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Saturday 27 July 2013

Sigh, I am most content when I get a gold star from the best blogger in the world

I am such a kid inside.

Supertradmum says:
May I add that the reference to Ho Chi Minh follows a tense week of whipping up racial violence. [RIGHT!] I call POTUS a man looking for anger and ready to use anger of any kind for his own purposes.
Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

In case you are confused, Dear Readers, on the state of EU finance

Martin Chuzzlewit-The Ponzies
If you are still not understanding what is happening in our banking systems and what has caused the bail outs, which are not working, as I can see here in Ireland. just read these two books.

Everything I learned initially about ponzi schemes, I learned from reading Martin Chuzzlewit, Dicken's novel written in 1841, and Little Dorrit, my most favourite novel of all, written in 1857.

If you do not want to read the books, the excellent BBC series are on YouTube. Or buy the DVDs.

More literature posts below:

09 Jul 2013
Tom Pinch is an example of a really good person in Charles Dickens. In Martin Chuzzlewit, Pinch at first seems weak and basically, a deluded push-over in the household of the completely evil, deceit-filled Pecksniff.
20 Jan 2013
Plus, I read all the Jane Austen novels yet again for the umpteenth time last year. I need to go back to my journey through all the Dickens. I have read several Dickens many times, and same with George Eliot. Reading is good.
19 Sep 2012
and ownership across England, those satanic mills conquering small alleyways and arches. There is still conquest in these words, an old lettering a new idea of propriete mocked much later by Dickens, who most likely walked ...
13 Jun 2012
This transportation of the imagination lies in a masterpiece, such as Dante's Divine Comedy, Dickens' Little Dorrit, or E. M. Foster's Howard's End. Few book or poems can carry us into the mind of the maker, who creates for us ...

28 Jun 2012
I showed my friends where Twining's Teas started in 1705, when the newspapers of the empire used to hold sway, and where Dickens and Johnson met their friends. We did not get to the area of Bleeding Heart Yard, nor ...
27 Nov 2012
To me, Christmas, as described by Dickens, is in the heart, not in the presents. For those who are not Catholic, nor Christian, Christmas is a time for gathering, having dinner, celebrating something, maybe or maybe nothing.
21 Aug 2012
from Dickens, yelling their names under the lamplight, telling their stories after midnight, as if no one could hear. Eppillus would be amused at the various lovers' tiffs surrounding his lands and punctuating the steam of the ...
22 May 2012
As I am working my way through all the novels of Dickens, I managed one (out of the four since November 3rd). I am also re-reading E. M. Forster, some novels of which I taught years ago. I read two books on St. John of the ...

26 May 2012
It imposes its will when it serves the cause (no to marijuana, yes to homosexual marriage), and prevents states from enforcing immigration laws. A comparison with Dickens is compelling: State: "We want to enforce immigration ...
08 May 2012
I find it interesting that the vast majority of socialists I meet are either atheists or Catholics. Something is wrong here. Ironically, as I am re-reading all of Dickens systematically, I re-read The Tale of Two Cities two weeks ago.

Reality check on big ponzi schemes, and watch the whole thing.

I repeat some condemnations of another false seer

Colossians 2:18-19

18 Let no man seduce you, willing in humility, and religion of angels, walking in the things which he hath not seen, in vain puffed up by the sense of his flesh,
19 And not holding the head, from which the whole body, by joints and bands, being supplied with nourishment and compacted, groweth unto the increase of God.

I have written on Vassula Ryden before, but am forced to repeat a warning to Catholics who have ignored three Eccelisaistical Authorities: here summarized.
In 1995, the Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) issued a Notification on the writings of Rydén, the Notification was also printed in L'Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper.[2][4][6][14][30] The CDF stated that the "attentive examination of the entire question" had brought up "a number of basic elements that must be considered negative in the light of Catholic doctrine" as well as "several doctrinal errors".[6] It also questioned the "suspect nature of the ways in which these alleged revelations have occurred" and considers the fact that "the aforementioned errors no longer appear in Ryden's later writings is a sign that the alleged heavenly messages are merely the result of private meditations".[6] The Notification concludes by requesting "the intervention of the Bishops" to prevent the dissemination of Ryden's ideas in their dioceses and "invites all the faithful not to regard Mrs Vassula Ryden's writings and speeches as supernatural".[6]
In November 1996, the CDF issued a press release, stating that the Notification "retains all its force" and "was approved by the competent authorities and will be published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the official organ of the Holy See".[2][21][31] It instructed Catholics "not to regard the messages of Vassula Ryden as divine revelations, but only as her personal meditations".[5]
In a letter dated January 25, 2007, the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal William Levada, following continued requests for clarifications on the writings and activities of Rydén, wrote to the Catholic hierarchy around the world stating that "the Notification of 1995 remains valid as a doctrinal judgment" of the writings, which should be seen as her own personal meditations and that Catholics should not take part in prayer groups established by Rydén. [32][33][34]


On March 16, 2011, the Greek Orthodox Church and synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople issued a disapproval of her teachings and instructed all Orthodox Christians not to associate with her. The Ecumenical Patriarchate "denounce[d] from the Mother Church" Rydén and her organization, "True Life In God", and refused "ecclesiastical communion" to those involved.[22] The Synodical Committee for Matters of Heresy of the Church of Cyprus announced on January 13, 2012, that Rydén's "teachings are heretical, and her claims that she communicates directly with Christ are fantastical and outside of the spirit of the experience of the our Church."[23] Source of summary here. 

Excellent Read from Pat Buchanan

To call homosexuality unnatural, immoral or a mental disorder will soon constitute a hate crime in America.

Pat Buchanan

Review of Condemnations of Maria Divine Mercy

I have written about this heretical site for over a year. One can follow my posts under the tag private revelations. I also warn people who go to the Catholic Shrine at Walsingham not to take the messages passed out in the chapel. There is a group there misleading pilgrims. See previous posts.

Do not fall into these false visions. If you are, you are endangering your immortal soul. I found 22 errors in 45 minutes of looking at these so-called revelations last year. For your reading:

Bishop Sečka to spread the alleged Greater warning of Jesus Christ 
P: 3, 21 11th 2012 12:44, DOM 

Spis Chapter 21 November (ZENIT) - Spis Bishop Mons. Stephen Sečka issued on the basis of reports of priests and believers phone calls from the Internet
 to disseminate data big warning of Jesus Christ. On this occasion, issued an opinion that we bring in full. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I learned that in some parishes is very spread messages about the so-called Great Day of God's warnings, resulting from the alleged private revelations of an Irish visionaries. These messages are distributed via the internet. I have found that it is a heretical teachings, which is not in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church and is showing signs of sectarianism. This whole doctrine is indeed poprepletaná prayers for God's mercy and calls for confession, as well as the Catholic Church teaches, but quotations from Scripture are commented and explained arbitrary and contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Similar tendencies were already in the early Church, therefore St.. Apostle Peter wrote: "Above all, you should know that no prophecy of Scripture does not allow private interpretation" (2 Peter 1: 20). 

After seeing this website I also found that believers are encouraged to have already bought so. "Seal of the living God" to be sanctified by a priest. I note that no priest faithful to Christ and his Church must cooperate in this matter, it would be guilty of transgressions against the faith and his office. For anyone who will disseminate these messages are delusional enough to apply strictly the words of Scripture, written by St. Apostle Paul to the Galatians: 

"I marvel that from him that called you into the grace of Christ are under way quickly to another gospel. Ono nor other, unless there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But if we have preached unto you we, or an angel from heaven any other gospel than we have preached unto you, let him be accursed! As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone preaches to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed! I can now lean people or God? Or trying to please men? If I yet pleased men, I would not be Christ's servant. "(Gal 1, 6-9). 

All believers, who perhaps out of ignorance began to believe the messages mentioned, and please urge them to leave these heretical teachings and not spread them. 

On this matter, I was obliged, in order to highlight the purity of Catholic faith, obedience and unity with the Holy Father, and for the sake of salvation of your souls. 

dedicated to Lord V + Sečka Stephen, Bishop of Spis

Bishop Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg (ackward translation)
July 2, 2012, 11:59 AM
Warning of the 'warning'

Some messages in the "warning" do not correspond with the teachings  of the Church, such as talk of "the Christian churches." A plain text of Bishop Andreas Laun about a controversial private revelation
Salzburg ( / Church of Today)

Days ago I received a call from a man with the question of what to make of "The Warning"I replied "I can not say anything, I do not know what you're talking about!" At his insistence, I had a look at the first pages of the "Warning"on the Internet .. But as for the contentmy verdict is: "warning before the warning!"

And this for the following reasons: The woman who get these "messages" claims have not been certified by heaven, as for example in Fatima through the miracle of the sun was the case, and other private revelations by other charactersAndSome things in the "warning" do not correspond to the teaching of the Church, such as talk of "the Christian churches."

According to Catholic teaching, only the Catholic and the Orthodox community are a "church," all other "churches"are only "Christian communities". - That "God Fatherof the "Hierarchies of Heaven" will fight the battle of Armageddontastes like "Lord of the Rings" and not by a private revelation that will recognize the church! Puzzlingis the message of Jesusthat he is now more than twice as heavy suffering than during his Passion - the same Jesus of the Church teaches that it sits "at the right hand of the Father"?

Ridiculous is the message that the "preparations" for the second Coming of Jesus were "in full swing - as if itwould be a campaign or a great journey that Jesus only should  "prepare !   In addition, there are a number ofmessages such as:  who is faithful, will go to heaven!  Or that we have free willthat God loves us even in difficult timesthat the Church never "go under" and is another of this kindLouder "messages" that Catholics have known for a long time! The author of this "messages"  knows how to accommodate over and over again allusions tobiblical texts in their messages and uses particularly the Book of Revelation, which is particularly well suited to obscure content and at the same time to give them a bit of the Bible's authorityOf course, serves "the warning"and the fear-mongering!

That we have reason to be worried regarding all that the future may bringwe know from revelation, but to a great extent it is enough even to read the daily newspapersAnd so on! The truth in these "warnings" we know already, the other we can safely ignore.  So warning before the warning!

She could confuse somethey change the subject from him to what God really wants from themothers just "steal" time, then missing them somewhereMoreover, if God is trying to tell us something important currentlyhe has ways and means to do it so that we also learn it without guessing games and hide-and-seeks with cleverly laid "tracks".   And finally: If I wanted I could also invent such "revelations" every day!

Archbishop of Melbourne, Australia

“Maria Divine Mercy is an Irish woman who claims to be a prophetess who asserts she receives messages and visions from Jesus and Mary, especially about the  end times and the end of the world. She claimed that she had predicted that Pope Benedict would be forced to resign, and that Pope Francis is an impostor.
“We are informed that some people are circulating these alleged messages, together with holy pictures. Please inform your people that  these matters do not have the approval of the Church, and their dissemination is to be discontinued, and any message or leaflets are to be disposed of. The Archbishop  believes that he must give authoritative guidance in this matter. [signed]–Alina Tsakonas, Personal Assistant, Office of the Vicar General.
James O’Farrell MPRIA
Director Communications
Communications Office
Cardinal Knox Centre
383 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002
PO Box 146, East Melbourne VIC 8002
Telephone: (03) 99265771
Email: james.ofarrell[at]
And an official letter from the Archbishop of Brisbane may be found here.

Wilderness Generation Two; Hope for The Future

For several weeks, I have been reading the Pentateuch, and meditating on the Hebrews long exile in the Wilderness.

I have commented on this here in what has become a popular post,,

but would like to add to that comment in light of things which are happening so fast around us in Europe.

The sins of the Hebrews coming out of Egypt are not subtle, but the interior disposition which causes those sins are. I use the present tense, as these sins, both external and internal, plague us today.

Firstly, the sins were murmuring or continual complaining, a sign of ungratefulness; idolatry, which exploded in the creation of the golden calf and the destruction of two entire clans, caused by lust and a lack of patience; envy of Moses; and cowardice, as only Joshua and Caleb and their families entered the Promised Land.

One can see that externally, these sins differ but there is an interior disposition which causes all-murmuring, idolatry, envy, lust and cowardice.

This is the sin of self-love. Self-love causes one to rebel, deeply, against God and human authority.

Self-love destroys peace and the worship due to God.

Self-love falls into sensuality over and over, as the self becomes god.

Self-love deceives and stops the pursuit of self-knowledge.

God either makes us or allows us to wander until our senses and our spirits are purified. Only the perfect see God. Only the pure in heart went into the Promised Land.

Caleb and Joshua are two of my favourite Old Testament heroes. But, I tend to like the John Wayne men, such as David and the Maccabees.

It is interesting that some of the most numinous and direct revelations of God and His angels were given to Joshua and the Maccabees.

These men fought out of a purity of heart, which is difficult for modern men to grasp.

Caleb saw the tall and fit Canaanites, but was not afraid. His family were blessed by his faith.

In fact, he was rewarded with so much land, that he could give much to his daughter, which I shall write about later.

Joshua, Caleb, the Maccabees had to acquire a purity of heart, a death to self, in order to see God and His Hosts.  How is it that they, among so many who had to die in the Wilderness as a punishment, could go on?

These men loved God more than themselves or their comfort. Simple, really.

David fell into sin, but after his repentance of adultery and murder, he came back to God more humble and with a purity of heart.

Purity of heart demands that one loves, focuses, follows all the ways of God.

Metaphorically, those who wandered in the Wilderness were wandering in their own souls. Until they were purged of self-love, they could not even see the Promised Land. It is interesting that God only chose those who could actually obey Him totally to continue into Canaan. Even Moses was denied entrance and could only look on what he worked so hard to attain. But, he had sinned, being impatience with God.

Obedience is a fruit of the pure in heart. Complaining means that one is playing God. Those who wander in the Wilderness are finally purified, but only so that they can pass their faith and humility on to their children. And, this is key. The younger generation never saw the works of God. They did not see the Passover, the Exodus, the Parting of the Red Sea. But, they heard of the wonders of God from their parents.

They did not see Moses going up on to Mt. Sinai, or coming down and destroying the idolators. They did not see the earthquake which swallowed up the sinful leaders. I merely paraphrase Deuteronomy here.

But, they were formed in the desert.

This gives me hope. Those in this and the next generation will be formed in deserts.

They will need the stories, the heritage of the Catholic Tribe to carry on in unmitigated faith.

The Wilderness experience created a generation of the pure in heart.

To be continued....

Feast Day of Blessed Titus Brandsma