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Friday 22 May 2015

Reminder just because

For the remnant.....

In this post, I want to reveal some of the lessons I have more than learned in two weeks of daily intense suffering and abandonment by some who I love. These lessons have been carved into my heart.

Let me put these in bullet points, in order to show you that these characteristics which God wants His remnant to develop--NOW!
  • Complete dependence on Divine Providence, not society, government, family or church membership.  This dependence does lead to a new view on God's Will in this world. 
  • Daily interior dialogue with the God Within. Talking with Him while at work, play, rest, prayer at all times of the day or night bring us closer to Him in order to be sustained in these dark times.
  • Willingness to be isolated, marginalized, separated from the ordinary, lukewarm Catholics in the pew, or worse, the disobedient priests and faithful. Finding joy and peace in realizing Christ joins one in this suffering becomes real.
  • Intense prayer and reflection, plus frequent reception of the sacraments must be part of the remnant Catholic members.
  • Strict honesty with one's self with regard to sin. No pass going to jail-be honest about asking God for your purgatory on earth.
  • Forgiveness is essential towards those who hate one, ignore one's real needs, and hate the truth.
  • Preserving joy by concentrating on Christ, and not one's self or others.

Why all the evil which we see proliferating in the West...

Nothing positive and good can exist outside God without causal dependence on God. If this be denied, all proofs for the existence of God are compromised. God is, without any exception, the author of all that is good. Garrigou-Lagrange

St. Rita Cascia

St. Rita is not only the saint of the impossible, but she is the patron of those who have experienced domestic abuse. I find more and more women who have been abused either physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Some men have been abused by parents or siblings as well.

But, we are now witnessing the abuse of nations, of civilizations, of cultures. Evil abuses. Demons take delight in abusing. People, who are warped, take a perverse joy in celebrating sin and abusing others. Sin moves people farther and farther away from God.

Remember, there is no middle ground, no neutral territories anymore.

Fear is one reason why people abuse others. The lack of courage causes some to use and manipulate others.

Abuse also arises from gross sin, when the needs of a person or people leave the realm of rationality and become bestial. Perhaps St. Rita provides us with a good example for these horrible times.

Patience, prayer, perseverance in the growing darkness, which will become almost unbearable--but for the graces of God-can be seen in her life.

To be reasonable is to be holy. To be unreasonable is to sin. Sin removes us from both rational discourse and common sense. Sin makes one more and more stupid. Sin makes a people more and more ignorant.

St. Rita, pray for us.

"He chose us in Him [Jesus Christ] before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and unspotted in His sight. He hath predestinated us to be His adopted children through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will, to make shine forth the glory of His grace, by which He has made us pleasing in His eyes, in His beloved son." Eph 1: 4-6