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Thursday 22 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Six

Ten hours passed and Mason returned without Father. Father Gibson would not be coming back for quite sometime. But, Mason had a huge package under his arm, something wrapped in paper.

"A short-wave radio with an independent generator...Father Gibson had two in his old rectory, where we stopped on the way. It has been vandalized, but this was in the attic."

Mason set up the generator which was run on propane gas. Within a short period of time, he was getting a signal. Then, crackling sounds, and then, amazingly, a voice.

Mason asked Brandy to turn down the gas lamps and sit next to him. This is what they heard: "Radio Free America On The Air" with a woman's voice speaking.

But, just as they were about to listen to some type of broadcast, someone pounded on the door. Mason reached for a revolver.

"Brandy, go into the back room by the window. If I shout go, leave." Brandy nodded. She knew better than to argue at a time like this.

Mason went to the door. "Who is it?"

A weak voice answered, "Jimmy, with Janet. Hurry."

Mason unlocked the three locks and Janet stumbled in with Jimmy leaning on her arm."He's been shot."

Mason helped the two in and re-locked the doors. Brandy came out of the back room and quickly assessed the need. She put a kettle on for hot water.

"What happened?"

"We had great luck finding two great guys get us to Janet's parents' house. All was fine for one week and then, we were invaded by thugs. Janet's parents were killed outright. These guys had guns, and we did not, at least not with us. We were eating at the time. It was horrible."

They strapped us together and bundled us into a car. I do not know why they did not kill us. Two stayed at the house and the third one took us to the river. Needless to say, they dumped us in, all tied up together."

Brandy was weeping silently.

"I managed to get out of the straps and saw Janet floundering. I could not see Carrie anywhere. It was dark by this time"

"Stop talking, " demanded Mason. "You can tell us later."

"I can finish the story," said Janet. "I am a good swimmer and found my way to the shore with Jimmy, but we lost Carrie. We waited laying low to make sure the one thug was gone, and then we looked for her for about two hours."

All were silent.

Janet continued, "We dragged ourselves to a closed cafe by the river which used to be a nice place. There was no food but lots of water and pop."

Mason bandaged Jimmy's wound. There was no bullet in the wound.

Janet looked at the ground, "I am afraid there was a dead man in the pantry in the back, but all the food was gone. Then, we heard the strangest thing-a television came on. It was eerie."

Mason took out some whiskey and wine left over from the small wedding party and gave it to the two.

Jimmy continued, "We could not believe our eyes. There, on Fox, as if nothing had happened, was the Speaker of the House stating that the President and the Cabinet had been killed in an earthquake.
The Speaker said as the others were dead that he was next in line, but had deferred to a new leader, a real genius who would help bring peace to the ravaged country. We felt like we were watching a movie. This was, well maybe a month ago."

"Then we decided to go to Base Two to find Adam. That took awhile. And, just as we were about to go into the secret place where we thought he was, we saw military police coming down the road. We had nowhere to hide really, until Janet had a brilliant idea. Play dead, she said."

So, we smeared ourselves with mud and laid down under two trees, partially covered with leaves. Man, I was scared.

The police had no dog, thank God and one muttered something but the others said they had to keep going to the 'station'. So we laid there for ages."

Jimmy coughed and drank some wine. Janet took up the tale.

"We laid there for about an hour and then continued to Adam's. Of course, he was not there. And his place had been ransacked and destroyed. I was desparing, thinking we had lost another friend, when we saw a weird sign on the wall like a 'Home Sweet Home' sign from the 1950s. I went over to it, as it was crooked on the wall and when I straightened it up, a note fell out. "Gone to Mason's"

Mason looked shocked...Of course, they had not seen Adam.

Mason and Brandy glanced at each other. Would they have to deal with another death?

Jimmy began to talk about the television in the cafe. "It was surreal. The news came on.  A reporter was in Washington talking about all the dead Congressmen. Then, he said that the Secretary of State noted that a new leader would be announced in two weeks after discussions with Canada and Mexico on a new united America, created because of the "geophysical problems" as the man said.

Jimmy began to fall asleep. Mason took him to his bed. Brandy helped Janet to a made-up day-bed,  the camp sofa.

After a half-hour, Mason suggested using the shortwave again to get news. He knew in his heart that the news was merely propaganda....He decided to listen anyway.

to be continued...


Sunday, 5 October 2014

One Year Max

I was at Adoration today and saw this in my mind. I saw America as if I had a bird's eye view from Europe. A huge dome covered the entire United States lower 48. Outside this dome, there were no flights, no communications. America was the biggest prison on earth.

Inside, the plants were dying. There was a dust bowl. People were gone in some areas. A dead nation...I had a series of visions over three days in 2006, which I have told a few friends and some of which were confirmed. I was wide-awake. This recent picture is not the same. Pay attention.

Some of these things are in my novellas. I do not think I can finish the one I started last week...things are happening too fast. I shall be glad to be on a retreat next week. Pray for me and all bloggers.

Tomorrow, I shall continue

my novella I stopped last year

The rest has come through a conversation with a reader.

Update.. started tonight...have fun.

Rosary Crusade

Let us all on this blog begin a rosary crusade against terrorism

Spread the word. Pray on your rosary daily for a defeat of the enemies of the Catholic Church. Add to the poll if you join praying on this rosary crusade.

Another Big Post Day/Privacy Is Dead/We Are All Kids Now

And this article is truly scary, truly...

Do you realize this important point?

The governments are now imposing "morality" or "discipline" instead of allowing the individual to internalize morals and religion.

External rules for everything is called tyranny.

We are called as Catholics to internalize truth. This is what adults do.

Increasingly we are being treated as children by governments.

Next step, not kid yourselves. Chains which are silver may be attractive, but they are still chains.

UPDATE--One reader who talked to me after this post.referred to the owg to come soon as the Great Parent

Every time...

I think I should stop the blog, people come and say that they need the basic and more than basic teaching found here.

One person said the blog was like a tether to truth.


Well, if I can, I shall, but if I am in a place where there is no Internet, the blog will, by necessity, end.

Many of us in the "media" are saying the same things at this time.

Pay attention.

One of my favorite priests goes back to the front lines

Father William Kneemiller, 64, will head overseas for a one-year military deployment to the Middle East effective April 1. This will be his third assignment overseas as a chaplain in the Army Reserves. Since 2012, he has served as pastor of Ss. Philip & James in Grand Mound, Sacred Heart in Lost Nation, Sacred Heart in Oxford Junction and St. James in Toronto. He also served at the Lost Nation, Oxford Junction and Toronto parishes from 2004-10.

Please pray for him. At 64, he is still very fit. God bless Fr. Kneemiller

Oh Oh

No wonder....

Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of those who identified as evangelical Christians were completely secure in their belief in God’s existence.
However, this was much lower among participants who said they were Roman Catholics, with only 33 per cent having no doubts. It decreased further among Anglicans and Methodists, where the equivalent figure was 16 per cent.

For all the women who read this blog

St. Bridgid, pray for us...

For all the youth who read this blog

The Immaculate Conception, pray for us...

For all the men who read this blog

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us...

For all the Thereses who read this blog

St. Therese, pray for us...

Prayers for all my readers

St. Nuno Álvares Pereira

Today, when I go to Mass, I shall take all the many petitions from my readers with me to Whitefriars.

I shall stop at the shrines of St. Therese, St. Ann, St. Valentine, St. Jude, St. Pius X, Our Lady and Blessed Titus Brandsma. And, I shall stop at the window of Bl. Nuno Alvarez, a saint featured in past posts.

Tomorrow, I shall pray for all of you at Clarendon Street.

I do not have enough pennies to light candles for all of you, but you are in my prayers.

Some Tentative Plans

I want to do a long series on baptism, as it seems that most Catholics do not understand this sacrament, and some work on St. Thomas Aquinas' writings.

This is a long term goal. I came to Ireland to pray, visit two pilgrimage sites, and see my friends, but I have had to cut my visit short. I am seeing friends only.

And, unless plans change, I may end up in a place after Wednesday where I shall have no Internet access at all for a long time.

This is not a ideal situation, but a necessity. Those who are interested in more detail may write to me using the combox to send me emails.

I do not want to discuss details on the blog.


Readers in Washington

If any readers at going to the March for Life, please send me photos and I shall put them on the blog.


“A pregnant woman isn’t carrying a toothbrush in her belly, or a tumor…We are in the presence of a human being.” ~Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis: His Life In His Own Words

Need To Watch

One needs to watch the new things put into place to stop terrorists.

The tail is wagging the dog.
Just press "watch live".

Thoughts While Sitting Behind Whitefriars

Statue of St. Thérèse at the Most Holy Trinity Church, FulnekCzech Republic Radim SCHOLASTER  wiki 
Pope John Paul I said this of St. Therese of Lisieux, "Once you had chosen the path of complete dedication to God, nothing could stop you: not illness, nor opposition from outside, nor the mists or inner darkness."

I hope someday someone can say this of me....the black wall of the Dark Night demands faith without consolation.


My Prediction...

Within years, if not months, we shall in the States, and I have believed this since 2008, live like pigs in a pen, unable to move about. The middle class will have dissolved and the poor will be in camps or severely stationed areas.

In Europe, nations will put their people in a cattle like state of non-movement even between now open borders. Only the few rich will be allowed to travel openly and the poor, as there will be no middle class, will be confined to their own areas without freedom of movement.

I began to see these things in 2008 and now, I know these things will come to pass.

Restrictions of the poor, destruction of the middle class, mean nothing to the uber-rich who has been part of the plan all along.

I am not a Marxist, but neither am I stupid about the signs of the times.

Seven years down the road and I see mistakes I have made. I should have moved sooner and with more information.

Governments will not have to enact huge, draconian laws, because middle-management lackies, as in Nazi Germany, the silent majority who cared more about a jobs than morals, to let a Holocaust happen. Jews, Catholics, independents....

There is no need for huge laws when subtle laws are on the books and people who have been instructed to not think implement these. Jobs with quotas, jobs which demand some type of "loyalty to the system" mixed with people who have been raised with no moral framework will mind the store.

This is not fantasy and Europe has seen it all before.