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Saturday 14 September 2013

A Mooncake Day

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OK, I just ate half of a mooncake and I think I am going to die. It is like eating half of a Death by Chocolate cake. The inside is lotus seed paste with a duck egg yolk. Mooncakes are eaten today because in Singapore it is Autumn Festival (Zhongqiu) today. 

Now, I did not worship the moon, but I do feel like the moon. There is a legend which states that the fall of the Mongolian rulers happened with messages smuggled in mooncakes.

Lanterns are a big deal today for this feast day.


Well, at least they cannot pretend they are Catholic anymore....

The Anglicans in Wales has approved female bishops by a democratic vote. Will this only lead to more Anglicans joining the Catholic Ordinariate? Thanks to St. Peter's List for this news. You can look at the bigger article. Talk about leaving behind apostolic succession....


The nuns in grade school a long, long time ago said we were heading for an ice age. They were correct!

Man, what will it take for the global warming groups to get the reality of what is happening?

  1. Excavation of the Great Lakes
  2. Diversion of the Missouri River
  3. Diversion of the upper Mississippi River
  4. Diversion of the Ohio River

What does it mean to carry a cross?

The big problem with the present generations is that they avoid suffering at all costs. Suffering has been seen as evil, rather than an opportunity for growth. We cannot escape suffering.

How do we accept suffering and what type of suffering should we accept?

The most obvious type of suffering is illness, which is usually totally out of our control. Illness must be endured, and perhaps, with the help of our physicians, overcome. But, not always.

We not must only accept our cross, but embrace it. What does this mean?

We usually know our cross, the main one. I do not need to make a long list. Maybe your parish is a cross, your diocese, your national church. The point is that God in His Perfect Will has placed each one of us in our situation. Yes, we have free will, but if we are in sanctifying grace and praying, if we are pursuing perfection and the love of God, we shall know our cross.

Today, at Mass, the priest communicated a great love of the cross in his life merely by showing his gratitude for the moment of salvation on Calvary. How wonderful it is to see that gratitude, that peace and joy even in suffering, which comes with the knowledge that God has died for each one of us.

The acceptance of our individual cross is part of the Dark Night. One begins to see that a person, the self, in sins and failings is the true, personal cross. Too often we look at circumstances and other people as crosses. No, how we react to those events or persons is our own lack of virtue; hence our cross is our own sins and imperfections. Truth is humility and in accepting our sins and imperfections we embrace our cross, in a pale imitation of Christ, But emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men, and in habit found as a man.  Philippians 2:7 DR

And, what type of suffering should we accept? That which is obviously completely out of our control....

We do what we can to alleviate pain and suffering in the lives of others and our lives, but, if we cannot, we can only say, Thy Will Be Done.

Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. I have asked her to be my personal patron. Mary, Our Lady, accepted the Cross and went through the Passion with her Son. What better person is there to help us on our way?

If you have never read these articles, before they disappear, you must.

My mentor on line....

As a Notre Dame graduate, I recommend this....

Persecution Watch-Zanzibar

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

O God, today's feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross fills us each year with joy. May we, who have known its mystery on earth, also be worthy to enjoy in heaven the happiness which it has purchased for us. Through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord . . .

Decadence Watch

Persecution Watch Canada


Well, I like dogs. I even like little, yappy dogs. But, dogs do not act the same when they are left at home by themselves as cats do under those circumstances.

A little dog lives in the flat beneath me. When it is alone in the flat, it sometimes cries for a long time. Then, when the owner comes home at 1:45 a.m., it is so happy, it yip and yaps. And, therefore, the happy dog, which was a sad dog, wakes me up, or keeps me from sleeping.

But, then, I am a light sleeper and feel sorry for it.

On the other hand, here is what cats do when the owners are away, and when they come back home.

Ah, it is 1:50 and quiet again. Good night, readers.......

The Walsingham Project

If anyone feels called to help set up the Adoration House in Walsingham for reparation for abortion, sins against the Eucharist and praying for priests, please let me know. The house price has been dropped.

This would be for a group of three to four women who would want to adore Christ daily in the place in England where the Blessed Lady appeared. There is great need for prayer at the place where 17 people were martyred. If you do not know the history, my play is here.

Other posts on Walsingham on under the tag.

This would be a "Tyburn in Walsingham" but for laity. The idea is to have the daily prayer of the Divine Office in the Benedictine mode, Adoration and have one room for priests to come and have a prayer get-away. When I worked in Walsingham one summer, some priests who came with parishes or dioceses said that they wished there was a place for them to have a mini-retreat away from the group. One room in a house of prayer could provide this.

This is for traditional Catholics, not charismatics or any other groups, but for orthodox Catholics only.

Please pray about helping. The original price was 425,000 and now it is 375,000. This would not be a mixed community, obviously.

I have one person who would come part-time for a month at a time. Others who live in the area say they would drop in for prayer. But, I need a core group and a house.

God bless anyone who would like to help in any way.

Another Talk by Father Ripperger

I am highlighting these because of of some conversations which indicated that more people need information on this. I shall say the decades for posting these.

Father Ripperger Again

All of his talks are on line. But, I am merely highlighting some. Father Ripperger is highly balanced and experienced. One must listen to him as an antidote to much of the wrong teaching floating around the international charismatic community. Only priests or lay people on teams which are approved and trained by approved exorcists.

One of the things Father Ripperger refers to is the growing involvement of young people in the occult, especially witchcraft. What I want to stress that one cannot ask for charismatic graces. He says that a lot of people come under demonic influence through charismatic renewal. Especially chasing after apparitions and looking for consolations in prayer are dangerous. He also has a lot to say about Harry Potter.

Spiritual Warfare Conference #2

These media files are Penanceware, which require that you do one of the following: (1) $1.00 via Paypal (, (2) offer up a decade of the Rosary, or (3) perform some form of penance for the intentions of Fr. Ripperger (for each individual media file downloaded). The same rule applies if you copy and distribute to friends.

On angels and not from a new age view

Father Ripperger, in one of his talks, states that angels are stronger and smarter that humans. I was talking to a friend who could not understand that Satan was extremely intelligent, more so that the smartest human being. He was arguing with me that God would not have an evil being smarter than a human in sanctifying grace.

Sorry. This is simply not true. As an exorcist, Father Ripperger is well-experienced in angelology from solid orthodox view. Angels communicate with something like telepathy and can will to be somewhere and are.

We would be full of pride to think we can come up against demonic power by ourselves. Too many charismatics think they are dealing with angels when in reality they are being deceived. Only priests who are appointed exorcists under a bishop and those lay people who may be on a diocese exorcist team. No one else can be doing the work of dealing with evil spirits. This is a huge deception from the charismatic renewal.

Father Ripperger reminds us that angels were created in innocence; they have only three virtues, faith, hope and charity. They also were created in sanctifying grace. They were creating in a state of knowing. But, they function differently than we do. If they think of something, they know all about it according to their nature.

Each angel from creation had a role to play in relationship with Christ. So, Lucifer knew that he would serve a God-Man. Satan could not accept the fact that Mary, a woman, would excel him in grace-a woman and a person.

He rejected Christ because of Mary, says St. Louis de Montfort. Therefore, Mary will be the one to overcome Christ and did through the Incarnation. Our Guardian Angels knew from the moment of their creation to whom they would be a guardian. How wonderful. The second act of charity of

From the first moment of their creation they knew and chose God or against God. Christ said, Satan was a liar from the beginning. Father Ripperger, from whose talks I have taken this knowledge, states that the battle imagery is just fake. Of course, he is correct, as pure intellect chooses immediately.

One of the most interesting things which Fr. Ripperger states is that angels should not be depicted as women, and that this is a new thing in more recent times, than in the past.

Every single angelic nature is different from each angel. Their differences are huge. All priests have two angels-a second one received at ordination.

Father Ripperger states what we know, that sin makes human stupid, but not angels. They have all the intelligence given to them before their fall. Demons do not know future events and cannot read our minds. Father Ripperger warns us all to stay in sanctifying grace. Without grace, we do not have a chance against demons. Period. The demons experience the pain of loss-they will never be happy, as they are separated forever from God. Certain actions open one up to demonic activity. Do not commit mortal sin and try and work to stay away from venial sin.  The saints take the place of the lost demons. Cool...And we have actual grace to gain us the place we have in heaven. Father Ripperger is particularly fond of St. Padre Pio., btw.

Father reminded us that the Vatican said we cannot, cannot name our guardian angels. Only those who have authority over someone can name them. If you have done this, repent.

Maybe, to be continued...