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Thursday 12 March 2015

OK Update

Apparently, the person who has the account for the jetpack has to decide if she is going to continue the account. I may be off line for a while, as it is not charging and almost out of juice.

I wish America had those nice little dongles one can buy and pay as you go as in Europe. Much smaller and these do not tie one down to a contract. Some are for digital TV and some are for the Net.

I think Walmart may sell something like, but I am about 10 miles from a WalMart.

Apologies. If I disappear, you will understand that I have not access the Net again.

Pax vobiscum.


Readers, Do You Want Me To Do This?

I am thinking of doing a series on Fides et Ratio. Are you readers interested?

Today's Gospel Challenge

 ‘He who is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me scatters.’

Christ is clear as to who is with Him and who is not. There is no middle ground for following Christ. These words indicate that one must choose to be with Christ in order not to be against Him. If one does not choose to follow Christ, one is against Him.

Why? Because unless Christ is allowed to be Lord of our lives, other things and people become lord. It has struck me lately how many people I meet daily are not in sanctifying grace. I noted here on the blog that we cannot trust those who are not in sanctifying grace. Being in deception means that one can only think and follow lies. One has lost discernment and the four cardinal virtues. Or, at the very least, these are blocked.

Those who live under the thrall of other gods will only lead us astray if we are not strong in Christ. And, the second statement has to do with not gathering. To gather means several things, like bringing people into the Church, it means evangelizing openly and praying for converts. 

It means following the teaching of Christ.

If we are not gathering we are scattering. Think how.