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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Yet another blog on doors to the demonic

The great Blessed Columba Marmion wrote that when the Three Kings came to Christ, the idolatry of demons ended, as the beginning of the Reign of Christ showed the world who was really God. Marmion noted that the paganism of the old world, which in most cases was demonic, came to a end. But, in recent times, people have chosen to revisit the demonic on purpose. They have chosen the old demon-idols of the past, an action, a choice, which is spiritual death, as getting into the occult is a serious mortal sin.

The ignorance of the past is gone.

Sadly, in Great Britain, I have never heard the types of talks or read books by British Catholic exorcists, which help the average lay person with discernment. These comments come out of a conversation with a dear British friend of mine who wanted more clarification on his kids' games.

Thankfully, most exorcists I have had the privilege to speak with or, at least, read their books are in agreement about certain doors to the demonic. Some of these doors are being discussed at meetings and training centers for exorcists.

Thankfully, again, these doors do not have to be open.

Here are a list of the main doors which many youth and older people open and then become either obsessed, oppressed, or even possessed by demonic activity.

The first one is obvious-the Ouija board. This is a direct door to the occult. So is Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft. Demons are chained to particular elements and symbols and when the door is open, they enter into a person or situation.

If a person has a proclivity to lust, the game may weakened the will, and even cause further oppression from a spirit of lust, but the direct door is different.

Such things as suicidal and death desires can come into a person by playing these games, as well as a blunting of discernment. Other demonic influences can result as well.

Some types of demonic activity is locked into families and these locks must be broken.

Creators of certain games which are direct doors either wanted to spread the occult or were just plain malicious, or wanted to become very wealthy.

Listen to the fssp priests on this. I have listened to several talks now, although I knew D and D was bad even as a board game way back in 1983. And, I knew WoW was also a door when I first came across it in 2007.

Not all computer games are doors to the demonic world, but some are. Most are addictive, however, which is another problem. Some cause violent feelings and weaken boundaries, but that is another problem

If your children are engaged in the above mentioned, please use your authority as a parent to deal with these.

Good talk from Fr Ripperger

If you have not listened to this, do. Men cause feminism, not women. Say a decade of the rosary for the priest.

Father notes that feminism is against natural law.

Love the quotation from Chesterton that a woman can change an entire nation by the way she raises one child.

I also like the note that if a woman has to be separated from a husband, God will provide grace because of the lack of natural order. God is good.

And more from Manning....

The book I have been reading and will share on this blog for the rest of the week, The Temporal Mission of the Holy Ghost, is one very personal to me. Written in 1865, this book reveals the truth of the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church for our times.

Manning notes that the dividing line between darkness and light has harden, become obvious, as some people, like himself, have received and accepted illumination regarding the nature of the Church, while others are falling into shadow and darkness of errors.

I noted before that Manning wrote that the Church is immutable "in its knowledge, discernment and enunciation of the truth..."

The continuous enunciation of the truth, from the apostles and "not only from council to council" but from the "living voice" of the Church, in and with the Holy Spirit, gives all authoritative dogmatic decrees, plus an assurance of truth.

This continuous enunciation, knowledge, and discernment were given ten days after the Ascension, at Pentecost, as Manning notes.

He quotes St. Paul on the theme of unity; "One body and one spirit; as you are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all, who is above al and through all, and in us all. "

The oneness of the Holy Spirit gives all members of the Church a unity. Manning traces St. Paul's theme of oneness in both the Epistle to the Romans and to the Corinthians as well as in Ephesians.

"All these things one and the same Spirit worketh, dividing to every one according as he will. For as the body is one and hath many members; and all the members of the body, whereas there are many, yet are one body; so also is Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body..."

This overwhelming testimony to the Oneness of the Holy Spirit with all the members of the Catholic Church reveals the glory of the True Church as one with Christ. The Ascension is the necessary event which brings about Pentecost, the birth of the Church, in the coming of the Holy Spirit. Manning writes that the coming o the Holy Ghost is likewise declared to be the condition of the creation, quickening, and organisation of the mystical body, which is the church of Jesus Christ."

Such writing gives one hope and great joy in the future of the Church, not as a Triumphant creator of Christendom, which we most likely will never see again, but as the great mover and preserver of the gifts and Presence of the Holy Spirit in the world.

How much teaching has been lost in recent times...

To be continued...

More from Manning

Continuing in the reading of Cardinal Manning's excellent book on the Holy Spirit and the Church, one can pick out a few more points in the Introduction, before moving on to Chapter One.

The Attribute of God as One, which I have written about on this blog, is that Attribute of Unity. Cardinal Manning wrote that as an Anglican, he could understand the Trinity as One, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as One. However, he had denied that the Church, was, therefore, as the Mystical Body of Christ, also One.

The external expression of Oneness in the Catholic Church revealed the internal, intrinsic Unity of that institution founded by the One God.

His illumination came after many years of living in the fog of denial that the extrinsic sign of unity, the papacy, was a necessary element revealing the internal, intrinsic unity.

That Christ is One and that Christians have the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit cannot be ideas separated from the Oneness, the Unity of the Catholic Church.

God's Attribute of Oneness is, therefore, expressed in the Church.

Manning noted that he had to write the book in reparation for erroneous ideas which he has stated earlier in his career. His reparation had to be made to Truth, Who is the Divine Person of Christ.

The organic unity of the Church belongs to the intrinsic essence of the Church, which is perfection.

As I noted in the last post on Manning, this unity involves the eternal unity of the Holy Spirit, Who is in the Church. Therefore, to deny the working of the Holy Spirit through, for example, infallibility, is to deny the Holy Spirit-the most serious of sins.

Much to ponder...

More later...

Repost Three on Mental Toughness

The goal of psychological warfare is to undermine the mental toughness of the opponent so that it is easier to mount a full-scale attack.

After weeks of heavy mental music, the army went in.  We know the story. Can you imagine being sleep-deprived and agitated to the point of not being at your best to fight a physical fight?

The concentration camps of both the Nazis and in the Gulag used psychological warfare.

Taking away identity by using numbers to identity instead of names..

Stripping all beauty and consolations in clothing, cells, surroundings to deprive people of rest...

Sleep deprivation and over-work..

Bad food, little food...

Rats, bugs, etc.

The random killing of prisoners and the killing of a number of prisoner after an escape...

Verbal abuse as well as physical abuse...

We do not have to be in a concentration camp to experience some of this now, and I mean, now.

Even some Catholic are waging psychological warfare against members of their own Church.

How? Calumny, slander, lack of forgiveness, nursing old hatreds, suspicion, creating divisions where there are none, and, most tragic, hatred of the EF. Some people are seriously not able to handle the fights. Some get weary. Some are ill and need help to fight.

Do not engage unless you must. Learn patience and use the prudence given to you in Confirmation. You have all the gifts you need so much now against this type of warfare. How do you get in touch with those gifts?

Intense prayer and fasting.

There is no other way.

It is not on what we do, but who we are that we shall be judged.

Help those who are mentally weaker, as the fight is now big time PSYOP

Repost on Reason and Debate

If you did not grow up with Struwwelpeter, I feel a bit sorry for you. This hilarious yet serious book was popular in the Victorian era as cautionary tales for children. But, some critics have seen it as propaganda for undermining male behaviour. I wonder...However, I refer to it as an example of the standards of  child-rearing in an age of child formation. A good or bad approach, perhaps debatable, but without such formation we have created a generation of those who have no boundaries. This is the age of those who create psychological warfare like a child holding their breath in order to manipulate the parents to give in....pure subjectivity results without a moral framework.

Dear Catholics, these are the kind of people we are up against-the amorals and the immorals.

Apparently, judging from some comments which I have not posted, as I shall not post four-letter words, there is a lack of understanding among some young people between subjective truth and objective truth. I am also getting nasties in anonymous comments, which are only meant to intimidate and not enlighten. Same with people posting under different names. Sorry, an old composition and literature instructor and well as a logic instructor can spot copying and same phrases as well as same consistent errors. If Mary was using Johnny's notes and I also graded Johnny's papers, come on...

Some young people judge most things by how they feel about something instead of parsing the meaning out of a paragraph or two. Some read too quickly and react, a fault among some older people as well. Some just cannot read. And, many have had no logic, no training in rational discourse.

To be a Catholic, one must be able to think, as I have written many times on this blog. One must be able to understand what is being read or said. Understanding is a gift of the Holy Spirit from Confirmation, but I assume that young or old people who are rude, use profanities and spew hatred may not have the advantage of this gift.

Why in writing and  speech so many young people rely on profanities is simply that they have not been trained in the art of debate. Profanities are temper tantrums. Some parents give in to toddler tantrums. Some do not. Supertradmum would not. However, reasoned debate is a good which most people have not had the opportunity to learn.

Now, one reason is that high schools, colleges and universities no longer have instructors who believe in universal and absolute truths. One cannot debate anything if there are only maybes, attacks on persons, subjective interpretations, and so on. The list of classical fallacies covers could be applied to many comments, article and blogs I have read in the past 24 hours.

I love engaging in critical thinking with those who want to learn and want to work out Truth in rational discourse. We in the Catholic Church have a long tradition of this. St. Thomas' Summa is based on question and answer, the Aristotelian, and Socratic Methods of coming to truth.

Sad, that critical thinking has been replaced by knee-jerk reactions. Perhaps we are so overwhelmed with data that we, and I mean those who are tying to come to understanding, are close to burn out. But, those who resort to low attacks, such as profanity, want us who refer to Christ, His Church, the Gospel to become burnt out.

Like playing heavy metal music day and night during Desert Storm to wear down the enemy, our enemies give us lots of noise to discourage us. No fear! Christ has overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. He won the war, we are just finishing up, cleaning up the pockets of resistance and trying to save souls.

Apologies for the Reposts Today

I have many new readers. And, I am working with an artist this week on drawings for the fairy tales for publication. Pray this happens! Thanks.

Review Not In Order Because of Search Being Goofy

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Repost R U Ready?

Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany: The Sykewar Campaign, D-Day to VE-DayISBN 0-262-12045-3 or 0-262-62019-7 (1949). George W. Stewart, New York; Reprinted (1971) MIT Press.

Daniel Lerner in his book above, divides pychological warfare in to three categories. Lerner also wrote, 

Propaganda Technique In World War I (M.I.T. studies in comparative politics) which I have not read. There are many other authors on psychological warfare.

Yesterday, and today, we as Catholics are witnessing all three.

We need to get mentally tough.

The first type of psychological warfare is called White and involves omission in truth as well as emphases which are made on purpose to deceive, but the content is not wrong or deceitful. The source of information is acknowledged but may not, as I understand this category, cover all possibilities. Selection is the key. Did you not see this yesterday on line and in the main line media?[

The second category is Grey  which includes the above with racial, ethnic and what Lerner calls religios bias. This is the most common thing we see and we call it spin. Sadly, the sources are not identified at this point, but there is a lot of truth in the statements or propaganda.

The third category is labelled Black  and this has become so common, most readers or listeners no longer recognize the danger. All is lies, deceits, purposely written or said-the sins of Commission. And, the sources given are not the true sources. 


The trouble is that most Catholics are not prepared for this type of PSYOP. 

Catholics, you must learn to think, eat, walk, pray, react like Catholics. NOW.

See the tag for many posts on this....

Are You Awake, Yet?

For New Readers-some of the Gramsci Posts

05 Jun 2013
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12 Jan 2013
2) The Church is still the great influence in Italian society, albeit, by 2013, not as much as in Gramsci's day. This influence, according to Gramsci, keeps the poor under the thumb of tyrannical priests. He somehow forgets that ...
04 Jan 2013
Three things which Gramsci desired have occurred. One, the slow war of undermining Catholic, Christian culture has occurred. This was not accomplished by war, but by the taking over of key elements of society, which I have ...
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31 Dec 2012
Gramsci was clear that the Church was the only institution to understand what he and other revolutionaries wanted in the culture wars and the destruction of Western civilization, itself created largely by Christendom.
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In Notebook 2 from 1929-1933, Gramsci, using R. Michels and Max Weber, writes a long entry on the fact that bourgeois, socialist and Marxist parties have been formed around a charismatic leader. Gramsci also refers to Yves ...

11 Dec 2012
found within his writings on school and education in a traditional sense, but rather on the assumption that the core of Gramsci's message and even the purpose of his writings is profoundly and largely 'educational' As far as ...
13 Feb 2012
Gramsci noted in his prison notebooks, a new edition which came out last year, and in other earlier editions, that the ruling class will create the norms which society itself creates subjectively and in various groupings, after the ...
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The very first entry in the three volume set of Gramsci's Notebooks is a reference by him to the social encyclicals regarding socialism and Modernism. Obviously, Gramsci had read these, including The Syllabus of Errors, ...
07 Sep 2012
Alinsky and his groups were, in the early days in Chicago, anti-religious, as like Gramsci, they could see that the ONLY organized grass roots power was the Catholic Church and others, like the Evangelicals. Like Gramsci ...

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Catholics no longer think like Catholics and Gramsci can claim that the Church has lost Her ability to create Europe and even the States into a spiritual realm, wherein God is King. Now, the fact that Cardinals respond to ...
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Gramsci did not come in the top five, but as he is connected to these movements, I shall not ignore his letters at all. If I count Gramsci alone, he came in at Seventh Place and the following would be one more down on the list; ...

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In good Gramsci fashion and I feel another Gramsci blog approaching here this week, the symbols used are those of the Republic. Same thing is happening in Ireland, where the Republican movement has been undermined ...
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Passive Revolution and the "ordinovisti" in Washington. Posted by Supertradmum. I am wondering how long it will take to destroy a republic? Here is Gramsci from The Modern Prince: ...“man can affect his own development ...

A Must Read on Parental Roles by Fr. Ripperger

I cannot recommend this article enough for parents and teachers. Say a decade of the rosary for Fr. Ripperger in thanksgiving for this post.

Carole, Keep Praying....