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Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Abuse at Eucharistic Adoration

I am saddened, again, by the abuse of the Eucharist in Adoration at Walsingham. This is the second time this has happened to my knowledge, and perhaps this is a regular event. If so, many priests need to read GIRM.

The Rules for Eucharistic Adoration are not new and were underlined by Blessed John Paul II. Many of the odd abuses which happened this weekend follow.

First, Adoration is the main purpose of Exposition. The people are to be at least five feet away from the Monstrance so that the do not touch it. This was not done.

Second, the Monstrance is to be on the altar, and for extended Adoration, on a throne-like structure. Four to six candles must be lit. The first part was not followed because of this odd taking of the Monstrance into the congregation and blessing every one, in a healing ceremony. There is not such thing in GIRM as a healing Adoration and Benediction.

Third, the people were touching the humeral veil.

Four, the priest was not wearing the proper vestments as indicated in GIRM.

Sadly, there is no bishop in this diocese, and has not been for a couple of years. Perhaps this is the reason why there are aberrations.

If this type of thing is happening in your diocese, question it.

Why I do not trust charismatics in England

Again, during this past weekend in Walsingham, I had the unhappy experience of hearing nonsense and even magical thinking from charismatics.

What has happened here is that the charismatics have fallen into several traps.

I want to list these, as these traps can lead to the loss of the True Faith, through deception.

Let me list the traps.

One, the first and most horrible problem is thinking like a protestant. Catholics have a very long history of Tradition and the correct Revelation, using bad translations, for example, such as the Good News Bible.

Thinking like a protestant means not understanding the process of holiness, and the purgation of the inner person, soul, mind, heart. Such experiences such as resting or being slain in the Spirit may be totally emotional and based on manipulation.

This has nothing to do with the ecstasy which follows the purgation stage.

Second, charismatics here undermine consistently the authority of the Church by practicing so-called healing and deliverance outside the normal channels of the hierarchy. Not only does this indicate a disobedience in the soul, but a disdain for authority, or an arrogance in which these people think they are holier than Rome.

Three, again, as in the last post, too many seek the consolations and not the Cross.

to be continued...

Teddy Bears' Picnic-The Candy and Not the Cross

I feel like I am preaching to the choir and cannot get through to those who should be reading and are not.

I love my readers. I get positive feedback 80% of the time, which is a great percentage.

However, one thing I realized this weekend is that those who should be reading this blog are not.

The anti-intellectual attitude of most Catholics I am meeting here means that these people do not read things online. Nothing.

They do not take advantage of the Vatican website with all the archives of excellent encyclicals and apostolic letters. They do not read the great priest bloggers, whom we all know and love. There are many.

They do not read. And most of them I have met this past weekend are Baby Boomers. Many have computers which they seem to use for social network, but not research or learning.

The CCC is completely online. I am constantly surprised at the refusal of adults to use what is available for learning.

Instead, they spend money going on pilgrimages across Europe, thousands of euros, not looking at the necessity of fulfilling their baptismal vows, which includes learning the Faith. Reading the elocutions of seers daily is not a substitute for learning doctrine, or understanding what one says in the Creed. Most people do not approach books on the understanding of sacraments and approach these as if these were magic. Examples of this mind-set was exhibited just this week past, when someone believed Catholic women ordained as priests were real priests. And, secondly, another person believing that and actually going ahead with arranging Anglican baptisms for two grandchildren being raised by an atheist and a fallen-away Catholic. Sacraments are not "magic" and I have written on this before. The Church's teaching is that one of the parents must be Catholic and raise the child Catholic.

All of these activities which do not form one's Faith are indications of Gnosticism. People want to be "in" with the latest knowledge, without being able to discern such things to be false or true.

As to pilgrimages, these are not sacraments and  do not make one holy. In fact, one a year or even one a lifetime, should be sufficient for those who love pilgrimages, but not six or seven times a year. My point is that to constantly seek out the experiential is not to learn one's Faith.

Growth is interior and painful, not exterior. Until an adult realizes that the interior life must be formed, growth is hindered seriously. Purgatory is the place where those who refuse to go through the purgations on earth, which demand some silence and prayer, go, to endure the final cleansing, and sadly, to also endure punishment for not responding to grace. I work out my salvation, as St. Paul writes, in fear and trembling.

Pray for these theologically and even catechetically illiterates, who refuse to grow up. Again, they want the candy and not the cross. They want magic, not work.

Our priests have so much work to do, so please pray for them as well.

Some adults only want the rest of their life to be a Teddy Bears' Picnic. Sorry, it is grow-up time.

Thank goodness. A priest writing about gay identity

Thanks to Catholic Bandita.

Goodbye to Walsingham

If you follow this blog, you would know that I come up here yearly. This is my third year here. God has a plan. I am writing about another aspect of this plan soon. Please pray and perhaps help the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus come to Walsingham. There is too much New Age and sin here for a National Shrine. 

The Presence of the Holy Host, the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus changes places as well as people. Christ is calling out to those who are listening to reclaim this town for Himself and His Mother. Please be open and listen.

"The Last Plantagenet"

I posted something about this great saint last year. Margaret Pole remains one of the most interesting saints of the horrible purge of Henry VIII, and one of his most famous victims. She was obviously a saint before her martyrdom. One of her sons, Reginald, became Cardinal Pole, the last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury.

I share these links with you this morning. May she intercede for all of us.

Pray to her for me today, please, as I have yet another cross which is a physical ailment. God is good and I offer up all trials for someone to become a holy priest. And, if anyone wants to read her life, here is a link to a book on her, which I have not read, but would love to do so. I am praying and putting out feelers for the Tyburn-Walsingham connection-Adoration in the fields of the martyrs. Please continue to pray for that cause-the house of prayer in Walsingham.

Manners, a new perspective

I have written many times on this blog on the necessity of teaching manners to the young ones.

However, in the past week, I have developed a new perspective on manners which may help my readers understand the necessity of such.

First of all, the reason that children and teens, plus some young adults do not have manners is that their parents and even grandparents do not.

I was startled several times by over 60s people in the past few days thinking only of themselves and their needs, and being rude in public. Aggressive training for the over 60s is not a need in this country. I am also now aware of a second point.

This point revolves around the adoration of "spontaneity". Many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers here in England have this love affair with doing things without planning and without consideration. Spontaneity has become more important than organization, as it is, to some, "more sincere".

Of course, this attitude in which even sincerity is raised to the level of a virtue, which it is not, stems from a shallowness based loosely on some rebellion against order and authority. Why so many Catholic adults exhibit this attitude is not a mystery.

Third, the entitlement mentality affects the old just as much as the young. Sadly, there is a hidden class agenda here, which is the inverse of what one would think. The so-called lower classes, or working classes, now feel that they have a right to be rude to those who are more gentile because the virtues surrounding manners are no longer valued. This rebellion connects with the wannabee drive for success and status.
Catholics are not exempt.

Fourth, manners indicate weakness to some now. Gone are the days when people understand that manners are really the sign of strength. Manners come out of a code which demands humility and the honoring of the other person first, rather than the selfish clinging for place and attention. I find it so interesting, and sad, that older people have lost manners they must have learned as children and adopted the idea that humility is weakness and not a virtue. Obviously, this attitude is worldly and not Christian.

To not care about the other is a lack of charity. Charity is the mark of the saint and the exhibition of manners falls under the action of charity. To be mannerly is to love the other and respect the dignity and needs of the other.

How foreign these ideals have become in 2013.

To be continued....