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Saturday 15 August 2015

Life News

Mary Our Mother, intercede for us.

Huge Prayer Request

Please pray for a young woman who is sixteen and has a brain tumor.

This is an immediate need for prayer.

Two Big Posts Days

Twenty-one posts in two days returns to the old flurry of posting days. However, this weekend, the new blog is being formed with the new forum.

Links will be on this blog and this blog will be discontinued. The new format will be on meditation, contemplation, and prayer in general only.

The forum will be the place for comments
on that blog, and for the wives of priests, deacons and consecrated life women or those in the process of becoming such.

More tomorrow. Have a holy Feast of the Assumption today.

Fantastic News from The Pope

On Saturday, Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing the martyrdom of Flavien-Michel Malké, a Syriac Catholic bishop who was killed in 1915, amid the Ottoman Empire's genocide against its Christian minorities

Bishop Malké will be beatified Aug. 29, the 100th anniversary of his martyrdom, during a liturgy celebrated by Ignatius Youssef III Younan, the Syriac patriarch of Antioch, at the convent of Our Lady of Deliverance in Lebanon. It is expected that thousands of Syrians and Iraqis displaced by the Islamic State will attend the beatification.

“Blessed Martyr Michael, intercede for us, and protect especially the Christians in the Orient and all the world in these hard and painful days.”
Read more:

Interesting Article

After Katrina, I went down and helped for several months. Two years after the hurricane, my son and I returned to visit friends in both New Orleans and Bay St. Louis. Lovely people we had met the first time.

One couple had received a Katrina Cottage and we looked at it, spending some time with them. Thankfully, they had there own land and Bay St. Louis was such a mess, the cottages were absolutely needed. These friends have now built a new house further inland, as the bayou on which they lived was completely ruined by the storm.

But, I was intrigued by the cottage and the space which it allowed for two people. I am still thinking of such a cottage for the house of prayer. Size does not matter, as long as two can pray, and even the Lord can dwell in the Host, with possibilities for one retreatant, who just wants to get away.

So keep praying...I am moving in two weeks, renting temporarily, and looking at some of the small cottages actually built in the area which are about the size of a Katrina Cottage.

God makes new doughnuts every to His Will.

Another article...

So you do not think we are heading for the time of the Antichrist?

from Courageous Priest

Bishop Faces 3 Years in Prison for Biblical Based Hate Speech

By Deacon Keithe Fournier, The Stream:

In the politically charged language of the present, Bishop Vitus Huonder is a “conservative” if not an “extremist.” In fact, he is simply a faithful Catholic Christian. And for that he’s being threatened with three years in jail. It’s happening in Switzerland, but the conflict epitomizes a wider phenomenon of anti-Christian secularists on both sides of the Atlantic using the courts to target Christians for simply standing up for biblical truth.

Bishop Vitus Huonder, Switzerland

In 2011, Huonder, the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Chur in Switzerland, supported parents being able to opt out of having children as young as four subjected to mandatory “sex education” which rejected the truth about the dignity of human sexuality, the gift of sexual differentiation, and marriage. In 2013, he issued a pastoral letter to the faithful under his care exposing unbiblical gender identity theories and defending the Christian vision of the human person, the family and a truly just and human social order. He called upon the faithful of the Catholic Church to “use their social rights” to protect “the dignity of man founded on the order of Creation and of Redemption.” Last February, he called for a Swiss priest who had purportedly “blessed” the union of a lesbian couple to step down from his ministry.

Here is the challenge he faces. In Switzerland, there is a wholesale rebellion against the Christian vision of the human person, and of the family and society founded upon it. Leaders of the rebellion abhor the clear and unchangeable teaching of the Bible and the Catholic Church. Included in the ranks of these dissidents are some Catholic clerics. To say their leaders do not like this Catholic Bishop is an understatement.

Now, this bishop is the subject of a criminal complaint filed against him by a homosexual group called “The Pink Cross” for violating Article 259 0f the Swiss Penal Code entitled “Public incitement to commit a felony or act of violence.” The bishop faces up to three years in jail if convicted.

The bishop had crossed a “red line,” said the head of Pink Cross, in a statement reported by Newsweek. “We believe in freedom of expression, and taking quotes from the bible is fine. But then he said the words should be applied to real life, which is the equivalent of calling for the death penalty for gay people. We were worried about that. He is the leader of a big church, and he was calling for people to follow his words, and we thought this could be dangerous.”
Here is What Really Happened

On Friday, July 31, 2015, the bishop spoke at a symposium in Fulda, Germany, entitled “Marriage: Gift, Sacrament and Commission.” In the context of explaining the background of the Christian moral teaching, he referenced two passages from Leviticus (Lev. 18:22, 20:13). He used them as examples of Scripture’s rejection of same-sex relationships and proof that same-sex marriages were an attack on creation.

“There is no plurality of models for marriage and family,” he told the conference. “To even speak of such is already an attack on the Creator, as well as on the Savior and Sanctifier, that is, on the trinitarian God.”

In the presentation the bishop had also explained that “pastoral care must orient itself according to the divine order. Its mission, undertaken in awareness of the salvation of souls, that is, in pastoral love … is to free mankind from the condition of a fallen nature and raise it to life as children of light.”

Showing pastoral care for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, he said, “The Faith is to everyone, even to those with homophile tendencies, a source of comfort and can lead to a redirection of such an orientation, to a governing of sexual urges, and to an ordering of one’s own life according to the divine command.”

Because the second half of the second passage instructed Israel to put to death people who have sexual relations with someone of their own sex, Pink Cross claimed that Bishop Huonder was sowing hatred and inciting violence against homosexual people. He violated both German and Swiss law, they declared, as well as the European Convention on Human Rights.

It should have been obvious to anyone why he quoted those two passages and that he did not endorse the execution of homosexual people. That didn’t matter to Pink Cross, who saw a chance to attack a major Christian figure for his defense of marriage.

The bishop responded to the protests with a statement stressing that he was not endorsing violence against homosexual people. “During the lecture I quoted several uncomfortable passages from the Old Testament to do with marriage, sexuality and family,” he said. “I want to clarify that I would in no way wish to diminish homosexual people.”

The head of Pink Cross rejected the response: “There is no question in this case of what he was talking about — there was no misunderstanding. We don’t need charity or mercy from the Church at all; we don’t accept his apology.”

Merely Catholic

The Bishop simply expressed the teaching of the Catholic Church he serves. He cited the pertinent sections of the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (2357–2359). The actions of the homosexual activists who filed this spurious criminal complaint is one more sign of growing efforts to use the police power to prevent the Church from proclaiming the message of true liberation in Jesus Christ.

The homosexual extremist group bringing this charge misused a passing reference to Leviticus in a scurrilous effort to argue that Bishop Huonder called for the death penalty against self-professing homosexuals. That claim was not only false, it is slanderous and defamatory. Because it has been leveled publicly, it should be exposed, opposed and confronted publicly.

The statute used as the basis of this criminal complaint deals with hate crimes. Pink Cross is essentially charging that the faithful proclamation of the Gospel message about sexuality and marriage is a hate crime. American Christians should watch this case closely. And pray for the brave Bishop Hounder.

New American Not To Be Missed

If you do not read the New American, you should....a few samples....

Yet ANOTHER Unworthy GOP Candidate

and more horror in this pagan culture...

The Strong One

Perhaps most Catholics do not know that we have a gypsy saint. Now, gypsies are a separate group of people from Europeans, a group which originated in India and began migrating into Europe around 600 A. D. Gypsies, or Romanies, may be found in most countries in Europe, in Brazil, America, Africa and many other places.

A people who have their own language with many dialects, and a wandering people, who endured slavery, as well as genocidal laws, the Romani were granted a patron saint by St. John Paul II in 1997.

As a person who has stayed in Walsingham  many times, and for months, I have come across the Romani, who, when I was there, came in hundreds around and for the feast of the Assumption. Stark reminders of a subculture of stealing meant that many shops closed for the day, at least, and the police went door to door giving us numbers to phone in case of emergency.

I had a few encounters with the Romani when I was in Walsingham, mostly from a Roma (male gypsy) who wanted to buy a life-sized statue of St. Therese of Lisieux for hundreds of dollars cash he happened to have. This statue was in the window of the b and b where I was staying.

Years before, some Romani women had taken a large doily from underneath another huge statue, this time one of Our Lady, when they came into the b and b to pray. How they manage to lift this statue up and take what, I assume, they thought was some type of holy relic, defies the imagination.

But, for many years, these people, the good and the bad, have had their own saint, Ceferino Giménez Malla, a holy man from Spain, killed by the Republicans, who hated and persecuted the Church, before and during the Spanish Civil War. Ceferino, a catechist, tried to save a Catholic priest. Both were arrested and Ceferino, with other Catholics, was finally shot on August 9th, in 1936. Ceferino is a Blessed. He is pictured and sculpted with a rosary in his hand, which he called his "weapon", and which he was clutching when he was killed. BTW, he was a Third Order Franciscan.

Blessed Ceferino reminds us all that no matter how lowly, we may be called to martyrdom. May he intercede for his people, so many who are pagans and worship false gods, as well as being into the occult. May Blessed Ceferino be invoked as a true saint for our time. His pet name is The Strong One, El Pele.

Here is an old article on his beatification from the NY


and I have said this for a LONG time....but he is not the only one--we have some Church leaders paving the way for the Antichrist. See my post on false unity.

In 2004, when I was having a pro-life gathering at my house in Rockford, the kids were watching a movie and when it was over, the tv switched on.  Obama's face came up in a local ad for Illinois senator, and there was no sound on the telly. I shouted "Who is that? He is the Antichrist." Then my pro-life friends filled me in on who he was.

Well, told you so. He is only one is a long line leading up to the biggie.

Here is the post on false unity....a real step in the wrong direction and one missed by some priests.

Paranoia vs. Prep and The Ouroboros

Those of us who know the signs of the times are prepping, hopefully spiritually, and some, physically.

I find that for the most part, those who are prepping, getting ready by pursuing Christ as the focus of their daily lives are healthy, whole, and, even humorous people. I have always believed that a sense of humor was a sign of health and even holiness. I do not mean the raucous type of trickster humor, but the wit of a Thomas More, or Chesterton.

Prepping for heaven is the call of all Christians. We ask humbly for grace and opportunities to share God's love by caring for others, serving God and preparing for eternal life.

But, prepping is not the same, oh no, as being paranoid.

Now, on this blog, I have written upteen times about those ostrich-Catholics who do not "get it", that we are a Church heading for times never seen before on earth.

Today, I write about the extremes of the opposite problem, the paranoia of some Christians, who isolate themselves in deceit, rage, fear, and close the door to others in their lives.

Here is a min-definition, or rather, a description of the symptoms of paranoia.

Sad to say, I have met some people lately who exhibit some, if not all, of these symptoms.

Symptoms of paranoia and paranoid disorders include intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring on sense of rage, hatred, and betrayal. Some people suffering from paranoid personality may have a high capacity to annoy or enrage others because of rigid and maladaptive behavior. Some identifiable beliefs and actions of paranoid-related disorders include mistrust, taking offense easily, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, argumentative, abrupt, stubborn, self-righteous, and perfectionistic.

Paranoia resists treatment, as frequently, because of the nature of the illness, the paranoid person blames others for their discomfort, fears, and isolation. Sadly, the paranoid person does the opposite of what would bring healing-becomes so defensive as to push away others and deny the illness.

Dangerous attitudes bloom in the mind and soul of the paranoid person, who cannot rest or trust God and, therefore, cannot trust any other person.

Preppers are not likely to be paranoid, but far-sighted people who can see the logical consequences of the actions of governments or individuals.

Conspiracy theories abound today, but those who are paranoid do not need conspiracy theories, as they make up their own versions of reality.

The world judges preppers, even saints who speak of the Kingdom of God and the ultimate goal of all of us as heaven, as complete loonies. Many saints have been accused of being "out of touch with reality", when the truth is that the truly holy person is in touch with the real, the most real, Who Is a Person, God.

Thousands of religious people were put into the Gulag as "nut-cases", as "delusional" because they were true Christians. Those who hate Christ and His Church, and who gain control over the rights of others to practice their religion, too often have the power to determine "sanity".

In the future, one can see how being politically incorrect will be considered a disease, a mental aberration.

Following Christ means being more sane that those who pretend that there is no spiritual world and that God does not exist.

Pray for those paranoid who are vulnerable now more than ever.

Pray for those who become hostile, or angry, or defensive. Pray for those who hold grudges and perceive attacks on their characters when none occur. Pray for those who isolate themselves. This personality disorder can be caused by many things. Woundedness may be one. 

Those who always reference all details, conversations, or events to themselves exhibit paranoia.

In this Age of the Narcissistic, paranoia becomes more common. Many occultic groups are made up of those who are either narcissists, or paranoid, or both. Self-referential behavior marks the paranoid.

The ancient symbol of the dragon eating its tail refers to the over-self-reflective. This thing is called the ouroboros, and appears in some occultic groups as a sign of Gnosticism. Some yoga, which is a religion, refers to the ouroboros of cyclic energy. Of course, such energies are false, or worse, demonic.

Pray for the paranoid. Sometimes one who suffers from such a trait can be healed, or delivered, depending on the source of the paranoia.

Bring peace to those who do not know peace.

And, be a prepper, without falling into the paranoia trap.