around the theme of “Every Life is a Gift” which will seek to “draw attention to the pre-born populations that are at the greatest risk for abortion: those who receive a prenatal disability diagnosis”. “The March for Life in Washington, D.C., began as a small demonstration on January 22, 1974, the first anniversary of the now-infamous Supreme Court decisions in Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton and rapidly grew to be the largest pro-life event in the world.  The peaceful demonstration that has followed on this sombre anniversary every year since is a witness to the truth concerning the greatest human rights violation of our time, legalized abortion on demand.” [December 11, March For Life]

Yes and No camps decide on strategy ahead of Irish same-sex marriage referendum
Ahead of the planned referendum on same-sex marriage to be held in the Republic of Ireland, groups campaigning both for and against same-sex marriage have begun to plan their campaigns. The referendum will seek to change the country’s constitution on the definition of marriage. One campaigner in favour of a change to the constitution said, “This is just about providing the same legal protections for families of same-sex couples that already exist for heterosexual couples”. Archbishop Eamonn Martin commented while appearing on ‘Newstalk’, “We make our position clear not just from a faith point of view but also because we believe it is good for children, that it’s good for family and it’s good for society to preserve the uniqueness of marriage as we have traditionally understood it,” [20 January, Irish Times]

Pope Francis: large families know every child is a blessing
Pope Francis stated in this week’s Wednesday address that he is consoled when large families welcome children. The current pontiff reiterated the words of his predecessors by saying, “it is a consolation and hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift from God. They know that every child is a blessing”. Pope Francis went on to say that large families do not cause poverty but that it is caused by an economic system which “has removed the human person from the centre and has replaced him with the god of money.”  Pope Pius XII famously stated: “Large families are the most splendid flower-beds in the garden of the Church.” [22 January, Aleteia]

Obama claims Americans can disagree about abortion while threatening to veto pro-life bill [20 January, Life News]
Pro-life senator delivers rebuttal against Obama’s State of the Union address [20 January, Yahoo news]
Taking the Pill for five years may double risk of brain tumours [22 January, The Telegraph]

Family Issues
How to live once you have been branded ‘anti-gay’ [January 7, The Federalist]
Christian judge suspended because of his Christian beliefs [20 January, LifeSiteNews]
Liberal Catholic lay group pledges support for SSM in Ireland [20 January, Irish Times]
Union of Students in Ireland organise rally supporting SSM [20 January, The Outmost]

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Reminder from a reader

1 Peter 5:10 Douay-Rheims Bible

10  But the God of all grace, who hath called us into his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, will himself perfect you, and confirm you, and establish you.

Not Enough Missionaries

St. Francis Xavier wrote that China was ready for conversion but that there were not enough missionaries. Even in his century, priests were lacking to send abroad.

Now, we have governments which are not allowing missionaries to enter their borders, and some are first-world countries.

To believe that there will be millions of Christians coming into the Church is a dream because there are millions of people who have no access to the sacraments.

Yes, we can all baptize and in emergency should, if there is no priest around. However, missionary work is not merely baptizing people, but catechizing them, nurturing them through the sacraments.

People are dying without being able to become Catholics. In your small area of influence, missionize now, evangelize now.

Guest Blogger Shares Aussi Disability Information

Prior to Australia’s federation in 1901,  persons who were blind  or vision impaired were forbidden to travel interstate not out of colonial concern for our well-being or even liability  whilst en route, but despite  our wealth, standing and level of  independence as persons with a  disability, due to said disability, we were automatically labeled indigent. Travel permissions were provided by the government on an individual basis as needs arose.. We were not allowed to vote either (male or female, despite South Australia having enacted near universal suffrage in the late 1890’s till after Federation). Increasingly,  governments are enacting draconian laws in the guise of assistance that will hurt the disabled. Persons with a disability  are the unseen minority who have suffered savagely under totalitarian regimes repeatedly during the  twentieth century; Hitler’s Germany introduced and perfected its killing skills on we the disabled.

Murder of the Handicapped


Nazi Killing of the Disabled

To heck with Godwin’s law, to put it bluntly.

Forced sterilisation of  disabled persons in Australia  continued to be commonly practiced, sometimes without the knowledge of said individuals themselves, up until the early 1980’s and has not yet disappeared from our nation altogether despite rampant actavism by disability groups.

During an Early Childhood Special Needs lecture given at the University of Western Sydney in late 2007,  it was revealed that 90% of unborn children with Downes Syndrome in Australia never draw a single breath!! God help us!! Back in 1970, I was born 25 September, when I should have come into the world on 25 December, weighing only 750g. The doctors gave me 24, then 48 hours, then a week. After four months in hospital in a 90% oxygen atmospheric environment, I was released to my family. The cost was the loss of almost all my vision, along with additional moderate yet irritating health conditions. Nowadays, would Peter Singer et al allow me to  live? It appears he has disturbing designs for those of us born with disability or those of us who acquire it soon after birth.

Persons with a disability have even lost our dedicated voice within the Australian government.

In  new South Wales, persons with a vision impairment or blindness were denied compulsory education until 1944, and even then, only until the age of eleven.

 Some blind trailblazers attempted  to go to university in Australia as early as the late 1890’s in the case of Tilley Aston (Victoria) and  the early 1930’s in the case of Mercy Dickenson (Queensland) these efforts were either unsuccessful (sadly in Tilley Aston’s case) or only hard won after much volunteer assistance re Mercy Dickenson. re help with  the transcription of print material into useable formats.  Compulsory provision of assistance for students with disability at tertiary level e.g. accessible buildings for students in wheelchairs, sign interpreters, transcribers for amputees and those with paralysis, provision of Braille, electronic format and loan of expensive blindness technology that often costs in the thousands to allow a person with vision impairment or blindness to do what a sighted person does for  free with their eyes did not come into effect until 2005. Those who struggled as pioneers relying on family or volunteers to read aloud to them  have commented candidly regarding  the permanent psychological cost, a mark or scar if you will, that they live with even down to this day due to the immense stresses brought about by such conditions. Yet faculty at large Australian tertiary institutions continue to actively hamper promising  teaching undergraduates re placement into the mainstream schooling system, with government and independent authorities colluding by  hampering the accreditation process for blind and vision impaired candidates; ludicrous considering blind teachers have taught within the sighted school system in the US since the 1920’s, as revealed in the amazing work ‘the Unseen Minority’ by Frances A. Koestler, a fascinating and sometimes chilling account of blindness history within said nation.

It is within  this book that I learnt of the amazing Fr. Klein who single handedly, approximately two centuries ago back in the early 1800’s devised a systematic training of guide dogs and their handlers that has remained largely unchanged to this day, forming the core of the modern guide dog movement that emerged in Germany during the closing years of the first world war. Fr. Klein deserves at least consideration  in matters of  elevation to the altar - a patron saint of the dog guide movement would be  a wonderful gift of Holy Mother Church indeed! But I digress. I do fear for our lot in the coming years and decades. As Mark Twain  is credited  with having said, ‘History does not always repeat, but it always rhymes’.