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Friday 25 July 2014

Catholics are pretending this cannot happen here

Where Are The Men of The West?

What happened?

How is it that Catholic men have forgotten that to fight evil is to FIGHT evil? Do people think that evil is going to just go away and leave us Catholics alone? Do people do not realize that satan hates the Church and has legions of people under him on earth who hate the Church?

There are three ways to fight evil. In this post, I address men

These are by joining a monastery, becoming a priest, or becoming a Church Militant layman.

The first group prays and fasts continually for the Church. These second group administers the sacraments on the spiritual battlefield. The third group takes the initiative and spreads the Gospel among people, and sometimes, actually fights.

For a baptized male, there are no other choices. One cannot shirk one's call to the Church Militatnt

We have now, three generations of peter pans, narcissists and passive men who would not fight a crusade if it landed on their doorsteps.

The emasculation of men began a long time ago, particularly in the 19th century, and in the early 20th century, when Catholic men stopped fighting evil.

There are evil people in this world. Women and children need defending. The Catholic Church needs defending.

Where are the real Men of the West? Are they cowering in fear? Just wait--it will get worse.

Has the day come when the bravery of the Men of the West has failed?

We have two feast days in the Catholic Church celebrating victories over evil.

September 12th and October 7th.

Think on your ancestors, Men of the West.


Remember This?

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Prayers, please. There are many different types of spiritual battles.

Pray, for Your Family in The Middle East

Join The Pro-Christian Demonstration, Please, in London

The Only Independent Institution in The World       Irony times ten and a quotation for the day

July, 1842

from Karl Marx, "if....there is no supreme head of the Church, the domination of religion is nothing but the religion of domination, the cult of the will of the government."

Which is one reason why the Marxists have always hated the Catholic Church above all religions. With a supreme head, there can be no lasting power of a government over the Church. The Church is the only independent institution in the world.

There is a reason why Christ established His Church on earth under Peter and through Peter's successors.
Only an institution of divine origin can withstand the onslaught of political, governmental hatred we are now seeing in the United States, with the planned destruction of religious freedom.

Gramsci, in his first published letter from prison, explained that the Catholic Church, (especially under Popes Pius IX, X and Leo XIII) understood what the Marxists were attempting to do--not merely destroy religion, but destroy the Catholic Church.

They failed in the 19th century, so decided to infiltrate the Church in the 20th and 21st centuries. They has succeeded in many quarters, especially in Latin America and in the United States, as well as Italy.

Do not kid yourselves, dear readers, this is a real battle. The Church will survive, but as a remnant.

Will you be part of that remnant? Will you stay in the Church and suffer with Her?

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Predestination Part Seven

I am not sure how to break down for readers the awesome truths in Garrigou-Lagrange's book on predestination. I am only up to St. Anselm and others in the Middle Ages, partly because I am reading three books at once, as usual.

I think I want to highlight a few key points, some of which are repetition.

1) God does not cause evil or badness in people.

2) We cannot understand, unless given infused knowledge in contemplation, the choice of God and the love of God regarding His people.

3) We cannot judge God.

4) Predestination is not only for the giving of grace, but for the glory of heaven, the glory of God for all eternity.

5) God wills to make salvation possible to all people but He knows who refuses salvation.

6) God's graces are sheet gift.

7) As Garrigou-Lagrange notes, "For St. Augustine, predestination presupposes a decisive and definite will on God's part to sanctify and save freely all the elect."

8) The position of St. Augustine and his followers was used by many councils to disseminate Church teaching.

9) God leaves the will as master of itself.

to be continued....