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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Blogging Later Today

Am enjoying a much needed break from the intensity of Irish politics and false religious sympathies by walking in Malta.

Will get back to you all later tomorrow.


Artist's View of Adromeda Galaxy Colliding with Our Milky Way

Thanks to wikimedia

A view from Earth, with Andromeda on the left...

Do not worry--will not happen for another four billion years and Earth would be too hot for life, as it would be closer to the Sun....

Nice to think about, however.... it's fairly imminent in stellar terms, which is why we can predict it relatively accurately.....

and a video on the same thing.....

Prayer for Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament by St. Gertrude

HAIL, most glorious Body and most precious Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, here truly present beneath these sacramental species; I adore Thee with all that devotion and awe wherewith the nine choirs of Angels worship and adore Thee. I prostrate myself before Thee in the spirit of humility, believing and professing that Thou, my Lord and my God, are herein most truly contained.

Hail, most glorious Body of Jesus Christ my Saviour, true Victim immolated upon the Cross, I adore Thee in union with that adoration with which Thy Humanity adored Thy Godhead, and I give Thee thanks with all the love of all Thy creatures, that Thou dost deign to remain hidden in this tabernacle for our salvation. 

Hail, compassionate Jesus, Word of the Father, Brightness of His glory, Ocean of pity, Salvation of the world, most august and sacred Victim, Hail, Jesus Christ, splendour of the Father, Prince of Peace, Gate of Heaven, True Bread, Son of the Virgin, Shrine of the Godhead. 

I most firmly believe that Thou, my God, art here present, and that Thou art looking out upon me from behind the veil of the Sacrament, and dost behold all the most secret recesses of my heart. I believe that under this species of bread are contained not only Thy Flesh and Thy Blood, but also Thy Divinity and Thy Humanity. And although this mystery surpasses my understanding, I nevertheless believe it so firmly that I am ready to give my life and my blood in defence of its truth. 

I fall down before Thee with most profound reverence, O most Holy Sacrament, and with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominations, with Cherubim and Seraphim, and with all the glorious array of the heavenly host, I sing to Thy glory, saying: Blessed a thousand, yea, ten thousand fold, be the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar! 

O Thou most intimate and tender Love of the Father's Heart, I give Thee thanks, in union with the ineffable mutual thanksgiving and gratitude of the three adorable Persons of the glorious and most worshipful Trinity, that Thou hast condescended to institute this priceless Sacrament, by which Heaven and earth are made one, and both are unceasingly filled with the infinite treasures of Thy grace. 

I glorify and magnify Thy wise and tender almightiness; I praise and adore Thy gentle wisdom; I bless and praise Thine almighty and most wise and gentle love, O Christ Jesus, for that Thou hast condescended to devise and hast been strong to institute this ineffably magnificent Sacrament to be the strength and the succour of our salvation. O Christ Jesus, Thou faithful and only Trust of my soul, I praise Thee, I love Thee, I worship and adore Thee; and I humbly implore Thee, that as Thou didst offer Thyself once upon the Cross for the sin of the whole world, so Thou wouldst now deign to offer Thyself to God the Father for my exceeding sins. O Christ Jesus, my sweetest and my only Love, look with the eyes of Thy compassionate mercy on me, a most miserable sinner, here prostrate before Thee and imploring with my whole heart the forgiveness of my sins. O Thou princely Flower from the Root of Jesse, by the unutterable love of Thy most sweet heart have mercy on me, and receive me into Thy favour, for the glory of Thy Name. O most loving Father, I offer to Thee this Thy beloved Son as a holocaust of unceasing praise, and as a perpetual sacrifice of propitiation for all our sins. Look, I beseech Thee, on the face of Thy Christ, and remember that most abundant satisfaction which He made to Thee for our sins on the Cross, and have mercy on us. Amen. 

Prayers, please

Have come down with food poisoning again. Travelling is hard for me. So, please say a prayer today for me.

Thank you.

Also, pray for B for healing of a tumor, and for all my friends who want babies.

This is cool....