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Monday 5 March 2012

Another Great Latin Mass

Praise Be to Jesus Christ for His Goodness.

Got to another Latin Mass and am still surprised at the lack of these in Ireland.

See this website for sermons.

Do not tell me Eire is Catholic--Fianna Fail supports gay "marriage"

Here is the link with the news. And, there is another link. The Republican party here in Ireland has approved as part of their party platform civil gay marriage.

Here is a long quotation for the "there" link:

Marriage Equality have welcomed news that Fianna Fáil delegates at this weekend's Ard Fheis have voted in favour of giving equal marriage rights to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, as well as backing a motion calling for same-sex couples to be given full adoption rights as heterosexual couples.
"The importance of today's vote cannot be overstated," said Marriage Equality Director Moninne Griffith. "We are delighted that Fianna Fáil delegates agree with the majority of Irish people who support marriage equality, and voted in favour of equal rights for same-sex couples, our families and our children."
Delegates at the Ard Fheis supported both motions, reportedly despite Fianna Fáil's Justice Spokesperson Dara Calleary's recommendation that the issues be left under the remit of the Government's upcoming Constitutional Convention. Marriage Equality is committed to fully engaging with the Constitutional Convention, and has urged supporters to contact their elected representatives to ensure that the voices of those affected by the marriage ban - gay and lesbian couples, their families and children - are heard during the process.
If the clergy do not speak up against this, and the people do not stop supporting this party, they are all participating in evil. Period.

R.I.P. Isabelle

Remember weeks ago when I asked you to pray for Isabelle, a friend of a student at Dublin University? She died yesterday afternoon, a young girl, lovely, in her twenties, of a brain tumor and complications. God have mercy on her and pray for her family. Thank you.

Pro-Life in Ireland

I shall get back to less provincial posts, but as I am in Ireland, I thought it was important to share with Catholics the real status of the Church here, both in the clergy and in the laity.

The pro-life movement here is practically non-existent, despite the fact that the Irish government want to introduce abortion and the fact that here, at this center in Dublin, a woman can get any anti-life advice and products she desires. At this, Marie Stopes Clinic, the morning after pill, an abortifacient, is available. I talked with six Irish adults who are Latin Mass Catholics, who did not know this. Why? Why are so many Irish in denial as to what is happening right under their noses, and blocks away from their churches?

The Irish problem with pro-life is a three-fold problem. As an American Catholic who has seen pro-life movements in many states and been involved a bit both in England and in the States, I can spot the problems.

One, the laity do not organize themselves here readily. There is no grass-roots political movements. When I lived and worked in Missouri, the pro-life movement, which is strong and vibrant, was organized both at the diocesan level and at the parish levels, by the laity. This is OUR JOB. We are the ones who have babies and families and pass on the pro-life message to the next generation.

To blame the priests is a lame excuse for the lack of political activity. It is shameful for adults to blame their priests for their own lack of activism.

Second, the larger Catholic community here is in denial as to the abortion machine in Ireland and continually blame the European Union for laws or clinics. No, the youth and even the middle-aged Catholic woman wants contraception. I saw this is Malta as well, where the birthrate is 1.2 babies per woman, proving that the 98% of women who claim to be Catholic are not.

In Ireland, there is a myth about the Catholic in the pew, which must be faced if real evangelization is to occur. I can see that Catholics are in denial about the pain about the apostasy, pretending it doesn't matter that their children do not go to Mass, live with their partners and contracept.

Third, and this is most serious, without pointing to any names, or parties, the pro-life movement is too connected to the Republican movement. This must end. I cannot believe that strong pro-lifers blame Great Britain for the secularization of the Irish Republic, thinking wrongly that if all of the island was united, there would be no abortion or contraception. This is false, for the reasons stated above. Republicanism is a disease, which blinds the eyes and hardens the heart. The pro-life movement must be freed from any influences and be international, a universal Catholic movement, joining Catholics and Christians who are pro-life. This is the strength of Truth. In addition, the Catholics are not more holy or more pure than their Protestants brothers and sisters. The secularization and materialism of the younger generations proves this.

God must bring some lay men and women to the fore who are freed from the hatred, yes, hatred of the past and move on in order to have a strong pro-life movement in Ireland.

It is a question of forgiveness, which I wrote about months ago. Unless the Irish Catholic gets over the past, there will be no future for the Catholic Church in Ireland. And, the Eucharistic Congress is a misguided attempt, as I noted below, of a false ecumenism. Only the realization that one must work in differences and with differences, can the pro-life movement work here. One cannot deny the Catholic connections, nor can one exclude Protestants. God help all the babies destroyed today and their mothers and fathers. God help the pro-life movement in Ireland.