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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Feast Day of Pope St. Pius V

We celebrated this great Pope's feast day this evening at Mass. If you have not read his life, here it is.

There are so many good seminarians here. Please pray for all those at St. John's, Wonersh and for the faculty and staff.

Sigh, a Gold Star from the Most Famous Blogger Priest in the World

I can stop blogging now!

Supertradmum says:
I wish there were more vocations to the contemplative life so that the Church Militant had the prayer backup for all this spiritual warfare, but sadly, this is not happening. A few orders here and there, but no large numbers. We need prayer Marines.
Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

Well, a laugh at my expense

American Catholics Look at This

From Compline Tonight

                                                            Psalm 142 (143)
                                                             A prayer in time of trouble

Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.
Lord, listen to my prayer:
  in your faithfulness turn your ear to my pleading;
  in your justice, hear me.
Do not judge your servant:
  nothing that lives can justify itself before you.
The enemy has hounded my spirit,
  he has crushed my life to the ground,
  he has shut me in darkness, like the dead of long ago.
So my spirit trembles within me,
  my heart turns to stone.
I remind myself of the days of old,
  I reflect on all your works,
  I meditate once more on the work of your hands.
I stretch out my arms to you,
  I stretch out my soul, like a land without water.
Come quickly and hear me, O Lord,
  for my spirit is weakening.
Do not hide your face from me,
  do not let me be like the dead,
  who go down to the underworld.
Show me your mercy at daybreak,
  because of my trust in you.
Tell me the way I should follow,
  for I lift up my soul towards you.
Rescue me from my enemies:
  Lord, I flee to you for refuge.
Teach me to do your will,
  for you are my God.
Your good spirit will lead me to the land of justice;
  for your name’s sake, Lord, you will give me life.
In your righteousness you will lead my soul
  away from all tribulation.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
  as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Excellent News-Pope will canonize 800 martyrs killed by Muslims at Otranto

a snippet....

The killing of the martyrs by Ottoman troops, who launched a weeks-long siege of Otranto, a small port town at the most eastern tip of southern Italy, took place in 1480.
When Otranto residents refused to surrender to the Ottoman army, the soldiers were ordered to massacre all males over the age of 15. Many were ordered to convert to Islam or die, but Blessed Antonio Primaldo, a tailor, spoke on the prisoners’ behalf. “We believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and for Jesus Christ we are ready to die,” he said, according to Blessed John Paul II, who visited Otranto in 1980 for the 500th anniversary of the martyrs’ deaths.
Primaldo inspired all the other townspeople to take courage, the late Pope said, and to say: “We will all die for Jesus Christ; we willingly die so as to not renounce his holy faith.” There were not “deluded” or “outdated,” Blessed John Paul continued, but “authentic, strong, decisive, consistent men” who loved their city, their families and their faith.


And the story well

A Short Post on Benedict and Benedict

The Bishop of Rome, Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI is going into the monastery I highlighted last week on May 2nd, not the 1st, as originally reported. I shall go in a day before.

It is interesting that Benedict is attracted to St. Benedict, one of the patrons of Europe.

St. Benedict lived at the end of the Roman civilization. He witnessed the ruin of order. God called him to start, literally, a new order, and thus was created the Rule of St. Benedict.

This Rule got all of our ancestors through the dark days of the death of Rome and into the new era of Christendom.

Benedict XVI chose an appropriate saint for these turbulent times.

God bless him. Pray for him and pray for little ol' me going in tomorrow.

May St. Benedict bless us and all Catholics.

Lust is Boring and Grey: Excellent Article from Crisis

Racism and Anti-Semitism Alive and Well in the Labour Party in Britain

Of course, the man who made the statement is now denying he said such things. But, it is ok, according the the Koran and hadith, to lie to infidels. 

A snippet

As one of Labour's safest seats on Tory-led Birmingham city council, the final candidate would be almost certain of victory at the June 4 by-election. 
But when Mrs Cohen telephoned 57-year-old Mr Hussain for his support, she was astonished to be told that she was too 'white and Jewish' to be considered. 
Lorraine Briscoe, who runs a local community association, was sitting next to Mrs Cohen when the conversation took place on speakerphone last Tuesday. 
'I was disgusted that a councillor could make comments like that in 2009,' she said. 
'He told her, "They will not vote for someone who is white and Jewish. My Muslim members don't want you because you are Jewish". 
'Elaina then asked him if he had talked to his Muslim members about it and he said, "I don't want to talk about it with you" and hung up. 
'Elaina does a lot of good work in this community and she does not see race or religion, she just sees people.' 
Two days after the alleged conversation, Mrs Cohen and another candidate were rejected by a pre-selection panel after failing to gain the support of the local party. 
Instead, members were presented with one candidate, black South African Hendrina Quinnen, who was selected by an almost unanimous vote. 
Mrs Cohen has now sent an official complaint to Labour Party general secretary Ray Collins and Birmingham city council accusing Mr Hussain of improper conduct. 

AND from

The Qur'an:

Qur'an (16:106) - Establishes that there are circumstances that can "compel" a Muslim to tell a lie.
Qur'an (3:28) - This verse tells Muslims not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to "guard themselves." 
Qur'an (9:3) - "...Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters..."  The dissolution of oaths with the pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture.  They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway.
Qur'an (40:28) - A man is introduced as a believer, but one who must "hide his faith" among those who are not believers.
Qur'an (2:225) - "Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts"  The context of this remark is marriage, which explains why Sharia allows spouses to lie to each other for the greater good.
Qur'an (66:2) - "Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths"
Qur'an (3:54) - "And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers."  The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) ismakara, which literally means deceit.  If Allah is deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)
Taken collectively these verses are interpreted to mean that there are circumstances when a Muslim may be "compelled" to deceive others for a greater purpose.

From the Hadith:

Bukhari (52:269) - "The Prophet said, 'War is deceit.'"  The context of this is thought to be the murder of Usayr ibn Zarim and his thirty unarmed men by Muhammad's men after he "guaranteed" them safe passage (see Additional Notes below).

Bukhari (49:857) - "He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar."  Lying is permitted when the end justifies the means.

Bukhari (84:64-65) - Speaking from a position of power at the time, Ali confirms that lying is permissible in order to deceive an "enemy."

Muslim (32:6303) - "...he did not hear that exemption was granted in anything what the people speak as lie but in three cases: in battle, for bringing reconciliation amongst persons and the narration of the words of the husband to his wife, and the narration of the words of a wife to her husband (in a twisted form in order to bring reconciliation between them)."

Bukhari (50:369) - Recounts the murder of a poet, Ka'b bin al-Ashraf, at Muhammad's insistence.  The men who volunteered for the assassination used dishonesty to gain Ka'b's trust, pretending that they had turned against Muhammad.  This drew the victim out of his fortress, whereupon he was brutally slaughtered despite putting up a ferocious struggle for his life.

From Islamic Law:

Reliance of the Traveler (p. 746 - 8.2) -  "Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it.  When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible (N:i.e. when the purpose of lying is to circumvent someone who is preventing one from doing something permissible), and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory... it is religiously precautionary in all cases to employ words that give a misleading impression...

"One should compare the bad consequences entailed by lying to those entailed by telling the truth, and if the consequences of telling the truth are more damaging, one is entitled to lie.

Ah, the French and Language

Their economy is going to h... in a handbasket and someone is concerned about English language phrases.

Priorities....Ayrault sent out a memo the same day to all members of the government asking them to favour the French language as much as possible. In his note, he reminded ministers that the 1992 Constitution recognised French as the official language in both the administration and justice.
“Our language is able to express all of our contemporary issues, as well as describe all innovations in the fields of science and technology,” the note said according to Le Figaro.

But, the language is beautiful...It would be nice if Americans loved their language as much. The British use to love English, but no more...listen to the Beeb or Sky or teachers. Ugh. France 24 has commentators with better English than the English. Ironic, really.

If you have not read this...

I like my newest long poem. Long poems are "my thing". Take a moment and read this in your spare time...mimesis is one way we are in the Image of God, who creates ex nihilo, poesis. We can merely imitate, while He creates.

Sorry, I never did like Ken Livingstone

He obviously does not know a bit about Western History. The Battle of Vienna, the Battle of Lepanto and many, many more have not been learned by this man.

Anger management might be a good idea....

British Catholics Might Want to Boycott Some of These


Official sponsors of the 2013 Gay Wedding Show Partial List

Add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day with Lambrini
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Guests will be asked to adhere to the Challenge 25 policy, so please be prepared to show proof of age.
Drinkaware for the facts – Lambrini is a supporter of Drinkaware and is a  Portman Group signatory. 

The Co-operative Funeralcare is delighted to be sponsoring the Pink Weddings Show and wishes all attendees many congratulations! The Co-operative Funeralcare fully supports the LGBT community and is there to offer care and reassurance when it matters most. To show our support, Funeralcare has linked up with Pink Weddings and we have a dedicated funeral website called Pink Partings.
For more details on arranging a pre-paid funeral or funeral services generally, go to our website at or

This is a truly remarkable hotel. An iconic Victorian building, it stands centre stage on the vibrant Brighton seafront and is a local landmark. Magnificent, imposing and the epitome of luxury. This is The Grand, Brighton.

The Grand experience is one you will never forget. It's in the splendour of the 123 step sweeping staircase and the exquisite textures in the bedrooms. It's in the stunning sea views and the warmth with which you are welcomed. It's in its innate sense of style.

Visit our website

Holiday Inn – London Camden Lock
Our spectacular waterside location, set within the heart of bustling and vibrant Camden Lock and overlooking Regent's Canal, is the perfect place to hold your Civil Partnrship and Celebration.


David Jones for Reflection

Cows in a landscape, 1925

Compostela by Anonymous Four

Our parish priest is on the Camino de Santiago and should be coming back soon.

Here is some music connected with the pilgrimage.

Monday 29 April 2013

Grandson of Margaret Sanger on Abortion History

My Day Minus Nocturns from Wednesday

I do not have a copy of the schedule in front of me, but it is something like this. This is not exact but close. There are seven hours to sing, plus Mass, plus Adoration, study, lectio divina, private prayer, chores.

5.15am - Rise.
5.30am - Nocturns, silent prayer, reading, breakfast (toast and tea or coffee only).
7.00am - Lauds - morning prayers.
7.30am - Community Mass 
9.15am -Terce
9:30 Morning Work
12.00 noon - End of morning work. Adoration or dinner prep depending on personal schedule

12.10pm - Sext 
12.30pm - Dinner
1:30 Afternoon Reflection

2:30 Afternoon work
(rota for Adoration is in all these between times as well) personal lectio divina
3:30 Common time and work
3:15 None
4:30 Vespers
5:00 Adoration and chores
6.30pm - Supper (soup and bread, some fruit), prayer and reading.
7:00 Chores or Adoration
8:15 - Compline - end of day canticles, prayer and benediction.
8.30 Lock up
9:00 to 9:30 bed depending on duties; younger ones or healthier ones do more chores even until 10:00

A bit of sentiment from an INTJ

My son is helping me go through the list of black and whites for the convent with me. He is helping me pack. Even I am a bit teary over his kindness and gentleness.

He supports me and says, "Mum, think young!"

I am thinking young.

The best news on pro-life issues

"Good on" Damian Thompson on Gosnell

"The Most Important Day of My Life"

The measure of our love is to love without measure. ~ St. Bernard

On April 28th, 1957, I made my First Holy Communion. On old holy cards, frequently this day was labeled,
"The Most Important Day of My Life".

I thank my parents for passing on the Faith to me. Thank you, Mom and Dad. I thank my son for carrying on  the Faith. Thank you, Son. The second most important day of my life was the birth day of my son. Nothing has changed me more to be a better person, outside the sacraments, than having a child.

Stop, think, reflect, pray.

Neo-Church Triumphalists Wake Up--Red Sky in the Morning

And in the morning: To day there will be a storm, for the sky is red and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and can you not know the signs of the times? Matthew 16:3 DR

I met so many people in Walsingham who think the Church is about to enter into a Golden Age of evangelization and re-establishment on the earth.

How can I get through to these many disillusioned Catholics (and Anglicans) ? These people honestly do not believe there is a great persecution coming for all Christians, including Catholics, worldwide.

They are not reading, as Christ recommended, "the signs of the times".  I have no doubt these nuns, priests and laity think they are living in Faith. Indeed, they tell me so. But, living in Faith does not mean that one creates a comfortable scenario for one's self and family.

It is wake up time, or has been for years. Some of us knew the age of the martyrs was coming years ago.

When I taught religion classes of various kinds, I would open my class with these two statements.

One, "Where are the 25% of the class that should be here?" My students would then ask me why so many had dropped the course. I would answer, no, that is not it. "These members of your generation have been aborted."  Silence.

Two, "Are you ready to be martyrs?" Some students would say yes, or they would try, and some would say no.

I am disappointed that so many of my brother and sisters in Christ think the Catholic Church is entering a time of worldly expansion and triumph on earth.

Triumph results from years of persecution, yes. But, expansion of ministries and buildings, no, and quite the opposite.

Those who cannot read the signs of the times may be caught unaware. And, what has happened to their discernment? There are reasons why one loses discernment.

American Persecution Watch and the Myth of a Christian Army

“Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.”

Those words were recently written by Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), in a column he wrote for the Huffington Post. Weinstein will be a consultant to the Pentagon to develop new policies on religious tolerance, including a policy for court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian Gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops.


Weinstein also supports Lt. Col. Jack Rich, the Army officer who wrote to subordinate officers that soldiers who hold traditional Christian beliefs agreeing with organizations on SPLC’s “hate group” list are incompatible with “Army values" and should be carefully watched and excluded from military service.

Read this

Sally Quinn’s Post column also approvingly quotes MRFF Advisory Board member Larry Wilkerson as saying, “Sexual assault and proselytizing, according to Wilkerson, ‘are absolutely destructive of the bonds that keep soldiers together.’”
Did you get that? They say having someone share the Christian gospel with you is akin to being raped. Weinstein makes sure there are no doubts, being quoted by the Post as adding, “This is a national security threat. What is happening [aside from sexual assault] is spiritual rape. And what the Pentagon needs is to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished.”

Spiritual rape?

"Build a cell inside your mind, from which you can never flee."

The title of this post is Catherine's advice on becoming a contemplative in the world.

Although she had great gifts of prayer and mystical experiences, God sent her into the world. Please remember, dear readers, that she was a lay person, a lay person who is a Doctor of the Church.

I have already written about Catherine, the great Doctor of the Church here in the perfection series and in other posts. I repeat a few here below.

Before I do that, I would like to note that out of all the Doctors of the Church, she seems particularly important for our times, and I find myself quoting her more than the others.

If you have not read her Dialogue, stop and do so. Here are some of my back entries on this great saint

08 Feb 2013
I close this section on Catherine of Siena with two notes. First of all, she was a lay person, not a nun or a sister. So those who think the way of perfection is not for us only have to look at her own life. God gives His graces to the ...

01 Feb 2013
Second selection from St. Catherine of Siena on bad priests. Posted by Supertradmum. Because of the news from .... Third selection of message to St. Catherine Siena ... Second selection from St. Catherine of Siena on ba.

01 Feb 2013
Last reference to The Dialogues and other writings of St. Catherine of Siena. Posted by Supertradmum. In some translations of her treatises and Dialogue, the sins referred by Christ regarding His priests point to the fact that if 

08 Feb 2013
Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux and Hildegard of Bingen. I am concentrating on their holiness and some of the writings. The reason a person is declared a Doctor of the Church is sort of like an honorary ...

01 Feb 2013
Christ words in the Dialogues of St. Catherine of Siena on good and bad priests: “You should love them therefore by reason of the virtue and dignity of the Sacrament, and by reason of that very virtue and dignity you should ...

21 Jun 2012
The Delphic Oracle and St. Catherine of Siena have something in common, which is not unusual, being that God works through many means to bring us all to perfection. Garrigou-Lagrange in the post yesterday, was ...

28 Jan 2013
The entrance into the illuminative way, which is the second conversion described by St. Catherine of Siena, Blessed Henry Suso, Tauler, and Father Lallemant, is called by St. John of the Cross the passive purification of the ...
By Batoni, who did my favourite Sacred Heart; thanks to wikimedia

18 Nov 2012
St. Catherine of Siena was a great player in the world, despite or because of her intense interior life. How can we do this, while working or studying, or commuting? Of course, the singing of the seven hours and the silence is ...

18 Jul 2012
Posted by Supertradmum. St. Catherine of Siena's Mystical Marriage. To you, young people, I say: if you hear the Lord's call, do not reject it! Dare to become part of the great movements of holiness which renowned saints have...

30 Jul 2012
Catherine of Siena is quoted by Garrigou-Lagrange. She states, " O cursed pride, based on self-love, how hast thou blinded the eye of their intellect, that while they seem to love themselves and be tender to themselves, they...

23 Feb 2012
It is crucial for the entire world that the Papacy remains independent of any other country or nation. St. Thomas Becket knew this. St. Catherine of Siena knew this, which is why she begged Pope Gregory XI to leave Avignon,

With St. Lawrence

All should be allowed out of Obamacare

"It’s no surprise that Democrats would want to exempt themselves from the train wreck they created in Obamacare," McGuire continued, "but Sen. McConnell believes the entire country should be exempt from this historic mistake. The law is a disaster and needs to be repealed.”

More here

Sunday 28 April 2013

The Millennials and Vocations

A sister, not in "my" order, told me last week that there is a problem in vocations about which I have never thought.

This good head of her order told me that the younger ones coming in do not last in novitiate because of a lack of stamina.

This point is very interesting. The sister told me that the Millennials lack the staying power or the ability to keep up with schedules.

Now, this is in England. It would be interesting if I could find out if the same is true in America.

Why would Millennials lack stamina? It is possible that their lifestyle is more sedentary. My generation did lots of physical labor: ironing, doing dishes, cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking care of younger siblings, walking to school, bicycling, etc.

I think the lack of doing chores may be one of the things which creates a lack of stamina.

Stamina may be learned when one does not get immediate results from activity.

Here is a link from a group on the Millennials and the work ethic. Here are two independent sources.

This present young generation do not have as much stress in some ways: they are surrounded by technology which does things easily and fast; they are not used to waiting for anything.

Oh no....someone who thinks she is a priest

FBI shut down by judge with possible Muslim Brotherhood links....

An afternoon at Polesden Lacey

The most wonderful thing for me in this house today, was the Perugino Institution of St Mary Major oil painting in superb condition. A small copy on the web that I could find. A true masterpiece.

The second most wonderful thing was the collection of Meissen China dating back to the early 18th Century.

The third most remarkable thing were the Crown Imperial Fritillaries, truly magnificent flowers. If one can see into the flowers, one sees the parts which look like pearls.

On Catholic Identity Again

From experience and reflection, I want to share some thoughts on what Catholic identity is and is NOT.

Bear with me while I outline a few ideas here. This is not an exhaustive list and much is repetition  However, one cannot say these things too often.

My mom used this and so did I and there was another one for Lent and Easter.

Firstly, remember that I am old enough to remember what Catholic identity was in the 1950s and 1960s. I have a few posts on the old days of organized community and parish life which most people have never experienced. These ideals can be reinvigorated.

I used this all the time

Everyone knew everyone in the 12% of Catholics in our city of 80% Lutherans and a few Presbyterians.

The Catholic community was not only strong, but vigorous before Vatican II.

Choirs, charities, youth groups, adult study groups, (yes, including Bible study), women and men's groups all happened before the seventies.

Secondly, Catholic identity starts in the home. This identity takes work. Sadly, so many converts who have never experienced mothers baking special cakes for holy days, or name days (saints' days) or having small home devotions do not know what this entails. Christmas customs have been largely lost, as well as Easter ones.

In the 1950s, the parish priest went from home to home and consecrated the families and house to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Usually, there were pictures on the wall bought for this occasion  one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and one of the pierced heart of Mary. Because of the number of priests, the parish priests could visit houses for sick calls as well. We would meet the priest at the door with lit candles as he brought the Eucharist to the sick person. Every house had a sick call set, and I did as well.

The family rosary was said in our house when I was young in October and May. This custom dwindled later on, but I remember this, and my son remembers his parents praying the rosary out loud at night when he was a baby.

Catholic identity meant studying and my parents did this as well in parish groups. I remember the first meetings which involved using the St. John's Collegeville bible series (some are not so good, and some are). To say that Catholics did not read the Bible is a huge overstated lie.

Fourthly, Catholic identity involved modesty, about which I have many posts, and also a decorum, about which I have written as well on this blog. Catholic children learned to be ladies and gentlemen. We were counter-cultural in our behavior. This was all part and still should be part of the life of the virtues for the formation of children.
A 1950s girls' Catholic choir

Fifthly, Catholic identity meant going to Confession regularly as a family on Saturdays. Daily Mass, if possible, and the awareness that the sanctifying grace of the sacraments was necessary for supernatural life was passed down from mom and dad.

Sixthly, Catholic identity did NOT include dissent, but solemn questioning and examining and finally, conformity with the teaching of the Church at the adult level. It also involved missionary activity with the realization that we had to convert the world, as Jesus commanded. This was not seen as a option or non-politically correct attitude.
From The Mission

What Catholic identity is NOT are these few points.

Firstly, Catholic identity is not part time, but full time. One does not have a split personality of being Catholic at home and secular at work, for example.

Secondly, Catholic identity is not an identity of negativity or argumentation. In other words, it is being for the Church and not merely against the prevailing culture or other religions. A person who identities themselves in negativity or argument will never grow spiritually.

Thirdly, Catholic identity is not the proliferation of devotions, visionaries, medals or statues one collects, but a conforming of the mind to the mind of the Church. Too many people here in England (and some in Malta) think that in order to be Catholic one has to believe any new so-called revelations. Absolutely not.

Even the writings of the visionaries who are saints are not infallible.

Fourthly, Catholic identity is NOT automatic, simply because one's family is Catholic or one's surroundings. It is an interior disposition to holiness and putting  on the Mind of Christ, which is the mind of the Church. As an Irish priest reminded me not too long ago, the Irish loss of faith was a long time happening owing to the lack of adult appropriation of the faith-no study and no effort leads to secular attitudes.

Nuns passing guards on the way to see Pope Pius XII’s body. Photograph by Mark Kauffman. Rome, Italy, October 1958.

Lastly, Catholic identity is NOT being more Catholic than Rome. Extremist groups on both the left and right cannot be truly Catholic, as the Church is one, holy, true and apostolic, and therefore solidly balanced. To fall into liberal camps, such as being a socialist, which one cannot be and be Catholic, or to fall into far-right camps which add teachings to those of the Church, such as cultic dress or following false seers, are not part of Catholic identity but errors of modernism and gnosticism.

I could add more points, but most of these things I have discussed here on this blog in the past. I shall only add that Catholic identity means teaching your children the Faith in season and out of season.

For the doubters-- terrorist mother and son discussing jihad on phone

"The CIA declined to comment Saturday."  Duh. Three dead and 270 injured, many losing arms and legs and there is no comment.

And, a heads up on this from Morocco-fatwas for Muslims converts to Christianity.

And sexual slavery in GB...why? Is this a civilized country? Sexual slavery is condoned in the Koran.

Fountains Poem 32

Deer in the park remind me of the freedom
of youth, innocence long gone, resting in the
grey stones of the Fair Lady of the West Riding.

She waits, like a dowager queen, for attention,
knowing that some pay her homage in small
tokens of love, like tickets at the gate.

So long, at the gate, the porters opened doors
for the guests, the rich, the poor, the lost
wanting the security of the arms of Mary.

She, too, waits, for England to return
to her. She waits for her sons and
daughters to find themselves again.

Lost children walk the paths of old
prayers and longings for God.
But, they are too busy to know

the quiet of the place, which is only
found inside and not in the bustle
of pilgrimage or holidays...

Time is speeding up
and all is shortened..
visions truncated

by the lack
of love.

For Mary and for My Mother, Charlene

They walk in silence,
the men in white robes.
thinking of beer and cheese
in the dark evening..

They sing in darkness,
lighting candles at nocturnes
waiting for the intonation
before the bird's chorus..

They pray in lightness,
waiting for those who
bring their horses
into the sanctuaries

of the Nine Altars,
trampling the Body
of the Vulnerable God
unwilling servants

of the Visitators, who
bragged to Cromwell
(the first one) of such
sacrilege and hate.

They draw water from
other wells and die in
small cottages of those
who take them in

the sheepherders who
are not afraid of the
King's Men, sensing
where God is..

Mary's springs still seep
from the hillsides and
down into the small
Skell, rippling in the wind.

Our Lady of Fountains,
I love you...

Saturday 27 April 2013

THE Record Post Day (?)

17...Well, not really, I forgot I have had two with 21 posts and some other big days as well. It just seemed like a big post day...

I was sick of packing and it was raining in the afternoon. Although the sun did come out later.

Thanks to John McGuirk

My favourite spot in England

My only regret going in on Wednesday is not getting back up to Fountains.

I wrote a book of poetry on Fountains way back in '79 and '80. To me, the place of Mary's springs is numinous.

Memory, understanding, will.

My spiritual home....

Excellent article on Bush, Obama, Clinton

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On False Revelation and Sin

Two highly intelligent women hundreds of miles apart asked me in the past few days why other highly intelligent people get caught up in false seers, such as Maria Divine Mercy and Vassula Ryden.

I have come up with several thoughts on this.

The first, is that discernment and knowledge of holy things are gifts of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. We have the ability to sort out good from bad, truth and falsehood.

However, we can easily lose discernment because of one thing-deep, unconfessed sin in our lives.

Discernment is lost when one refuses to repent of sin. Now, the sin must be serious, like embezzlement  or heresy. Sin can be rooted in bad lifestyle choices, such as cooperating in contraception. Being a freemason leads one into deeper sin and one would lose discernment, as does adultery, homosexual activity, and so on.

That seemingly holy and very active Catholics refuse to leave prayer meetings based on false teaching or refuse to stop reading or giving money to fraudulent so-called visionaries may very well indicate the refusal to leave sin.

One person I know involved in following false revelations is an Irish person who hates the English. I have told some Irish acquaintances of mine that no hatred can be fed if one wants to be holy. Hatred and prejudice would cause a loss of discernment.

One may have be involved in New Age activities, like going to a New Age counselor, of which there are many in England. Such activity as seeking out false and even heretical forms of counseling would lead to a loss of discernment. And, what about the counselors who are Catholic themselves and are involved in things condemned in Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life? It is here linked again on the title.

Or, one may be dating without getting an annulment first, or one may be fudging on one's taxes and so on.

Sin leads to darkness of the intellect and will.

Sin opens the door to stupidity. And, following false seers is so stupid, one may lose not only discernment, but one's immortal soul.

There is only one way to salvation and that is through Christ, Who gave us the Catholic Church for clarity and the means of salvation-the sacraments, Tradition and Revelation.

If you are not obeying the directives of local bishops, or the CDF regarding false seers and if you are not examining statements with the CCC and other teaching of the Catholic Church, you are endangering your immortal soul.

Read, study, think, reflect, act.

2 Peter 2

Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)
But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be among you lying teachers, who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction.
And many shall follow their riotousnesses, through whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you. Whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their perdition slumbereth not.
For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but delivered them, drawn down by infernal ropes to the lower hell, unto torments, to be reserved unto judgment:
And spared not the original world, but preserved Noe, the eighth person, the preacher of justice, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly.
And reducing the cities of the Sodomites, and of the Gomorrhites, into ashes, condemned them to be overthrown, making them an example to those that should after act wickedly.
And delivered just Lot, oppressed by the injustice and lewd conversation of the wicked.

For in sight and hearing he was just: dwelling among them, who from day to day vexed the just soul with unjust works.
The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly from temptation, but to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be tormented.
10 And especially them who walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government, audacious, self willed, they fear not to bring in sects, blaspheming.
11 Whereas angels who are greater in strength and power, bring not against themselves a railing judgment.
12 But these men, as irrational beasts, naturally tending to the snare and to destruction, blaspheming those things which they know not, shall perish in their corruption,
13 Receiving the reward of their injustice, counting for a pleasure the delights of a day: stains and spots, sporting themselves to excess, rioting in their feasts with you:
14 Having eyes full of adultery and of sin that ceaseth not: alluring unstable souls, having their heart exercised with covetousness, children of malediction:
15 Leaving the right way they have gone astray, having followed the way of Balaam of Bosor, who loved the wages of iniquity,
Irish Immigrant Memorial in Davenport, Iowa thanks to Wiki; a memorial to those who suffered prejudice
16 But had a check of his madness, the dumb beast used to the yoke, which speaking with man's voice, forbade the folly of the prophet.
17 These are fountains without water, and clouds tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the mist of darkness is reserved.
18 For, speaking proud words of vanity, they allure by the desires of fleshly riotousness, those who for a little while escape, such as converse in error:
19 Promising them liberty, whereas they themselves are the slaves of corruption. For by whom a man is overcome, of the same also he is the slave.
20 For if, flying from the pollutions of the world, through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they be again entangled in them and overcome: their latter state is become unto them worse than the former.
21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of justice, than after they have known it, to turn back from that holy commandment which was delivered to them.
22 For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.