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Monday 26 August 2013

Please The Warning Has Been Condemned. It Is Dangerous. Also, Another False Seer

People if you are following these heretics, you are putting your own soul in danger. 

16 Jul 2013
This time, He will not come as man in the flesh. Found here. OOPs our friends at the Warning have contradicted Catholic Teaching yet again. When Christ returns, He, of course, will come as the Incarnate God.
23 Apr 2013
More against the Warning-from another source not m... As usual, LifeSiteNews is wonderful-get ready for ... Excellent comment on why St. George's Day is impor... Oh dear....priestly imagination gone wild · Hmm, Senate too ...
27 Jul 2013
Stephen Sečka issued on the basis of reports of priests and believers phone calls from the Internet to disseminate data big warning of Jesus Christ. On this occasion, issued an opinion that we bring in full. Dear Brothers and ...
31 Aug 2012
The errors spilling forth from some websites already mentioned on this blog are leading Catholics astray. A reader has brought to my attention that the followers of this false prophet are saying a sealing prayer for the ...

04 Mar 2013
Excellent Warning Against Maria Divine Mercy. Posted by Supertradmum · I hope those people I know who follow her will ...
18 May 2013
Now that the good Bishop in Australia has given the kibosh to the evil of The Warning site, I can concentrate on another one brought to my attention and through the blog carer a few days ago. Thanks to CS for this information.

27 Jul 2013
The Notification concludes by requesting "the intervention of the Bishops" to prevent the dissemination of Ryden's ideas in their dioceses and "invites all the faithful not to regard Mrs Vassula Ryden's writings and speeches as ...
18 Jan 2013
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith continues to receive requests for clarification in relation to the writings and activities of Mrs Vassula Ryden. These requests address in particular the import of the Notification of 6 ...
07 Jul 2012
The CDF has made three definitive statements on Vassula Ryden. Some of the criticisms deal with doctrine. I shall put the links here, as I did in a previous post, but also quote from the documents. These cannot be ignored.
06 Jul 2012
In addition, please read these links to the CDF on Vassula Ryden. Three links of CDF documents are here, there and again. Thank you. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: private revelations ...

27 Apr 2013
Posted by Supertradmum. Two highly intelligent women hundreds of miles apart asked me in the past few days why other highly intelligent people get caught up in false seers, such as Maria Divine Mercy and Vassula Ryden.
31 Aug 2012
Repetition of this warning from the CDF. Posted by Supertradmum. 2007 Notification Regarding Vassula Ryden. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: private revelations ...

Religion Statistics Irish Census 2011

Information from the 2011 Irish Census on Religions

Table W
Population by religious grouping 2006 and 2011
Religion 2006 2011

Thousands  and  % of change

Roman Catholic 3,681.4    3,861.3   4.9

Church of Ireland 121.2   129.0    6.4

Muslim(Islamic)  32.6  49.2   51.2

Christian 29.2  41.2  40.9

Presbyterian 23.6  24.6  4.5

Orthodox 20.8  45.2  117.4

Apostolic or Pentecostal 8.1  14.0  73.0

Other 66.3  81.0  22.0

No religion 186.3  269.8  44.8

Not stated 70.3  72.9  3.7

Total 4,239.8  4,588.2  8.2

Some Information from the 2011 Irish Census

I have been reading the data from the Irish Census of 2011.

A few facts.

The majority of people live in cities. 62%

Dublin alone accounts for 39% of the entire urban population of Ireland.

The ages of 15-29 is the biggest group to decline in five years. This is owing to contraception and hel up by immigration.

38.7 The average age for Cork City compared with 36.1 for the State

32.9 The average age for Fingal

There were 42,854 more females than males in
the State in April 2011 resulting in an overall sex
ratio of 98.1 males for every 100 females.

50/50 The most gender balanced aged groups are 35-39 and 55-59 where the ratio of men to
women is equal

Elderly and living alone

Nearly 28 per cent (136,295) of people aged 65 and over who
were living in private households lived alone. The percentage
increased with age with 36.7 per cent of people aged 75 and
over and 44.2 per cent of people aged 85 and over living on
their own.

Cities, along with the Border and Western regions, had the
highest number of elderly people living alone. It’s the opposite
in the Eastern region where a lower proportion of elderly
people were living alone, particularly in the Dublin commuter

More elderly women live alone

Elderly people living alone are predominantly women as shown
below. This is because of the higher number of women in the
older population. In fact almost two-thirds of elderly people 
aged 65 and over who lived alone were women. This increased 
to almost three in every four for those aged 85 and over.

Now this is shocking.

37% Percentage of population who were 
40% Percentage married in Galway County

30% Percentage married in Dublin City

When examined for urban and rural areas separately the 
data shows that there was a higher proportion of single 
people in urban (45.2%) than in rural (35.8%) areas. 

45% The percentage of people 
aged 15 and over in urban 

areas who were single in 2011.

Household size continues to shrink 
Census 2011 saw the number of private households increase by 
12.6 per cent over 5 years to stand at 1,654,208. The number of 
people living in private households grew more slowly, by 9.4 per 
cent, to 4,510,409. 
The reason for the difference was that household size has 
decreased. There is now an average of 2.73 persons in each 
household, down from 2.81 in 2006. This continues a long-running 

trend of households becoming smaller. 

And more shocking---birthrate

 The average number of children per family is 1.4.

The long-running trend of families having fewer children has 
slowed. The average number of children in each family was 1.38 in 2011, 

down from 1.41 in 2006. 

Same-sex couples

There were 4,042 same-sex couples living together, 2,321 
male couples and 1,721 female. 
230 were couples with children, with the vast majority of 
these being female couples. 

Most same-sex couples were cohabiting (3,876) but 166 
indicated that they were married couples. 

Since same-sex civil unions had only recently been 
introduced in Ireland at the time of the census, it is likely 

that most of these were married abroad.

Born abroad 

Place of birth provides a strong indicator of longer term migration. 
The number of Irish residents who were born outside Ireland 
continues to increase and stood at 766,770 in 2011 an increase of 
25 per cent on 2006, and accounting for 17 per cent of the 
The groups which showed the largest increase were those already 
well established in Ireland. 

The fastest growing groups were 
Romanians (up 110%), Indians (up 91%), Polish (up 83%), 

Lithuanian (up 40%) and Latvians (up 43%).

Irish, non-Irish 

A question on nationality was asked for the first time in an Irish 
census in 2002 reflecting the emergence of the importance of 
data in this area. Accordingly data series on nationality only go 
back this far. 
The period between 2002 and 2006 saw very fast growth in the 
number of non-Irish nationals in Ireland when the number 
almost doubled from 224,300 to 419,733 in just four years. 
This most recent inter-censal period has now seen a 
continuation of that growth, albeit at a slower pace. 
Between 2006 and 2011 the number of non-Irish nationals, 
increased by 124,624 persons, or 29.7 per cent, from 419,733 
to 544,357. 

Polish, the UK and others 
A small number of groups accounted for the majority of the 
increase. Polish nationals increased by 93.7 per cent from 
63,276 to 122,585, accounting for almost half of the total 
increase among this group, and overtaking UK nationals as the 
largest non-Irish group living in Ireland. 
Other groups that showed large increases were Latvians (up 
7,274, 54.6%), Lithuanians (up 12,055, 48.9%), Romanians 
(up 9,608, 124.8%), Brazilians (up 4,316, 98.4%) and Indians 

(up 8,526, 100.8%). 

From 2006

94% The percentage 
increase in Polish 
101% The percentage 
increase in Indian 
98% The percentage 
increase in 
Brazilian nationals
125% The percentage 
increase in 

Romanian nationals

Some Common Ideas for Penances

This is the age of penances and fasting. I have a few simple suggestions.

One, if you are praying for a person who is an alcoholic and has fallen away from the Church, give up beer.

Two, if you are praying for someone who is ill and has fallen away from the Church, give up desserts.

Three, if you are praying for someone who has depression and has fallen away from the Church, give up complaining and judgemental attitudes towards others.

Four, if you are praying for someone who is addicted to computer games, give up movies or television.

Five, if you are praying for someone who is contracepting, give up shopping for unnecessary items.

Our prayers, as Jesus Christ indicated, are more efficacious if coupled with fasting. Fasting may mean cutting back on food or it may mean giving up other pleasures.

Penances for others also help us on our way to perfection. God will not be outdone in generosity and doing penances consists of acting out of charity and generosity of heart.

I am sure you can think of more.

Being Complicit with Evil-Even Bishops: And A Repeated Post

Christ showed us how to defeat evil.

People, ACA funds abortion big time and this is evil.

Look at the links below.

The American Church, not the Roman Catholic Church, is growing and is, in reality, in schism.

If one is complicit in evil, one is committing mortal sin. If a bishop cooperates with evil, he is evil.


And a repeat from the other day. Great ready to be betrayed again and again.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Musings on treachery

I have been, in the past few weeks, pursuing a personal study on the Civil War in England, as well as the times immediately leading up to the killing of a rightful king.

Now, what has always intrigued and concerned me were the families divided by religion and politics. I have written about this briefly here,, but want to share some thoughts which will apply to us Catholics today, August 23, 2013.

That religion, Catholic, Anglican, and Calvinist loyalties led to warfare, demonstrates the deeply held beliefs of those involved.

That families were ripped apart by religion is also a fact. To this day, there are Catholic and Protestant branches of the same family existing in England, Scotland, Ireland and America. I have met people of Catholic branches in England, who have long-lost cousins of the same name in certain states in America, and these American families came over as Protestants.

The hatred and persecution by the Anglicans and Calvinists of the Catholics form the stuff of history, the stories of the Tyburn Martyrs, the heroic tales of St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher, St. Oliver Plunkett, and so on. The age of the martyrs turned into the age of civil war.

The fact that some people changed sides reveals the sad stories of betrayal and treachery.

But, there was and still is, a third category of people, who were the new men and women of the 16th and 17th centuries. These were the people who left religion entirely, became cynics, and merely worked for their own status, careers, comfort. These men and women were the moderns, those self-centred ones whose only principle was me, me, me.

These opportunists spawned further generations of non-believers, who outwardly conformed, but whose souls were impervious to the interior spiritual life.

In the days to come of persecution and testing, we shall see Catholics betraying Catholics, Catholics becoming cynics, and seizing opportunities for advancement, building their little kingdoms on the backs of those whom they betray.

Do not kid yourselves, dear Catholic readers, Christ has prepared us for this.

And a man’s enemies shall be they of his own household. Matthew 10:36 DR

In the coming days, which side will you be on--the real Catholics, the schismatic Catholics, or the cynics? Will you be Cavaliers, Roundheads, or opportunists?

Home Schooler Hints Part Four

If you do not have children, I apologize for today, but I am answering some queries.

Still, the subject is fascinating to me, and I most likely will never be in a classroom again. I love teaching.

This little post is on the dire responsibility for home schooling.

Many countries are making this basic right of all parents illegal. Of course, the evil one wants to break up the parental influences over their children, and the new world order coming to most places wants sheep for citizens instead of people who can think, hence core curricula and national curricula, which I am totally against.

My concern today is that too many parents think they cannot home school either for reasons of money or their own lack of knowledge.

If the world ever needed Catholic leadership, in the clergy and in the laity, it is now.

One does not have to be rich to home school. I actually had to go back to work and I worked part-time and home schooled.

Priorities. And, if one mom can do it on her own, two parents absolutely can.

Personally, I do not think Catholics have options not to do so, unless they live near a NAPCIS school, site link on name.

I am of the opinion that if a parent is sending their children to public schools, this situation must stop, as your children are being formed by seculars.

If you are sending your children to a bland Catholic school, with State curriculum, stop wasting your money now.

You are cooperating with evil.

Some mothers tell me their husbands force them to work. No husband or wife, for that matter, can force anyone to do anything. That is abuse and indicated a real problem in the marriage.

Some mothers tell me that their husbands are against home schooling. You women need to work harder at your presentation of the facts.  Pray. Be patient, but do all you can at home on weekends, if necessary.

God bless you all in your efforts. I shall give more practical advice later.

To be continued..

Home Schooling Part Three Poll Alert

In intend to do a small series for home schoolers, which I have started. However, if I do not have many home schoolers who read this blog, this could be a waste of time.

I have given many talks to parents, including being a presenter at a home schooling conference in Canada years ago (many). In addition, I have developed virtue formation curriculum for home schoolers and for Catholic schools. I have actually written an unpublished book and teacher training modules, used for teachers at two Catholic schools in the past, on this in 2000-2003, based on experience and study. But, as the notes are far, far away in a distant land, I would be reconstructing some of this information which would take time. No problem, if wanted and needed....

Therefore, POLL ALERT.


Home Schooling Hints-Part Two; Avoid Being a Catholic Taliban

There are some key goals a home schooling parent must keep in mind when ordering, using, following a curriculum. In my first blog, I wrote extensively on the need to find a methodology which includes a spirituality.

This is missing from some of the Catholic curriculum. What do I mean? Each century in the Catholic Church, from Anselm in the 11th century through the 20th century, great leaders in educational methodology were raised up by the Holy Spirit.

A curriculum is not merely for attaining academic goals, passing tests, or moving on to the next grade.

A curriculum must do these things.


1) Teach the child to think, which is why I do not like Saxon Math. Some math texts teach thinking skills and not merely memorization.

Teaching a child to think is of primary importance. This is not done unless one understands that a methodology needs to focus on thinking skills early on, as early as pre-school.

2) Inculcate in the child the love of learning and the desire to learn. God gave each one of us a desire for knowledge, which as the Benedictines know, is the desire for God. If a curriculum does not do this, it is faulty.

3) Form the child spiritually. This is not merely a formation for religion coursework, but for the entire curriculum. Spiritual formation happens in every subject.

4) Allows for independent study, even at the earliest ages.

5) Follows the classical Trivium and Quadrivum subjects.

6) Teach orthodox Catholic Faith at all levels.

Now, I wish I had all my teacher training teaching notes, because I developed years ago, a curriculum for teaching the virtues and forming the child from age three to twelve. This is not all in my head, as I have not looked at it for a long time.

If a parent is not using a curriculum which specifically focuses on character formation, the parent is missing one of the key responsibilities of being a Catholic parent.

Please pray for me that I can rescue my things, including notes, out of storage. Then, I can share more details with you all.

In addition to the above, home schools need a conducive and beautiful learning environment.

In the beginning, I was fortunate for several years to have my own Montessori school, a methodology based on Thomism. Her method does all of the above. The Montessori material is mostly made, by the way, by the directoress. In addition, her plan leads nicely into the Quadrivium.

The spiritualities of the parents and the household should determine the spirituality of the methodology. One of these could be chosen: Benedictine, Thomistic, Ignatian, Salesian, and Ursuline are the most viable. I can go into detail on these methods, if readers are interested.

Now, a parent does not want to teach ideology, but help form the child into the person God has created him to be. If you merely teach without a spirituality or interior formation, you are a Taliban parent. Brainwashing is not teaching.

Thankfully, I knew this before I started. The work of the child is to form the person he will be as an adult.

Ideology is mere memorization without formation.

And, the huge problem with English and most American Catholic schools is that they do NOT have a spirituality behind the methodology. The methodology is that written or chosen by the State.

Therefore, when you send your children to a school without a spirituality, they are being formed in the philosophy of that institution.

Do not, good parents, lie to yourself on this point.

Formation is our duty as parents, not someone else's

To be continued...

Home Schooling Hints Answering a Reader's Request-Part One

Some parents tell me that they cannot afford the curricula for home schooling. There are alternatives. I mostly wrote my own.

You do not need to buy curriculum, although some states in America require that parents use an certified one. Iowa does this for example, or did. Just get the Great Books.

One can begin this series in 7th Grade in American terms, Year 8 in English terms. and First Year in Irish terms. and use it through high school. If one is home schooling more than one child, this investment is invaluable, as youth can be working on different authors simultaneously. This was the basis for many of the new colleges and high schools which grew up in the seventies, eighties and nineties.

I would have saved tons of money if I had bought this from day one, in 1991, when I began home schooling. However, I had many of these texts in my library in different formats.  The first home schooling I did was all based on Montessori, as I had training in that method, and I had my own school.

One can get most of these texts from libraries, or buy cheaper paperback editions for years of home schooling. But, if I had money for a home schooling family, I would start by purchasing old sets of these, which one can find.

Thanks to Wiki for all the information on these books below.

Just get the Great Books. That is all you need plus some good religious stuff I shall list in another post later. And, if one does not agree with the choices or selections, one must teach one's children how the enemy thinks as well. This is very important.


Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14

    Volume 15
    Volume 16
    Volume 17
    Volume 18
    Volume 19
    Volume 20
    Volume 21
    Volume 22
    Volume 23
    Volume 24
    Volume 25
    Volume 26
    Volume 27
    Volume 28
    Volume 29
    Volume 30
    Volume 31
    Volume 32
    Volume 33
    Volume 34
    Volume 35
    Volume 36
    Volume 37
    Volume 38
    Volume 39
    Volume 40
    Volume 41
    Volume 42
    Volume 43
    Volume 44
    Volume 45
    Volume 46
    Volume 47
    Volume 48
    Volume 49
    Volume 50
    Volume 51
    Volume 52
    Volume 53
    Volume 54

    Second edition

    In 1990 a second edition of Great Books of the Western World was published, with updated translations and six more volumes of material covering the 20th century, an era of which the first edition was nearly devoid. .....
    The pre-20th century books added (volume numbering is not strictly compatible with the first edition due to rearrangement of some books—see the complete table of contents[5] for the second edition):
    Volume 20
    Volume 23
    Volume 31
    Volume 34
    Volume 43
    Volume 44
    Volume 45
    Volume 46
    Volume 47
    Volume 48
    Volume 52
    The six volumes of 20th century material consisted of the following:
    Volume 55
    Volume 56
    Volume 57
    Volume 58
    Volume 59
    Volume 60