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Wednesday 5 August 2015

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Digital Hermit

As readers know, for four years, I have tried to raise money for a house of adoration and prayer, beginning with a vision of having one is Walsingham. I pray daily for this.

Many friends ask me what they can do about the darkness surrounding them. They want, as I have written so many times, a political solution.

There is only one real answer to these times and that is prayer. For those who have not read the perfection series, do so. For those who have not read the series on praying, do so.

Yes, action is important, but without prayer, it is useless.

Why are there are praying groups of orthodox people in every city, every town?

There are not.

Contemplative prayer is not the same as meditation or charismatic prayer. It is entering into, crossing the threshold of the spiritual world, being in and with God in silence.

I cannot write enough about this.

All the Doctors of the Church knew this. One does not become a saint without deep prayer, fasting, sacrifice.

Years ago someone told me he was no into the suffering bit of religion.

He does not know Jesus Christ. The life without sacrifice is sterile.

There is enough information on this blog to help all readers understand the path to holiness, and to do it.

Nothing else is the answer but prayer. We are in a time which cannot be compared to any other time anymore. Recent revelations on PP sales and the blase response of people, as well as the defeat of the defunding, show us all the depth of depravity in this country.

Hearts have hardened against Truth because of greed and the love of money.

Find those who have open hearts and pray with them. Please pray for me, a pray-er, a watcher on the wall, which is what all contemplatives are. 

The time is coming soon when money will be seriously deflated. When some will be suffering at the loss of their excess, they may wish they had helped a little house get started for daily intense light against the darkness. A small flame in the wilderness....

If you fall into this category, act now. If you do not, pray for benefactors. Time is short.

And, for the salvation of souls, there is only one answer-prayer.

There are too many evangelistic methods and programs which ignore the real answer.

Prayer. Yes, activity, but only activity flowing out of deep prayer works.

Matthew 6:6
But thou when thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret: and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee.

Recently, very recently, I came across the term "digital nomad". This is a person who works on the computer for a living and who carries his or her family with them wherever they go, working out of restaurants, or other small places.

I have been a "digital nomad hermit". I did not want to live this lifestyle, but it has happened because of my call to be a contemplative in the world, and continue my one outside ministry, this blog.

As a digital hermit, however, prayer time suffers interruption, and one has a hard time following the schedule one knows brings a greater relationship with God.

Again, please pray for this "digital hermit" so that I can find that place, for my own salvation and for the Church.

A Rant from A Fellow Blogger

Forth Eorlingas!

Yesterday, after speaking with certain people and forcing myself to watch the last video on the selling of baby parts, I realized that this nation is now two nations.

We are all living in a land divided so severely by a crevasse dividing true Christians from false ones and pagans, that we shall most likely never be united again.

We need to be in rescue mode-rescuing ourselves first, and then others, from the evil division created by satan.

This crevasse has come as a shock to some, but not so to others. Some Catholics seem overwhelmed with despair, and others are in denial.

But, the people of this country have allowed this crevasse to be created by evil. Those who cooperate with evil are on one side, and the People of God are on the other side.

As God told St. Catherine of Siena in the Dialogue, Christ is the only Bridge into heaven. So, too, He is the only Bridge from evil to goodness.

Living in the Land of Deniers, I am struck today that those in denial will be the first ones to fall into the darkness of the split.

I am also reminded of the great book, The Tale of Two Cities, in which Dickens makes a weak man into a hero because this man chooses love over self. We now have two cities in America. The city of satan has been firmly established on this continent and the City of God remains guarded by the faithful few. As in Dicken's book, people will have to make decisions about life, love, death, selfishness. Sometimes dire conditions help people rise above their weaknesses, and become heroes. Our heroes in Western literature have been noble, good, true.

One thinks of the horror and impossibility of the Battle of Pelennor Fields, perhaps the most poignant section of Tolkien's trilogy. Two people said to me in the last six months, "Do we have to fight? Do we always have to fight?"

"Yes," I answered, "always, while we are on this earth."

Did you watch this?

Can you believe your government refused to defund this?

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Have had a bisy bakson day trying to locate places to live from September first. Keep praying.

Will post later....