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Friday 20 June 2014

A New Grace

I am surrounded by people who actually hate me. They do not understand me.

But, I have been given a new grace which I want you all to pray for and for which to be grateful if God gives it to you.

It is a grace which swallows up pain inflicted by others. Momentarily, I may be hurt, but then a love overwhelms me and I feel only forgiveness and peace. It is a type of objectivity, a type of consolation in chaos.

I can see evil and good, sin and grace as if it is all the same in the eyes of God.

This type of suffering is not the deep hurt of the Crucifixion, but more an intellectual and emotional acknowledgment that suffering not only can be endured, but surpassed by something bigger, something more sublime. That Something is God Himself.

I am grateful for this detachment. I must say that I do not understand it, but see all people as children of God; or at least, as His beloved creatures, even though most ignore Him. I want to stand up in this coffee shop and shout-Do you know how you are loved? Do you know what a great eternal future you have been offered?

I completely trust in Divine Providence and know that even though very bad things may happen to me, nothing matters but that I rest in God's plan, from all eternity.

No one can really hurt me.

He loves and Is Love.

Nothing else matters, but to try and share this with others.

Paying attention

The government take-over of education, starting with the disastrous No Child Left Behind Act is almost complete.

No longer do parents or local authorities have any say in curriculum, school medical records, or data-base info of students. Access for children's records over the age of twelve may be denied.

Parents who are Catholics and agree with this are either closest Marxist or just plain stupid.


Read the popes on education.

My Master Teacher's Cert from NAPCIS allowed me the joy of studying, many years ago, the teaching of the Church on education.

If you do not know all the encyclicals and letters from Pope Pius IX and forward, take time to find out what the Holy Spirit has told us parents about our roles in education.

Sad Results of Research

I have done a bit of sleuthing today and found out that the two prestigious Catholic high schools in this area are both accepting the Common Core.

I am both shocked and saddened. I am shocked that the dioceses would sell out to the government demands to allow all students to be in the life-long data-base (see the video on this blog for details). I am saddened that the Church members in this area cannot see the dangerous position of letting the government form children and teens rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to form them.

One cannot have it both ways. I have given talks on the formation of children for years. Some parents get it that it is their responsibility to form their children for eternal life.

It is no one else’s responsibility.

Sorry. The domestic church cannot undo six hours of brainwashing per day or change the curriculum. So, if you want to pull your child out of a class on lgtb sexuality and rights, that child’s personal data-base will make her for the rest of her life.

Home schooling or totally independent schools are the only option for Catholic parents.

Basically, if your diocese is one of the 138 to agree with this horrible take over of independence, you have no choice but to home school.

I have also discovered that the junior and community colleges in this area are already tied to the CC data-base through the ACT and Compass testing. Do you want your children in a data-base for the rest of their lives.

Do you?