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Tuesday 18 November 2014

VIP Voris

Special Report : Dolan's Denial

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Rant Two for Today

Lay People,

We absolutely do not have to believe or accept any private revelations, even those approved by Holy Mother Church. We must only honor Mary under titles given to her on the Liturgical Calendar, such as Our Lady of Lourdes (an optional memorial), Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of Fatima and so on. The primary title of Mary in the Liturgical Calendar is Theotokos, Mother of God, a holy day of obligation in some countries.

We absolutely must know doctrine and dogma and understand the basic definitions in the Creed, which is explained in the CCC.

I hope you are not wasting time on things which are not required at the expense of things which are.

We must pray daily. And, we are highly recommended by several popes to read the Bible daily and try and partake in the daily reading of some of the Divine Office.

Do you duties first. Meat first, dessert second.

Sad Days

How did I miss this two weeks ago? Scandal.

O Antiphons Again

09 Dec 2012
That St. Paul knew the Old Testament inside and out and could apply these passages to Christ is part of our wonderful heritage as Catholics. Perhaps those early monks were inspired by the Holy Spirit to use St. Paul in the ...

01 Dec 2013 and also, the O Antiphon prayers and symbols may be found on this blog as well. The dates are last year's dates, but the prayers and symbols are ...

10 Dec 2013
We did the Jesse Tree, reading the appropriate Scriptures daily, and finally, the O Antiphons, which are on this blog. We also collected money for the poor in a little box, and did extra good deeds, which were acknowledged by ...

I have about forty posts on Advent customs....check those out, parents and teachers.


The Pope on marriage.

Where is the outcry from any of our bishops?

A Rant

I meet adults who have never been taught about the nature of law, sin, justice, mercy and grace.

I have written about all these things on my blog, posts which are merely recapitulations of Church teaching from the CCC, Aquinas, Augustine and so on.

But, many people are lazy. Most do not want to read anything. Many people have never cracked open the CCC. But, they have time to read all the messages from a certain apparition yet to be approved.

They know all the private revelations, but have never studied the Creed.


I am beginning to believe that the basic sin of the laity is sloth. One will not get to heaven by feeding the emotions with consolations and messages, but one will form one's conscience by studying the CCC and the teachings of the Church.

A sin which is rarely addressed, sloth continues to invade a person's soul through neglect.

Too many Catholics think they are saved just because they are Catholics. However, they think and act like Protestants.

Today's rant is a result of too many conversations with adults who have never, every studied their Faith.

Our Faith is rich and beautiful. It is from the Mind of God. Every facet of Church teaching is amazing.

Why would people not want to pursue the treasures of the Church, the doctrines, dogmas, theology which allows us to understand, reflect, repent and grow in holiness?

I am exhausted with trying to explain things I learned in sixth grade. Daily I am in conversations with good people who refuse to open a book and read, or look at the Vatican website, or get excellent commentaries on Church doctrine.

Why? I know why. They are afraid of two things. They are afraid they will have to repent and change. And, they are afraid God may ask the to do something, like spread the Faith.

He does not ask us to spread the Faith, He commands us to do so.

Malta will not stay Catholic for much longer. The ethnic population is shifting rapidly to groups which are not Catholic. The Catholics are weak and the Mass going population is aging.

But, Malta is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

We are in for a rough ride................because of sloth.

Read the following as we approach a time which seems to draw people away from Christ.

06 Dec 2013
For those interested in most of the postings on the predominant fault, I have tried to find most of the links on this subject, which is a Catholic idea, btw, and not a protestant one. As one who is being dragged into looking at my ...

19 Sep 2013
... conversation, stupidity. Lust, whence proceed: spiritual blindness, poor judgment, impetuosity (of decision), inconstancy, love of self even to hatred of God, attachment to the present life which destroys hope of eternal life.

13 Aug 2014
The list of this pre-saint's sin is staggering: lust, pride, curiosity, wastefulness of time, spiritual sloth, anger, heresy, and so on. I have actually, heard from the mouths of priests, that St. Augustine was too hard on himself.

24 Jul 2012
Under concupiscence of the flesh are listed: lust, spiritual blindness, poor judgment, impetuosity of decision, inconstancy, love of self even to hatred of God, attachment to the present life which destroys hope of eternal life.
23 Jul 2014
Pride, greed, envy, lust and so on keep one from following the urgings of grace. Do people actually ignore little hints, or even big hints? Yes. A man I know was in a horrific accident between his small sport car and a huge truck ...

08 Apr 2014
On one occasion, he says he was “seething with anger” inside and on several other occasions he was afraid of losing in fifteen minutes what it took him years to acquire. He admitted to Camus that the two passions that gave ...

22 Jul 2012
Lust and Sloth (who has beads) point to the need for deep, persistent prayer, as do all the other Deadly Sins. Garrigou-Lagrange writes that we must ask God, seek Him, for enlightenment as to one's predominant fault.

22 Dec 2013
The Sins of Christmas Time-Envy. Posted by Supertradmum. On this mini-series on the seven deadly sins, I have covered Greed (Avarice), Lust, Wrath (Anger), Sloth, Gluttony, and now, will cover Envy. This will leave Pride, ...
20 Dec 2013
The Sins of Christmas Time-Greed. Posted by Supertradmum. The post has been a drum beating the problems of the consumerism and materialism of this time. There are many posts on these subjects. But, today, I want to ...
23 Dec 2013
I love Greek drama and this genre shows us over and over the wheel of fortune flipping around from worldly success to abject failure. The Greek idea of hubris, gross pride, is that it is the primal sin, causing disease in the soul ...
21 Dec 2013
Sins of Christmas Time-Anger. Posted by Supertradmum. Anger or wrath may not raise its ugly head in violence or suicide, but it may be seen again and again in families at Christmas. Anger is connected to impatience, a lack ...
22 Dec 2013
The Sins of Christmas Time-Gluttony. Posted by Supertradmum. It seems to me that nations have corporate sins; that is, that national cultures gravitate to some sins more than others. If I had to identify the American culture with ...
21 Dec 2013
This is the case when a man "takes little trouble to find out what is true and good, or when conscience is by degrees almost blinded through the habit of committing sin."59 In such cases, the person is culpable for the evil he ...

13 Aug 2014
... conversation, stupidity. Lust, whence proceed: spiritual blindness, poor judgment, impetuosity (of decision), inconstancy, love of self even to hatred of God, attachment to the present life which destroys hope of eternal life.

Prophetic, If We Do Not Repent

Sad news from SPUC

Birth control injections for poor African women condemned by SPUC
18 November 2014: A new device for giving birth control injections to poor African women in Africa condemned by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), a UK-based pro-life organisation with strong links to Africa.
SPUC was responding to the news that Sayana Press, a self-injectable version of the Depo-Provera, is to be sold at US$1 per unit. ("The one dollar contraceptive set to make family planning easier", BBC, 16 November 2014 )
The media has described the device as a "contraceptive". Like most forms of hormonal birth-control, however, Sayana Press/Depo-Provera can induce early abortions by making the lining of the womb hostile to newly-conceived human embryos.
In addition to its abortifacient mode, Sayana Press is dangerous for women. Risks include:
  • double the risk of HIV-1 infection
  • 2.2-fold increased risk of invasive breast cancer
  • permanent bone-density loss.   
A spokesperson for SPUC said: "Sayana Press is cheap and dangerous. Treating poor, black women like this is disgraceful."

Obianuju Echeoka, a Nigerian women's advocate, said: "This is certainly not what African women have asked for. But yet in a world of shocking cultural imperialism, it is what our Western cultural masters have chosen to unleash upon us." For the full comment, see

For further information, please contact SPUC's communications department:


Why Persecution? Why Tribulation?

Hebrews 3:7-8Douay-Rheims 

Wherefore, as the Holy Ghost saith: To day if you shall hear his voice,
Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation; in the day of temptation in the desert,

Since 2007, I have written about the coming persecution of real Catholics. One can follow the tags.

Here is one post.

I have also written that persecution is for the purification of the elect, which may be clarified by reading the long series on Predestination.

But, one thing is clear. Persecution creates heroes and this world is in great need of heroes.

Saints are heroes.

Our children need heroes, need models of grace and courage.

Adults need heroes to spur them on and continue the fight against evil.

We are not living in a time of heroes, but a time which glorifies anti-heroes. This was clear even in the depiction of Aragorn in LOTR movies, when Jackson missed the chance to really explore and understand the ideal of kingship, which Tolkien understood and revealed in his books.

Persecution forces the mediocre to make decisions. No one can be an existentialist in a time of tribulation. Persecution forces the good to become excellent, as the good are made pure of heart, mind and soul in persecution.

Persecution clarifies what is heresy and what is truth in the Church. We are seeing that already, clearly.

Persecution causes men and women to convert, to see the truth and choose it. People more easily convert when they can see from what they are turning and what they are embracing.

However, there is something which escapes most Catholics, a small truth which can change history. And, it is this. If we cooperated with God daily in being purified, we would not need a time of tribulation.

Persecution creates saints, but so do daily decisions for Christ and for his Church. If Catholics got up early or went to Mass after work daily, if Catholics went to Confession regularly and attended Adoration whenever it was offered, if Catholics stood up for the truth in the market-place, making the reign of Christ real in the world, if Catholics took on mortification and penance, we would not need persecution.

Christ desires as many people as possible to go to heaven. Persecution allows evil to be seen clearly, helping some convert, and the good to rise to the level of perfection.

But, if we prayed and cooperated with grace now, daily, these times will be shortened.

The times of purification have begun. For some, persecution is part of daily life.

Pray to become a hero now, to become a saint now.

Then, one can evangelize others with real authority and power.

Then, the time of persecution could be lessened.

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