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Monday 1 April 2013

Reality Therapy and Feetgate

So, this morning someone brought up women priests. Do not symbolic actions mean something?

I am also discouraged by a conversation between good Catholic priests which indicated that now some priests will see that they have a right to any type of liturgical bending of the rules.

I am also discouraged by the false dichotomy of  "rules" versus "the spirit".

There is no such dichotomy.

What is happening in Rome affects us all in the parishes we attend.

And, what about the "sons of Benedict"? Those thousands of seminarians who have entered expecting a renewal of the NO and not a backtracking to the 1970s.

Perhaps we laity get the clergy we deserve. Perhaps we get the Pope who has been formed by the liturgical chaos of the past fifty years.

I am not a happy puppy.

The Doctors of the Church series will resume at the end of the week.

At least one post today....the politicizing of the Mass

It is Easter Monday. I am concerned about something which I saw starting in the 1980s when I was at Notre Dame.

I call it the politicizing of the liturgy.

Liturgy should never be used for political statements.

The Liberation Theology priests did this in the 1970s and some priests did this in the 1960s in America in the Civil Rights Movement.

It is very "Dorothy Day" to use the liturgy as a platform for political ideas.

Liturgy is for the worship of God.

I do not want my Church arguing points within the context of the Liturgy.


I want GOD not people to be the source of inspiration and focus.

A thought on Easter Monday.