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Friday 15 May 2015

Thanks for all the fish....

This blog is being suspended indefinitely owing to my St. Benedict Labre lifestyle. Sadly, no one has wanted to open a door to me in the area where I am having to go who could have. Most of my acquaintances cannot for financial reasons, or the most common reason, adult children having to move back home...a hidden epidemic of our times.

However, I would not trade all the tremendous suffering I have experienced this past several days for the peace and realization of the God Within, which has come to me through intense suffering.

I am nothing, God is everything.

God is within each one of us, as St Teresa of Avila and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity have told us, as well as many other saints.

One must be willing to be purged, totally, of all talents, plans, even natural desires and needs, until the chains which bind the heart are broken into bits, and the Light of Love, Who has been waiting to be seen, is recognized..

I now have to face a St. Benedict Labre existence.

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

UPDATE: Thanks for all the well-wishers, and prayers for those who took the opportunity of my difficulties to trash me. God forgive you. And, God bless all my readers.