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Friday 7 March 2014

Good Jill Stanek- hero of mine for years and years....

These photos remind me of looking into the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Death rooms.

What to say to Catholics who buy GS Cookies

I have been boycotting companies and foundations which support Planned Parenthood and abortion since the early 1980s, when one had to write into the nascent groups keeping track for print outs of lists.

Today, I met two Catholics who bought Girl Scout Cookies. I hardly know what to say to them as they are of a certain age. They had never heard of

Rarely do I blame the clergy for things, but I must point a finger at priests today.

If these men actually spread the news of the nationwide boycott of GS cookies from the pulpit, people who do not use twitter or facebook would be in the know.

I cannot talk to everyone....

There still is a large group of Catholics who do not regularly use the Net. And, these Catholics have money. They are the ones who do not read LifeSiteNews, or American Life League, or Priest's for Life. They buy things on the pro-life boycott lists.

Sadly, many of these Catholics watch EWTN, which refuses to enter into the real battle which most of us fact in the Church Militant.

I did not know what to say to these people who only read lame magazines, newspapers, watch msm, and EWTN.

We are a divided Church owing to the fact that so many Catholics refuse to use the Net and find out what is really happening in the Church and in the world.

A generation gap? Maybe? But, I am sick at heart seeing GS cookies being bought by local Catholics.

And, to top it off, there will be yet another gay pride float in the St. Patrick's Day parade here in Davenport. I am trying to find out who sponsors the parade.

One cannot bring one's children or grandchildren to such an event, which use to have a Catholic backing form the local Catholic schools and parishes.

Horrors. What would St. Pat do?

Saying it like it is

If we are not honest and forthright about this state of decadence in America, we shall suffer with the rest in God's time of judgement.

Are you preparing to be a member of the remnant?

"I know that this nation exists by the providence of His hand, and that if this nation forgets our God, then God will have every right to forget us,” he said, reminding listeners that Ruth Graham Bell said, “If God does not bring fiery judgment upon America, then he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Severe net troubles down most of the day and now on and off--sigh.

Iowa! I should like a Ham Radio....

Over 100 Hundred Eagles

If any readers are close to Rock Island, Illinois, and specifically the Rock Island Arsenal, please make a trip today or tomorrow to see the bald-headed eagles.

On my way to my doctor's for a check-up today, I saw easily 60 eagles. There may be as many as 100 in the trees, as two friends of mine saw that many earlier this week.

Because of all the ice in the north, the eagles fly to the south and to where there are locks and dams which break up the ice. The ice is so late breaking up north of here this year, that these noble birds have gathered in the Quad Cities.

Worth a visit.


The first eye op has been successful. Thanks for all your prayers. Pray I stay infection free.

I have to lie low for a bit, not shovel snow, or vacuum, or drink wine! Hmmm.

I shall have another op on the second eye in two weeks, if all stays well.

God is good.

As to other news, I shall have to get back into the loop, but must rest eye today. I suggest you all keep track of La Stampa, France24 and The Telegraph.

See you later today....