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Thursday 4 June 2015

This has been my whole life

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Sigh, again.....

I have been so happy to be able to get to daily Mass now in the place where I am temporarily and guess what? Not only was the Mass illicit, but the Eucharist was invalid.

The priest changed several parts of the Mass and the words of Consecration. Man....all those people were cheated.

I shall have to find another Thursday Mass.  Lord, send us holy priests.

Note to a commentator

The person who wrote to me about Clear Creek:

Could you please write to me again and check the email address you sent, as it is not working, or maybe I am copying it incorrectly. But, I tried several times. UPDATE--still cannot get it to work on Thursday night.



detachment mark two

It is clear we had a robbery. The most expensive things in the storage are gone. I am assuming when the movers moved things from the house to the storage things went missing then. I was already in Europe when things were moved, and all the boxes were marked for overseas shipping, which did not happen because of some circumstances at the US end. I was already in the EU, expecting things, when the arrangements fell through.

I always find it difficult to think of people stealing from the poor. But, sin is always with us and part of the human condition. This is the third robbery we have incurred since 2000. I do not want to share at this time the list of things gone missing, but these were our only valuable, and most valuable items.

However, STS has told me that he is very detached from our things, which is good, as some are now so detached from us by circumstances that we shall never see these things again.

I am reminded of St. Teresa of Avila's famous incident. She was moving from one monastery to another and had her belongings in sacks on the back of a donkey. As the little group was crossing a stream, the water turned into a rushing torrent and took the poor donkey and worldly belongings of St. Teresa far away.

She then uttered her now famous saying, "It is no wonder, God, that you have so many enemies, the way you treat your friends."

She was bolder than I. I have been so humbled by all of this that I am grateful for what I do have, and what can be given back to STS. As it is the 500 anniversary year of the great Doctor of the Church's birth, it is fitting that we think of her today and always, when we need the faith to bear up when there is little consolation.

Still, if anyone wants to help with the books, please do.