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Thursday 10 July 2014

Hello to Readers in Russia

Hello to Readers in Greece

Not so many posts today

I am under the weather today and cannot blog as much as I have been doing this week. Apologies. Pray that I get over this little bug. Thanks.

St. John Vianney

I have started to read the Tan book which is made up of some of the sermons of the Cure of Ars.

I have read two and am happily startled at the profundity of thoughts mingled with common sense.

Two things have struck me concerning the first two sermons here. One is that this humble priest was not shy of lambasting his congregation for the real and obvious sins of Ars. He speaks of the tepid, mediocre person, who does some work on Sunday, never really repents of sin and is content not pursuing perfection.

Would that more priests had the courage to address the lack of holiness and the lukewarmness of the vast majority of Catholics.

Second, the good priest is not afraid to address all his parishioners, rich, poor, smug, struggling. The Cure of Ars makes no bones about addressing peasant farmers and businessmen, housewives and single girls alike.

Again, he addresses the real sin of the people of his vision.

Where are the holy priests today? Pray for holy priests?

The Three "Churches" in Providence

This journey through Providence must come to an end. I shall refer to two ideas and then move on.

The first is that the love of the Church Militant, the Church Suffering and the Church Triumphant reaches up to heaven in a great peal of love to God. This insight of Garrigou-Lagrange is so powerful and so obvious,  yet hidden from most of us daily.

This love is not only answered by God, but He, in His Divine Providence, begins and continues His love in us.

The up and down motion of love ties us to the Trinity, and holds together the three parts of the Church. How beautiful, how sublime.

The second idea for today is from an unnamed contemplative the author quotes:

"Though inseparable, heaven and the Church on earth are nevertheless distinct. Although there is enough heat in a single star to melt every particle of ice on the earth, yet we have still to submit to the rigors of winter. To raise a heavy weight with a powerful lever, we still need a fulcrum. Similarly, it is God's will that every action exerted from heaven on this world shall have its fulcrum here below. That fulcrum is to be found in the saints who are still pursuing their pilgrimage in this life. The incomprehensible might of heaven will not have its full efficacy on earth except through one who is really in communion with Christ, through one who is in immediate contact with Calvary and the cross."

Goodbye to Garrigou-Lagrange for now....

Catholic Business Woman of The Week

Hi and A Hope

I hope I can get online on Thursday later...please pray I may be able to do so.

Ta muchly.