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Tuesday 2 April 2013

The April Sky

If it stops raining and snowing, one may see Saturn this month clearly in Libra. It will be brighter than Spica and show up at the end of April. Hydra, the Sea Serpent, is still visible until May. Leo, the Lion killed by Hercules will also be clear with Regulus and Denebola, two stars visible. Of course, the Great Bear, or the Big Dipper, is easy to see in April, again on a clear night. If one follows the "ladle", one can locate Libra, Spica and Saturn, which, if one has good eyes, looks yellowish.

I always look for the planets first, but knowing these are located in or near constellations helps those who already have some knowledge of the night sky. By the way, there are five galaxies in Ursa Major, the Big Bear, and in Libra. I can recommend a telescope shop in Dorking, if one wants to get serious about looking at the night sky.

Aggressive Catholic Symbolism

Here is what I think we should see as "aggressive Catholic symbolism":

all seminarians required to wear clerical blacks as soon as they are in major seminary;

all priests required to wear black and collars;

ad orientem in all NO masses;

Gregorian chant in all parishes;

RCIA and Mystagogia taught by real Catholics who are tested for orthodoxy;

nuns and sisters required to be in full habit;

large Catholic families (pro-life and non-contracepting) sitting in the front rows at Mass;

daily rosary before or after Mass;

marriages before babies;

ladies in mantillas at Mass;

chivalric men.

feel free to add to the list....