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Sunday 25 March 2012

Santorum wins Louisiana

I am hoping he does not throw in the towel, yet. The voters in the Southern States, traditionally more religious and conservative than the North, know a real conservative when they see one....Here is the article and a snippet. "Every day that passes with President Obama in the White House is a missed opportunity for America to get back on the right path. It’s time for all Americans to come together and help return our country to the conservative principles that made America free and prosperous, secure and respected around the world."

The Battle for Marriage in Britain continued

The gay marriage debate is heating up in the British press and in the blogsphere. Why there is so much support among Catholics in England is a mystery to me until one considers the horrible lack of catechesis in the last fifty years, and the obvious detrioration of Catholic teaching in the so-called Catholic schools. How many schools at any level in England, Scotland, Wales and even Northern Ireland, which are labelled Catholic actually teach the Deposit of Faith. I know of one for sure and that is Chavagnes International College in France, an English school up, which is truly Catholic. For one thing, the priest who teaches religion, Father Bede Rowe, knows his stuff and is truly Catholic. For the sake of the souls of our youth, parents, you must consider where you are sending your children.

God will ask you at your particular judgement whether you passed the Faith of the Holy Roman Catholic Church down to your children. not your own version of the Faith. The laxity among the laity to learn their Faith is their fault and not the fault of poorly educated priests, although that does not help. Do not blame priests but look at your own priorities as to the teaching of Christ and His Church.

The gay marriage (so-called) argument is based on the faulty idea of "civil rights" for gays. Sin has no rights. And the definition of marriage is as ancient as man and woman. Indeed, for those who believe, one only has to look at the Book of Genesis.

The Catholic Herald has many interesting articles and comments on the problem. Here is a link to the discussion on the paper's blog. The connection between contraception and gay marriage is discussed there. Also, you may look at my comments on The Tablet articles on civil unions below. Another interesting take it found by Christopher West.