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Saturday 25 April 2015

Change Delayed

Because I am switching to a new server in May, and discussing the changes with the server expert in charge, I have decided to wait on a name change and a format change. The server guy wants me to wait.

However, starting tomorrow, there will be a huge content change.

Pax Vobiscum

Pray for the People in Nepal

Huge earthquake.  And pray for those near the volcano in Chile.

Pray for the people in the Middle East and Africa.

The First Permutation of the Recusant Chapel

Everything except two things were donated by friends of the blog. God bless you all. Still need things mentioned in last post, but not immediately.

Here are a few photos of St. Mary of the Angels and Martyrs, in Ephesus.

One can see how a portable altar can fit on top of this table easily, or a higher one.. Some of the prie dieux. The rugs are borrowed, but lovely and from Egypt.

Three of the four prie dieux.

The fourth one is a blond wood, but also high quality.

The magnificent candle holders are a great addition. The lead crystal holders are temporary until I get the brass ones someone sent to me--late in the mail. Eventually, the icons will be on the wall above the altar area, with additions.

Blurred photo, too bad,  of a stunning Spanish Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy will be removed today and the table will be for Mary. Only real flowers go on "altars", and potted plants according to rules do not belong in churches or chapels..only cut flowers.

Overview of this chapel. Huge donated Nativity scene above-one cannot see how lovely it is and I put it out just to show you all today.

The black candlesticks are borrowed. One cannot see the lovely Infant of Prague made by the Polish women and here and some of these things will be put away until certain liturgical times. Angels stay out, of course. The two gray ones are from the Vatican Observatory Collection and are replicas of statues in the gardens of Castel Gandolfo.

 OK, better photo of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel corner above. I need linens for tables.

The Immaculate Heart will go in another room. It was given to me by some sweet nuns. The large Mary, Our Lady of Grace, is unfinished in painting, as the person who started it, sadly, died. I shall have to find a statue restorer. Real flowers were donated as well. One of the vases is a Tiffany, also donated.

Sorry about the blurry photos. Someone took these for me and just sent them.

Beginnings....the very large icon, (please pray for this to soon arrive asap-the company was dishonest about the time frame and I am under constraints), would go above the altar area.  As less is more, some of these things will be stored in a chest until the appropriate liturgical time.

I have some icons in storage, including a very large one of the Rublev Trinity, which a nun gave STS years ago. It is too heavy to send him. I hope I can get these, God willing.

St. Mary of the Angels and Martyrs, in Ephesus

Later today, when I get the photos from the person who took those, I shall send you pictures of a crowded chapel.

I have so many things from readers, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Still to come are three more icons, one of the name of the chapel, (pray for this, as there has been a mail delay, which is the fault of the company), one of St. George, and one of Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

When I am in the next place, and have a benefactor, (please pray about this if you think you can help), I shall order a portable altar from a very talented man who makes these. The person who wrote to me said they would throw in the linens free.

Also, someone is sending me more candlesticks, as I only have two very large brass, four lead glass, and two with hearts, not appropriate for the altar, but which can go next to the large nativity set someone has given me. Someone is sending me a St. Michael holy water font.

Again, many thanks to S, K, J, C., the W family and others who have helped so far.

Two of the most beautiful things given are, one, a Spanish Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and, two, an Infant of Prague made by a Polish woman. I hope you can spot these in the photos.

I put everything received so far out so all can see, but, the things which are seasonal will go back in boxes. Someone is sending me a relic, which I have not yet received.

I have two angels from the Vatican Observatory Collection which are magnificent as well.

The prie dieux, given to me by a convent, with chairs given to the nuns from a bank, are all different, but of high quality. I am very grateful for these. There are four. Maybe three women will join me, who knows.

Pray for the new place for which I am looking. The chapel is mobile on purpose, which is why I hope to get a portable altar.

Again, if you are interested in helping me, please let me know.

God makes new doughnuts everyday. Now, I have to wait to find out where the chapel will be next.