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Monday 22 September 2014

Very Interesting News

Clinton Black News

She was not the only one asked to get involved with Chicagoites into Alinksy. I "missed" the opportunity and said no in 1971.

Black Mass News

Well, for those do have not trusted me on this point....

Here is the great Father John Hardon being referenced....follow the link to the video, which at this time I cannot watch.

Project News

Without being specific, my new project has hit a time-bureaucracy hold-up. Please keep praying.

Change in Scheduling

Father Bill Kneemiller's interview on "Coming Home" with Marcus Grodi will be on October 27th, not the 20th, as previously scheduled.

He just told me this today.  I think the show is one at 7:00 EDT or 6:00 CDT. I have not checked on when Summer Time ends.

Here are two links to the network.

On The Extraordinary Form of Baptism

My son was baptized 26 years ago in the EF form, as we got permission to do this. I encourage ALL parents to have their babies baptized in the EF form.

Reality Therapy And Why I Am Fasting for Nine Days

Among the tens of thousands crossing the border into Turkey on Sunday was Muhammet Abbas, a 40-year-old teacher who wore a blue cap as protection against the blazing sun. He led a group of about 20 people including his wife and six children.

"Everybody is scared ... Where is humanity? Where is the world? They are killing us and nobody cares."

The numbers of refugees in this second article matches the population number of my home town. Can one imagine one's middle-sized city being evacuated?

A Quick Hello to Friends in Andorra

Fast and Past

Well, an illness, which always interrupts life, but which is actually part of the Dark Night, reminding me of Who is in charge of my life, not me, is forcing me to reflect today rather than write very much. I am not so ill that I cannot think but too worn out to write much.

Therefore, join me in a day of reflection. I am fasting for the worldwide fast and prayer for peace and the end of severe persecutions in the Middle East and Africa especially. I can fast.

Take time to review posts from the past today, as I take a bit of a down day, although it is also laundry day and phone friends day. I shall work slowly. Also, pray for two financial needs I have right now which are not small. Thanks.

I hope to blog later when I get some energy are some suggestions from old reading today. Tomorrow is the feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, so enjoy these posts.

13 May 2014
Padre Pio on Hope. Posted by Supertradmum. "I am oppressed by the uncertainty of my future, but I cherish the lively hope of seeing my dreams fulfilled because the Lord cannot place thoughts and desires in a person's soul if ...
23 Nov 2013
Padre Pio Day-One. Posted by Supertradmum. As readers know, every once in awhile I need to do a Padre Pio day. Well, today and tomorrow are the days this month. Here are some great quotations from this timely saint.
24 Nov 2013
Padre Pio said that trials are the paths for strong souls. He noted, "Here you will learn the better to recognize your true homeland and to look on this life as a brief pilgrimage." "Unite your heart with the heart of Jesus and be ...
23 Nov 2013
Padre Pio Day-Two. Posted by Supertradmum. More from this great saint...."it is our nature made holy by Baptism which, according to the principles of sanctification, must live in 'holiness and righteousness before him all our ...
24 Nov 2013
Padre Pio Day-Five. Posted by Supertradmum. "Have a constant fear of offending the purity of (your guardian angel) his gaze. Know this and keep it well imprinted on your mind. He is so delicate, so sensitive. Turn to him in ...
01 Sep 2013
A fellow Franciscan and friend recently gave me a relic of Padre Pio. I have done some reading on him and feel he is a truly holy man. I pray for his intercession often and always remember he saying " Pray , hope and don't ...
01 Sep 2013
More Padre Pio Quotations · Padre Pio Quotations · Jumping into the fire · Read, Think, Act · Listening to This, Right Now · Some of us just can't · Immediate Prayers Needed · Dark Night Part 47-Temptations · Dark Night Part ...
21 Jun 2014
St. Padre Pio told people to “send their angels” to him and that he would listen to the intercessions brought by the angel. One source indicates that St. Padre Pio would send one's angel to another person to whisper thoughts, ...
03 Apr 2014
Perhaps the most recent expert on guardian angels is St. Padre Pio. Padre Pio saw his guardian angel from youth and noted on several occassions the importance of acknowledging one's guardian. This great saint noted that ...

02 Sep 2012
It has been a long time since common sense and elegance have been combined in fashion for every day wear. Those of us who wear professional or semi-professional dress can now find things ... Quality, not quantity. Even St. Pio, (Padre Pio) would approve of the skirt lengths. 
23 Sep 2012
Other gems were dark and Mary said that these were graces for which no one asked. Ask for those graces, the graces from the rings of Mary. Do not be afraid. Today is the feast day of St. Padre Pio. However, the Sunday takes ...
23 Nov 2013
Ten Post Day. Posted by Supertradmum. Take your time reading, especially when you are finished with the Dr. Who specials. I am praying about giving up movies. The imagination needs to be purified for us to see and hear God. It is too easy to clog up the memory and ..... Ten Post Day · Padre Pio Day-Three · Padre Pio Day-Two · Losing Religious Freedoms in Great Britain · The Meaning of Christ the King-Sheep to The Right ... Open Forum for American Readers ...

And one repost out of that mini-series...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Padre Pio Day-Four

Padre Pio said that trials are the paths for strong souls. He noted, "Here you will learn the better to recognize your true homeland and to look on this life as a brief pilgrimage."

"Unite your heart with the heart of Jesus and be simple-hearted as he desires."

More here....

Thanks to A Priest Friend of Mine Two

My Personal Encounters with the New Archbishop of Chicago
Posted by Anthony Ruff, OSB in Pastoral Theology, Translation / New Missal | 5 Comments

All my (limited) experience of Blase Cupich, whom Pope Francis appointed archbishop of Chicago yesterday, is very positive.
Quite a few years ago I was invited to participate in a Catholic Common Ground dialogue on church art and architecture at Mundelein Seminary. (Don’t know why on earth they asked me, but I suppose they wanted some young conservatives to make for real dialogue.) Bishop Cupich was also part of the enterprise.
There was an impassioned plea from a very conservative friend of mine (this really is a different person in this story, not a stand-in for me). Our generation, my friend said, voice shaking with emotion, was cheated of our Catholic inheritance. We got light-weight catechesis and silly liturgy. Nobody gave us the Catholic faith.
Bishop Cupich responded with great sensitivity. He apologized forthrightly to the young man. He was sorry for what happened to him. He acknowledged that this shouldn’t have happened. He didn’t dispute his narrative or correct his facts.
I’m confident that my friend felt heard and respected.
Then, a few years ago, there was a symposium on lay ecclesial ministry in Collegeville for which I provided music at the liturgies. Bishop Cupich was a participant in the symposium.
Word came down to me that “the bishop would like to see me.” I wondered what on earth he wanted, and I was just a bit nervous. (This was after my open letter to the U.S. bishops withdrawing my support for the new missal.)
It was this: Bishop Cupich told me that I was right about the new Roman Missal, that the final translation had been mishandled. He wanted me to hear that from a bishop.
Now to be sure, Bishop Cupich did not contest the new missal publicly. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe he even had a word of reproof for those who made a cause of their opposition. Perhaps on this point he’s a wiser man than I.
But Bishop Cupich saw my reasons for holding my position, and he even agreed with them at some level. Most important, he reached out to me with respect.
In my experience, Bishop Cupich is a good man and a loving pastor. Chicago Catholics have reason to be very grateful. Let us all support the ministry of soon-to-be Archbishop Cupich with our prayers.

The there’s this: [funny how Rapids City is the springboard for the likes of Chaput and now Cupich. Guess I better stay in touch with Bob Gruss!]

From A Priest Friend of Mine

Sigh....God Is In Charge

I have come down with something....prayers, please so I can blog later today....

Hello to Readers in Spain